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  1. Hey can you believe it, something must be in the air because I rang bank today about the latest £39 charge. I questioned it, the person on the phone started telling me it as for a bounced cheque. I interupted him saying "I am aware what it is for & wanted it put strainght into my account as it was unlawful for them to charge me". He went away came back a few minutes later & apologised & said we have put it straight back into your account??? I have questioned charges before & I have never had this kind of response.
  2. Thanks dpick! Will ring court on Monday if I haven't heard anything.
  3. By the way just got a further £39 charge yesterday, how do I add this onto the claim? Or should I just ring them up & ask them to repalce it?
  4. I think the 14 days is up over the weekend, so if I haven't heard anything by Monday what should my next step be. I have looked at the step by step guide but am still a little confused. Excuse my ignorance. Do I need to do anything or does the court contact me or does the bank contact me? what is the process in laymen terms please from now on?
  5. I sent off N1 form to county court along ith form to see if I have to pay. I have rang the couts today they say they sent to defendant yesterday, so they now have 14 days to reply. I am getting a little worried about having to go to this extreme, is this normal? What happens next?
  6. OK but everywhere I've looked on net it implies the ruling from the OFT was for credit cards, I've never had one with them. Most of my charges are for unpaid DD & standing orders. Sorry to go on just needed it clarifying that I am doing the right thing!
  7. I am waiting for the courts to send an N! form & exemption through, should be here tomorrow. Today I have recieved a long letter that worries me, can soneone please advice? Usual blah blah blah about why been charged etc, then it states " you refer to guidelines on credit card default charges issued by OFT & that the guidelines don't apply to bank account charges & that they can't comment on it in connectionwith my concerns"??? Again goes on about must pay coz of work they've done blah blah blah. Then goes on about offering free banking & making sure you have suffiecient money in account. Really patronising! Then states OUTCOME: Declining my complaint & hope that they have explained why & to comply with legislation, if I remain unhappyI can go to the ombudsman. Why are they implying I don't have a leg to stand on? Have I made a mistake along the line, followed step by step on here? I am getting very worried about this & wondering if I am out of my depth? HELP....
  8. Ok I am struggling now! I was going to use the MCOL but it then asked for £120 & I think I may be elegible for an exemption. Do I need to claim the exemption first before filling in an N1 & where would I find the form N1 baring in mind my printer is broken? Will it be ok to send the Copy of my schedule handwritten? I seem to have come to a standstill. HELP.....
  9. £1448.70 to be exact, thats without the 8% thingy. They have till Thursday then will do the claim online on Friday. So what do you Jazz, is mine considered a small or large claim?
  10. Hey salisburyowl are you a Sheffield Wednesday fan by any chance? If so nice.... Wow well done dpick! I expect a phone call from them tomorrow then, possibly Thursday. Right off to look at holiday web sites in readiness off the money coming, it's so needed.
  11. Hey i am hoping they give in at the 12th hour or maybe the 13th day! What do you reckon?
  12. Checked track & trace, Halifax recievd my second LBA today, so 14 days to go. Takes me to 17th of May I believe. See what happens next! Chatting to myself a bit here but never mind.
  13. My LBA was sent by recordered delivery but has still not been recieved by the bank. I checked track & trace on Royal Mail site. I have to wait 15 working days to make a complaint so I have decided to send again by recordered delivery today, still hand written. Today I have recieved a letter from the bank refering to the 8 weeks mentioned above. They are just saying they will have got back to me by May 29th, yeah Right!
  14. Guess what? You probably guessed right. They haven't phoned me.
  15. Will do. The bank has openly admitted they are all duplicated even though the 1st 2 came out at 2.13 pm & the 3rd at 3.13pm. I told them it was up to them to get the money from carphone warehouse, will see what customer relations say.
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