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  1. Hi Everyone I am not sure if I am in right section but here goes. We moved house on Monday 1ST June on Wed 3rd I was sorting out wiring the TV and other appliances and found out there was no aerial socket, but there was an aerial on the roof anyway. (turned out to be no good) I spoke to the owners on the Saturday who had come down to see the house they were not happy with the agent. I asked the question when you let this property was there an aerial socket "yes" the previous tenant had cable and they installed it through the aerial box and they had ripped off the cable to the aerial (you could see the clips up the wall) I rang the agent they come round. I said to agent this isn't on we have no TV in the house she said to me get an aerial installed and give me the invoice. So I done this. Aerial was installed on 17th June and cost £271 ( I was shocked ) I paid the man, aerial is fantastic and guaranteed for 3 years and happy we had TVs in the house (my 12yr son was over the moon ) I photocopied the invoice and gave the copy to the agent . I expected to get paid within a fortnight as I am the innocent party who had moved in the house. Am I right in thinking the agent should pay me back the £271 and then reclaim from previous tenant surely I shouldn't be waiting this long ?? (Aug 28) Please help would like to know where I stand on this. Thanks
  2. Please can anyone help I would like to know if I have a case as I have a letter from Vodafone and I quote "We need to make you aware that if you do not pay the outstanding balance within 7 days, we will end your agreement and no longer provide the services to you. You would still need to pay the line rental the line rental for the minimum period -the potential amount is shown above." my way of thinking how can they charge £197 when on the letter it states £90.66 + £13.20 potential termination fee so surely the bill should be no more than £103.86 as it sates in letter ending all services and end agreement
  3. Hi everyone I would like your views on this as I am not sure where I stand so here goes, I had a phone contract with Vodafone and I was coming to the end of my contract I received a letter of which I will add to this post and it states outstanding balance £90.66 and potential termination fee £13.20 and I quote from the letter "We need to make you aware that if you do not pay the outstanding balance within 7 days, we will end your agreement and no longer provide the services to you. You would still need to pay the line rental the line rental for the minimum period-the potential amount is shown above. Outstanding balance :£90.66 Potential termination fee:£13.20 I never paid the bill and have received a debt collection letter from FREDRICKSON asking for £197.35 as outstanding balance I have got 14 days to pay or start legal action with additional costs: Outstanding Balance to pay now:197.35 Court Fees: £25.00 Solicitor costs :£50.00 New Balance if proceedings are issued :£272.35 On top of all this, I belong to the Experian Credit Expert site and have looked at my file on Vodafone of which was updated yesterday (21/9/2014) as defaulted and owing £157.00 which is a completely different figure. my question is what should I do, I am going to add this Vodafone letter and any feedback will be much appreciated i feel the bill should be no more than £90.66 + £13.20 = £103.86 Please help thanks Paul
  4. so what is my option should i goto court and argue it out like i say i did have a weeks car park ticket which was bought the day before, there was no spaces left and i cannot see how they can sell a large amount of tickets without the space provided and then prosecute people
  5. hi i have recieved another letter and its final before court sorry about previous letter being too small i have taken your advice and uploaded to photobucket please help many thanks this is the link i still believe i am in the right as i had bought a weekly car park ticket the day before and there was no space so my argument is they are selling tickets without the room to accomodate i need help on this urgent pls peoplemany thanks here is the link with personal info covered up many thanks:http://s1257.photobucket.com/albums/ii507/gezzer123/?action=view&current=IMG.jpg
  6. today i have recieved this letter going on about byelaw 14 my argument is still i paid for a weekly ticket and they failed to supply the space (i have kept all paperwork in case i do goto court) i enclose image of the letter recieved pls help many thanks
  7. i thank you all for your comments (good or bad) i have decided not to pay and if it goes to court i will go and my argument will be i have paid for a weeks parking over 24hrs previous and you have failed to supply the space but they took the money ok i think it will get thrown out and i still have the ticket i paid for
  8. manxred I thank you for a quick response i look forward to anymore comments i feel like its legalised robbery, there are 2 carparks at ashford to do with the trainstation and together hold about 500 cars approx but they could be selling around 1000 tickets or more and surely if they are taking the money thay have a legal oblication to supply the space as you have paid for.
  9. IMG.pdfHI I need help in deciding wether i should pay this parking ticket, i purchased a weekly car park ticket on 23/01/12 and recieved this parking ticket on 24/01/12 the scenario is i went to park at ashford(kent) trainstation and there was not 1 space i drove round and round the carpark until i had 5 min before my train turned up so i parked it in the carpark on the verge and went to work, when i returned i had this car park ticket from meteor and it stated the offence was unauthorised parking i have got 15days to pay £45 after that its £90, my argument is i have paid for a weekly ticket and they have failed to supply i would like to know where i stand many thanks paul.
  10. hi all just a quick question i recieved a letter from shabbey and they are raising a cheque and the letter is dated monday the 25th june i still have not recieved the money does anyone know how long this process takes ?
  11. hi meatballfluff first of all dont panic its not that scary (and i havnt been to court before until today)you will probably be sorted before you goto the hearing i have been to one today 10am abbey will settle before the hearing i recieved in post on tuesday 26june a letter offering full and final settlement and the preliminary hearing was this morning just make sure your paperwork is all complete have a read of my forum you it might help you put your mind to rest
  12. hi petcat dont panic you have got the exact situation as me i have a large overdraft but would not pay it as the charges i was owed was far more i spoke to a girl called claire on this number (020 775 64306) i never had any phone calls i recieved a letter last tuesday offering full and final settlement i t was 175pounds shy but i was happy i rang that number and told claire i would still goto court if the default was not moved so she said she would look into it and heard wedensday eve and confirmed it was because of charges , the other issue with the cheque is same as you the a/c is open and we have no cards as abbey doing there bullying bit ordered the cards back as i was not paying any money in so cut the cards up as there letter requested and handed in all the cheque books to local branch we still do not have access online to the a/c but have asked for new cards so we can take monies out and shut them down i hope this helps try that number and give claire a bell she is helpfull good luck
  13. hi everyone here is an update last tuesday i recieved in the post a full settlement from shabbey(i won:) :) )my only concern was that they had defaulted me and i wanted the default lifted as was caused by charges i spoke to a women called claire and told her i would settle for the amount but would continue to goto court (which was this morning) to continue gettin the default removed ( tuesday morning i was talking to claire), i didnt hear from her until 6.45pm wedensday eve and she agreed it would be lifted i am waiting for confirmation with default issue in writing , but to cover myself i still went to court to put the judge in the picture she had already recieved a letter from shabbey to say it was settled i explained the situation what was happening she has now adjurned then if i am satisfied with shabbey and i have everything in writing then i will ring the court to say that i am happy or not i think i might have a few beers tonight:grin: they are raising a cheque does anyone have any idea how long this takes!! i am really happy because i have never done anything like this before and i couldnt of managed it without this site when i get the cheque and it is cleared i will send a good donation for my appreciation and all the help i have recieved everyone should have this site in their favourites and now i am going to start with cohoot which is a part of shabbey and it will be the same people ive just dealt with i wonder if they will settle when they get the lba or will they push me all the way again
  14. :-| hi noobrider i have had a quick look through my court bundle and i put it on the letter before action stating full removal of any default as result of excessive charges as this is in my court bundle in black & white and dated 18/03/07 will this suffice should i ring the court for advice or try my luck with abbey i do have 1 trump letter which i think the judge wont like and this letter from abbey came after i started proceedings against them when it was going to court they instructed the debt collectors to claim in full 1800pound at the request of abbey and taking the issue away from the hands of the court what are my best options?
  15. hi everyone great news i have just got back from my holiday gone through the mail and no corrospondance from shabby recieved 1 letter the next day and it was shabby offering me full and final settlement of 3750gbp and the figure i was aiming for was 3925gbp that included the stationary and time etc, i do have 1 problem abbey have defaulted me and threatend debt collectors as i owe 1800 on overdraft which was charges anyway i can now pay that off i am waiting for the cheque how do i go about getting this default lifted we are due in court for a preliminary hearing 10am on friday should i ring abbey tell them to get the default lifted and if they refuse still goto court on friday i need some good advice from this great site
  16. good morning campers can anyone tell me am i right in thinking i dont need the big court bundle for the preliminary hearing am i right in thinking its just an informal chat with the judge
  17. hi all i have been very busy with my court bundle, it is nearly completed and that i have a preliminary hearing on the 29th june at ashford county court so i have been flat out with the court bundle what i didnt realise is that i didnt need the court bundle for this sort of hearing mind you for the last three days at this site i have learned an awful lot so it has not been all in vain i did however send the statement of evidence and a number of other documents along with the new draft order and witness statement to the court and to shabbey today following the aq which was sent on 30th may so they should get within 14 days as sent recorded and 14th day is wedensday so hopefully might get some news before we goto court which would be nice. however i must say the amount of infomation i have for the court bundle is very impressive i bought 3 new folders from staples today and it must be in each folder at least 350 pages i printed the full report of the commision in northern ireland (200 pages) and the macarma interview plus all the cases won and loads of other documents i hope abbey have got plenty of time to go through that lot and i hope the judge likes a bit of bedtime reading there is some really good info in there my favourite has got to be the bbc report outstandin anyway these bundles will be on there way to the court by hand and posted (recorded) on friday 16th june and see what happens let battle commence
  18. thanks guys for your help much appreciated i have another couple of questions just finishing off my court bundle and i see that i must send copys of bank statements as well as list of charges the thing is i have loads of statements and microfiche must be a 100 pages at least have i goto photo copy the whole lot 3 times or can i just do a few copys so the judge can see that the charges are going out on the dates and cross reference them with my list of charges. the other question is i read somewhere that i can claim for my time preparing the bundle @ 9.25 per hour is this correct and what is the max allowance,as you are aware i have a preliminary hearing on 29th june (friday)and i am trying to get it sorted as much as possible as we go on holiday on 18th june and come back on 25th june and i dont really want to take paperwork to turkey wife would not be happy
  19. hi all i recieved this morning a letter from the county court notice of a preliminary hearing ont the 29th june i am a little concerned because im starting to feel like i am gettin out of depth can anyone tell me what this means or what can happen it says 5 minutes has been allowedfo the hearing this has thrown me off some what has anyone got any advice as what to do i have spent most of the day sorting my court bundle startin to feel a little unsure i need help guys:confused:
  20. thanks michael your input is very much appreciated i didnt know that i would be takin on a debt recovery firm i am feeling a little worried if i send that letter will there be any repocussions as my wife will not know how to deal with it as i work away in london seven days at a time and i go tomorrow just feel might be going out of depth once again thanks for yor advice
  21. hi to all the situation at the moment is i have recieved my AQ and completed and got to send in tomorrow with the 100pound fee i have got there defence and ive seen on this great site that it is pretty much standard issue, everything seems to be going ok so far apart from one thing i have an overdraft of 1250pounds and with recent charges it has run upto 1800 pounds now i do have a parachute a/c which we opened before we started proceedings now i am pursuing 3800 pounds and i submitted the n1 forms on 17th april i told abbey the a/c would be cleared when i recieved the refunded charges they replied giving me the old rubbish of terms and conditions and then shortly after recieved a letter demanding back the cheque books and cards of which i had no problem so i cut the cards and cheque book up and returned them to our local branch now i started proceedings with ashford county court on the 17th april i have recieved a letter from a debt collecting recovery service working for abbey to pay the balance of 1800quid and any other charges,i am going to ring these people tomorrow and let them know that i am taking abbey to court for bank charges and that the account is in dispute and is going to court am i right in thinkin it has to be resolved at court before these people start knockin on the door the letter i recieved is dated 23may over a month after i started the claim is this bully boy tactics from abbey?? i would like some advice so i know where i stand thanks
  22. hi to all got an update i have recieved from my local cort(ashford)an n10 form the defendant filled an acknowledgement of service on 23 april ,the defendant indicating an intention to defend all of the claim. what is the next stage, what should i be doing i dont get a lot of time at home as i work away and i dont want to miss something or panic over nothing
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