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  1. Hi overflow, Yeah that's true. I'll start getting it prepared, just short of £500.00 I'm going to try to reclaim. The charges are beyond a joke. I know it can be said I should make sure the accounts in credit but it's always happened on days when I've just fell short. My money management is better now as such but just coming out of a really hard cash period. Thanks very much for your advice EM
  2. Hi everyone, Since I successfuly claimed around this time last year I have been charged several more times off Halifax. Do I simply follow the same procedure as before? Also I am a bit confused as I was under the impression all claims had been put on hold whilst they are challenged in a high court? Thanks for your help, Emma
  3. Hi Tiglet, I'll be following this one closely... I also received a refund of charges last year and have gone on to be charged several times since. On the 29th I transferred my wage into the account at 7:45 and later received an online letter stating there had been two failed DD that day so have now incurred a £70 charge. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!
  4. No sorry 28 days since I issued the claim. Judgement was filed on the 14th. The court has not advised how long they have to make payment but I asked for it immediately. Someone has just advised me to fax it to them and then give the till firday, If nothing happens then file a warrant on friday. Its hard to know what to do for the best. All I know is I have £17 in my account to last me untill next friday, no petrol or food in the house so am desperate!!
  5. Hi Glenn, i think it was a reply in IMB's thread where someone said if the halifax had taken us to court do we think they would write letter/make phone calls to us regarding payment or just go for the warrant? I think theyd go for the warrant. I suppose theyve had over 28 days so to me they're just stalling. What do you think? Cheers
  6. I haven't forwarded the judgement to them as moneyclaim online do that anyway. I'm going to ring the legal department in the next half hour and ask when they are going to pay the money into my account. If I do not get a good enough answer I will file the warrant, unless that costs more money, in which cas I can't afford to!
  7. Hi IMB, Just read your post, thanks, will go and read your thread in a moment. I asked for immediate payment however dont remember having options of where I wanted money paying too... Might ring and check with moneyclaim. Is it ok for me to ring the legal department etc and chase the money up? Thanks
  8. Hi everyone Can anyone help with the last questions I posted? The judgement was issued on the 14th and I still haven't had any movement! Thanks
  9. Hey everyone, I have a thread Yurp_82 vs Halifax and posted for some advice in that yesterday. Thought I'd do a new post as its not attracted any attention lol I entered a judgement against the Halifax as they have failed to submit any defence etc after 28 days. My first question is how long do I wait before I request a warrant? I have asked for immediate payment. The judgement was issued yesterday. Is it worth me ringing the Halifax and asking what the situation is/ when I will get my money? My second question is do I have any choice into which account the money gets paid i
  10. Hi Victimnomore and anyone else who may be reading! I have found out to day that the judgement has been issued. Is it a case of just sit and wait now, would it be worth me phoning Halifax to see what is happening? They still havent entered any form of defence etc even though they are out of time now anyway. How long is it advisable to wait until I request a warrant? My other question is do I have any say as to where the money gets paid into, or how, for example requesting a cheque? It seems unfair that they just pay it into the account they see fit. I have two current accounts with
  11. Hiya Victimnomore, Unfortunately no it doesn't, only the amount including interest! Maybe I will jsut leave it, it is going to be less than £20 isnt it by my last calculations. Then at least I can get it done today. Ive just realised ive put on my claim form I would charge 8% per day from the 5/01/07 ooops does this matter!?
  12. Ok so 2377.19 (charges plus interest) x 0.00022 = 0.5229818 x 39 (days) = 20.3962902 £20.40 is the amount of interest I am charging then, is this correct? I would like to get the judgement entered today, I have made it out to the Trinity Road Address. Thanks Barbershop you are a star
  13. Hi Barbershop, Thank you for your speedy reply! I am a little confused...it doesn't take much lol I have itemised yes and was using the template spreadsheet off here which I believe is calculated at 8%. I also advised on my claim that this is the amount Iw ould be charging daily until settled. So my question is where does the 0.00022 come into it? So sorry if I'm being really dumb! Cheers
  14. Hello Again Well since I last posted on here the following has happened. I file my claim which was acknowledged by Halifax on the final day possible. Yesterday was their last day to submit a defence etc and they haven't done anything. I have now been advised that I can enter a judgement by default. I started this process, then when I came to the section which asks for interest since I submitted claim I was stumped! I cant find my spreadsheets on the computer, is thee anyway of working this out using the amount claimed and the amount of days since claim?? £2377.19 without court
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