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  1. Thanks for your replies - it was a couple of weeks ago that he received the offer. I'll ring the main GMP number tomorrow and see if I can find out what he needs to do.
  2. Hello - hope someone can help. I got a notice that someone was speeding in my car some time ago, and returned it naming OH as the driver. He received a notice and an offer of a fixed penalty, but has lost it Do we just wait for another, and if not, who do we get in touch with? It is Greater Manchester Police. Thanks for reading.
  3. I know how to move them, it's just that if I switch them to before next payday, there wont be any money there to pay them when they're due! This is how I work - I'm up to my limit, I get paid, DDs, SOs, manual transfers/DC bills get paid, then I have a bit to last a week or so, and I'm up to my limit til next payday. Will need to sit down with a calendar and a pen and paper and think hard. OH gets paid weekly, so we're not broke all month after the bills have been paid, btw!
  4. Thank you again. Now trying to owrk out how to move my DDs to before my payday - there wont be any money in to pay them! *gets thinking cap on*
  5. Thankyou Bookworm; that's a great letter. Now, I want to send it - i NEED to send it! BUT. What do you think the likely response will be? What if they write back and say "Ok, off you pop, we're withdrawing your overdraft facility with immediate effect?". I don't have the money to repay it.
  6. Thankyou for that, too. They are really nasty - all over £80 I didn't even know I still owed!
  7. Thankyou Angrycat That's all very interesting reading, and I'll make sure to mention it in my letter. Cheeky monkeys!
  8. Hello Angrycat, and thanks for replying. Yes, I know I'll have to do some trawling through statments to find my cheques and get that sorted will teach me to keep clearer, fuller records. What will the SAR show me? Will it show payments I've made? And no, I've not received a thing from them statement-wise. I do think they're trying it on a bit, to be honest.
  9. Reviving an old thread..... I had a debt with Link in 2007, and paid it off (or so I thought). I had a letter this week saying: Reference XXXXXXXXXXXX Credit Subject Investiagtion: Mrs XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX A recent search of a UK Credit Reference Agency database has verified that you are currently using this address for financial transactions, which are reported to the Agency. We are now making you aware that we are currently considering formal recovery action against you, which could increase the current outstanding balanfe, owed to us by you. This action could also:- - affect your ability to obtain further credit oar a mobile phone contract, and - hinder your career at either your current or prospective employers We urge you to contact our office on 020920808685 today quoting the reference number at the top of this letter. Yours etc....... Firstly, I check my old records and it seemed I didn't make the last and a bit extra payment - fair play, I'm happy to pay up. However, the amount listed on the letter is the original debt! I made payments by cheque so it is going to be a pain in the butt to get full details and proof Secondly - can they just do a search without me knowing? Thirdly - what the heck are they on about "hinder your career"? I HATE these people! They originally mithered my neighbours for my details when all this kicked off - really embarrassing, and intrusive. I'm writing saying my records show etc etc and I'll happily pay up the £86 I owe - is htat fair enough? Many thanks for reading.
  10. Thanks, yes, I don't dispute the debt, just honestly lost all means of contacting them. I just really want to shout at this man for what I consider to be disgusting behaviour, but don't know what to say!
  11. I have tracked this down after remembering who they are and what they're after. The story is I'd made an arrangement to pay, lost the details before I could set up the DD, so couldn't contact them. I therefore waited to hear, and never did until now. Anyway, I wrote and posted a letter yesterday, enclosing a cheque. However, the man has, apparently, just telephoned my 90 year old grandmother asking me to ring. I wanted to do this all by letter as I hate speaking to these people on the phone, but I can see I'm going to have to ring if he's sinking to these depths. What can I say to him to stop him doing this? Is he allowed to do this? I'm at my wits' end. Please help.
  12. Bumping this back up as exactly the same thing has just this minute happened to me. I googled the number and found this thread. Can anyone tell me who they - Link - are? The only money I owe is council tax, as far as I know (!) Thanks in advance.
  13. Well., sent my LBA on Friday, and Saturday got a letter offering me £642, £30 less than the full amount. I rang and spoke immediately to the man who signed it, who immediately agreed to pay the full amount. He said straight away he remembered the case, thought how daft it was that the computer had spit out that figure, how daft it was that he had to send out the letter, and had expected me to pick up the phone as soon as I got it! No problems, the money will be in the account within 14 days. Off to London for a long, much deserved, child-free weekend very soon, so Happy Days. Thanks everyone for reading.
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