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  1. Hi all, I rang my local authority this morning to sort out my council tax as I've recently moved home and I'm now in a better financial position to pay it, the letter I had from the council states I owe £761.98 however I need to apply retrospectively for the 25% single persons discount which the guy I spoke to said couldn't be applied today. We agreed a payment plan of £100 per month to clear it and he went off to speak to his colleagues, when he called me back he said the payment plan was no good as the debt had gone to the bailiffs already and as such the council were unable to take the debt back, he also told me that he could see the bailiffs had me down for a visit today? I have found a letter that I had packed away in my old place from Bristow Sutor dated 22nd Feb stating I owe £899.48, this amount is surely incorrect as those fee's seem extortionate. The letter stated the bailiff visited on 21st Feb but found nowhere to leave a letter securely (I lived in a block of flats). Anyway, I have a few questions: 1) is there a letter template anywhere I can send to the bailiffs requesting info on the charges they have levied? 2) can I tell the bailiffs, by letter, that I wont deal with them regardless of what they do and that I will be paying the council direct? 3) is there anything the bailiffs can do to stop me doing the above? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi all, Hoping somebody can help, I'm posting this on behalf of my girlfriend. Sometime last year, an ex she was seeing opened a joint account at Santander in his & her names, at her address which she only found out about recently when a cheque book, debit card (she has never used these and tore them up immediately) and paper statements started to arrive at her address. She opened the statements and discovered the account is very very badly managed, into an overdraft with charges being levied on the account regularly, she is now worried that if this guy decides to stop having his wages paid in she is going to be liable for the debt due to it being registered at her address. A while after they split, she completed a form to have her name taken off the account which this guy was meant to have handed in but clearly hasn't, and no amount of phone calls to Santander has helped, culminating today in them telling her that they cannot take her name off the account without his say so, however he no longer speaks to her and wont return any calls or messages on the issue. Can anybody advise what options she has?
  3. Ta very much I had the OR on the phone about 10 minutes ago who has just confirmed the same, cheers!
  4. Hi all, I was declared bankrupt this morning after years of battling debt and the mental torture that filing for bankruptcy does, I split with my wife in September last year also and this has been a big factor in where I eneded up today. Anyway, I spoke to my wife this afternoon when i got back from court and she kindly informed me that there are 2 x letters at her house for me, 1 from Rossendales for council tax (2009) & 1 direct from Sunderland City Council's enforcement section also for council tax (2010). Now as I was unaware of both of these, I have not entered them onto my statement of affairs, will these debts still be counted in my bankruptcy? I have yet to speak to the Official Receiver, but the last thing I need is to find out that as these debts werent on the SOA that I am still liable for them as it will tip me over the edge Anyone have any ideas?
  5. Cheers Sugarbabe, the car is safely locked away in the garage (cant see into the garage either) apart from when i'm driving it so there's no issue there
  6. I've already found that on one of your replies to someone else, a copy is already printed out ready & waiting
  7. Yeah i tried Mizi but they wouldnt entertain it at all. Rossendales can kiss my ass basically, i've got a few letters to post tomorrow, just not gonna be nice for next few weeks once they find out our new address
  8. Ah right, i only put in van bailiff as thats what the letter from Rossendales called them! I'll change it now. cheers
  9. I've re-worded the letter a bit.....can you have a quick read through and tell me if its ok?
  10. Cheers for those, should i also send a copy of the 2nd letter to Rossendales? While i'm busy sending these, what should i do about the actual money i owe? Obviously i dont want to give them my new address (even though they already have it) as then they'll come round while i'm at work and will hound the wife which i wont allow!
  11. Hi again, A bit more help is required, since i posted the letter off to Rossendales we have moved house and hadnt heard anything more from them, this morning the wife collected our mail from the old house and we had 2 letters through the door both from Rossendales. The 1st, dated 10th Nov, from their "Governing Bailiff" thanking us for our correspondance, even though he clearly didnt read it as we aksed for all future correspondance to be sent to our new address which i supplied them, and stating that the matter was with their van bailiff who we must contact immediately. The 2nd letter is a "Final Notice" which was hand delivered to our door yesterday with a big red stamp on it stating "you may be arrested if you ignore this" and that it is a "24 hour statutory notice of intentions to recall and remove goods".....the house is empty for crying out loud and even the basest of village idiots can tell that!! Now, what is my next step? I cant pay anything at all until the 28th Nov but they are demanding, in the letter, full payment of £918.15. Its also worth noting that they have completely ignored my request for a statement of charges and have had more than 14 days to supply this.
  12. Knackers Its a bit tricky parking it away from my house, i might have to sell it to my mum for a £1 until this is sorted out. Ta for your help fella.
  13. Cheers for the advice.... He'll try and levy it even though i've started paying the debt back already then? With regard to being on my guard, why is that? He is not allowed to force his way past me or my wife is he to gain access?
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