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  1. HI there I'm wondering if someone can point me in the right direction please. I'm in the early stages of reclaiming my PPI back on my Yorkshire Building Society mortgage, which was taken out in 2002. I have all my mortgage statements except the one for 2012, which I requested from them yesterday and they're going to send me. My main question is which of the 4 spreadsheets is the right one to use? I'm thinking it's the first one (StatIntSheet v101)? The PPI payments are paid monthly, but the amounts paid each month differ from year to year. Thanks in advance for
  2. Thanks cerberusalert... I'll put this in a short letter back to them in the morning & with any luck they wont bother me again (best not hold my breath eh ). Will update again when i hear anything. Regards, C
  3. Hi Received reply from Wescot this morning,thanking me for my letter. It goes on to say "however, to enable ourselves to investigate your query further we request that you provide full details of your dispute in writing in order that we can liaise with our client. We look forward to receiving the above by return, along with payment for cover part of the balance which is not in dispute". Now, I'd have thought that "their client", Next, would have given them full details already when they passed it onto them? And as for me sending them payment - haa, nice try . So... shoul
  4. Just a quick update. Not heard a thing from either the sherrif officers or the council on this. However, North Lanarkshire Council have now sent me 2 summary warrant notices, one for 2008/09 (which is what the IUC related to) and the other for this year 2009/10 - for the full amount before Benefits. It really sickens me that the the Benefits Office & the Council Tax Office don't liaise with each other like they're supposed to. Despite being on JSA since February i'm still banging my head off the proverbial brick wall with them!!! One office says, "no we dont have any benef
  5. A quick update..... Received a letter from the Benefits fraud team on Thurs 23 July (dated 1 July) just confirming that we had the meeting etc, and that they "may still decide that you have had too much Benefit and we may ask you to pay this back". So as yet, i STILL don't know how much CTB overpayment was made. However, North Lanarkshire Council have now sent me 2 summary warrant notices, one for 2008/09 (which is what the IUC related to) and the other for this year 2009/10 - for the full amount before Benefits. It really sickens me that the the Benefits Office & the Coun
  6. Hi roony, every householder is liable for council tax. Whether or not you are eligible to pay it is another matter. If you are on jobseekers allowance and can prove it, then you should be entitled to council tax benefit. Your claim for CTB will have been done at the same time you claims JSA. Even on JSA you will still pay a portion of your Council Tax - usually just the water/sewerage side of it. I live in Scotland and have been on JSA since Feb this year. My claim for CTB was made at the same time, but still hasn't been finalised - (long story, in another thread). I visited my citiz
  7. Thanks cerberusalert, letter was sent to Wescot in this afternoon's post. Can't wait to see what their reply (if any) will be
  8. Good evening all Having not heard anything from Next since 18 June (their reply to my account in dispute letter), they have now passed the debt onto Westcot Credit Services, from whom i received a letter this morning. (They want the full amount paid by 22 July, yeah right) I've gone through some of the Westcot threads & can see that they're a shady bunch, from what some folks have posted. Obviously I should contact them, but i'm unsure which letter i should be using? Can someone advise me please which of the template letters I should be sending to Westcot? Is it no.17 o
  9. Hi all.... Well the interview wasn't as bad as I thought it'd have been. I was in and out in 15 mins. I went in all prepared, with all my paperwork & correspondence relating to this year's claim & it turns it was in connection to last year's benefit claim. Although i'd written to them in October advising them i had started working, they'd never followed it up (& i'd never chased it up either). (Just as well I had that letter with me). So they said i should hear within a month of what the outcome will be. They said it'd be one of three - 1. Slap on the wrist & d
  10. Now posted off to them. Any ideas as to how long it'll be before i hear anything - maybe next week? Carol
  11. George Saint - I think its just the fear of the unknown that's bothering me. I've read so many posts on here by folks saying they can be really quite abrupt & unpleasant about the whole thing. The woman in the CAB yesterday also said that I could pop in and see them again after the interview if i felt the need to. To be honest i think my nerves will be shot to bits by then anyway, so would probably be better off going home lol. (I laugh now, but i'll be bricking it in the morning) Regards Carol
  12. crikey diddled... just as well you made that post... Not sure why i assumed it was Wednesday, but its definitely the 25th lol. (Can just imagine the look of surprise on their faces when i turn up a day too early lol.... ooops.) thanks for that diddled
  13. Called into CAB this morning. They had a look over my paperwork and basically said that if I was comfortable going to the interview myself, then to do so & that I was entitled to a copy of the tape recording, which i have to request in writing. They then have 40 days to get this to me. If anyone can give me any pointers I would be most grateful. Regards Carol
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