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  1. Hi Yurp 82 it's great news when you hear you've succeeded in winning your court action to get your money back, but then it seems to drag on and on with actually getting the money back.No one can tell you what to do.All I can say is what happened to me and what I did.I won on the 1st Feb. and didn't get my money till the 13th Feb.I feel I was beyond reasonable with the time frame I gave the Halifax.I was promised the money would go in my account on the 12th Feb by the legal department and it didn't so I phoned and left a message on the legal advisers answer machine.Then I phoned the customer service managers line and told them that if the money was not in my account by noon I was getting a warrant of execution!Within half an hour of that call my money was put into my account!During the week of all this going on I was told Halifax didn't have any paperwork from the court.Which I find hard to believe but I faxed them all my copies of the paperwork I'd received from the court.EVERYTHING is a delaying tactic with the bank!I firmly beleive that.It's upto you on what time frame you're willing to go on.But upto now you've given them 7 days which is very reasonable.And like someone said to me on my thread if it was the other way around would the Halifax give me time to pay or would they expect an immediate payment!?
  2. Hi I did it from day they received it.So 40 days from 13th.
  3. Hi Yurp82 on your notice of issue what box did you tick.There was a choice abc etc.I ticked the immediate payment.It also asks if you want your money either by cheque or direct into your account.I think there were a couple of other options as well.I won on the 1st Feb and didn't get my money till tuesday!If you read my thread "Angry and frustrated" on page 3 of the threads page I have given direct line numbers and fax numbers and names for legal deartment and customer service manager.Hope this helps.
  4. Hi jw2082 after much messing about from Halifax I threatened them with the warrant of execution at 11am Tuesday and at 11.32am the money went in!If you read my thread " Angry and frustrated" on 2nd page now I think of the threads page I've explained in detail what happened and also supplied a direct line to Legal!And fax number to legal and also a customer service manager name and number and fax number.Hope you find it helpful.
  5. Hi exact thing happened to me!Send the above letter and now will you not only get your court fee back but also your 8% interest!I filed my N1 on 19th December and got offer on 28th December for full amount!Tooo late!Gotmy money back incl. court fee and 8% 2 days ago!
  6. I agree Ripoff-Britain I was talking to my brother in Germany he nearly choked on his coffee when I told him about how much bank charges are here in the UK!Goodluck although you won't need it!Any help needed or just a bit of encouragement theres thousands here willing to help.
  7. Hi I got mine on day 42!Then the following day got another lot!Post man was not happy!They like to leave it till the last minute!
  8. Goodluck Happyolddog,this will be interesting.Will keep an eye on your progress.
  9. Hi day it was received.Thats what I did anyway.So 14 days as of today.
  10. Know how you feel jaynekul!I too started the ball rolling last october.And this last week trying to get back whats mine has been stressfull to the the point of tears.But you've done what you can now.You've faxed them.So it's just another waiting game till wednesday.What makes my blood boil is if it was the other way around they would empty our accounts immediately!Anyway heres hoping you get your money sooner rather than later!
  11. Hi Jaynekul did you tick the box "immediate payment" on your notice of issue?If so immediate payment is required!You have won be it by default or any other way.But as you can see from my time line I won on the 1st feb and didn't get my money till 13th.I thought I would give them a week to sort things out but the running around that went on was rediculous!Only you can decide how long to give them.In the end with me I phoned and said if the money isn't in by noon I am applying for a warrant of execution!30 minutes later the money hit my account like magic!!!!!!!!!
  12. Hi Annabellafonte is right list "charges as notified" how much and date.Thats what I did.And have just finished my process and won.So you are on target and doing things right.You can only put down what is on your statements provided by the bank!No worries!
  13. Good stuff Adrianhants by the end of the week lets hope you are in the money!Got contact numbers here if anyone finds them helpful I did.Legal department-Jamie Magill direct line is 01422391895 fax-01422 333453.Also a Samantha Dunne a customer services manager-08457253519 Fax-0845 1281385.
  14. Hi KellyDJ the waiting is the hardest thing.But know in the end you will win and get your money back!I did,today!!!!So goodluck although you don't need luck,you have the law and everyone here on your side!
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