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  1. Yes Lowell Portfolio LTD. I have just filled out the N244 and the form for someone on low income. The set aside fee is £225 The court website said to send in both forms together without the fee.
  2. Thanks. Just checked with 02 and it was over 6 years ago...
  3. Hi, I have not been on here for quite some time. My daughter has just received a letter from the county court business centre saying that it is a Judgement for Claimant (in default) The debt was with O2 and the last payment was over 6 years ago (this is why my daughter did not reply to the claim form, she thought it was a [problem]). Any advice on how to handle this would be much appreciated. Kind Regards Bigandy
  4. Not looking for credit but was furious to see I had been dropped by 350 points !! Equafax still showing excellent and Noddle showing 3/5. Oh well time to stop paying for monthly access.
  5. I have just changed from Scottish power to eon and neither company asked me for a meter reading either. Eon sent me an email saying they had agreed a estimated reading between themselves !! Regards Bigandyuk1
  6. Judge was good but refused set aside as service was deemed to be good. However he did deem the costs application by the solicitor to be completely disproportionate (£700) and argued that the case did not need a top solicitor. He said he had wanted to disallow costs but was mindful that if he did the solicitor would just appeal on point of law. So he charged me £100 costs and I had to pay the £140 outstanding costs. Overall I think the Judge was good and looked after me.
  7. I am unable to say what the vets did. They have our current telephone number which we have had for three years. They must have obtained that from us as it is ex directory. The dog was dying so cannot remember if they updated the address at the same time. But surely they could have lifted the phone and confirmed the address when they had no reply to the invoice they sent. Akram -v- Adams is just one of many case studies relating to good service. How could the court papers be returned if I no longer lived there and as far as I know as the house was rented it may have changed hands amny times i
  8. Update and Help requested. As advised above I filed form N244 with the fee and have been given a date on November 16th for the hearing. This is to be held via the phone. After I filed the set aside I recieved the following from the Vets solicitors: Dear Mr Bigandyuk1 RE: We write in regards to your application to set aside judgement dated 02/08/11 It is noted that you allege to have never received the court documnets sent to you or any communications from us because of moving address. We are however unclear whether you dispute the liability for the debt in qu
  9. Shadow I wasn't aware of the size of the bill either !! It looks like the Vets instigated the Court action.
  10. That would be ideal if I had £1164 to pay them out right. The nice lady at the court says that if I have it set aside I can probably work out a payment schedule with them that does not involve the court.
  11. Now it all becomes clear and maybe not so sinister. Our dog died of cancer earlier this year and we were told over the phone that the bill would be sent for payment. I thought they were being pretty lax and if they couldn't be bothered to send the bill then I wouldn't chase them. It turns out they only had a very old address but the new phone number. Instead of calling us they applied for and got a judgement for the bill. The court said I would be best getting the judgement set aside and can confirm that the documents have been sent to the wrong address. Then I can pay the Vet without the jud
  12. Thanks, Luckily the CCJ reference is on the letter that came from this debt solutions company and also on my credit file. I will call the court this morning and then start with the set aside. Regards
  13. Card debt by the way was about £400 at the time of the bankruptcy and I have tried to speak to the insolvency service about being chased and all they could offer was a letter saying the bankruptcy was now discharged.
  14. Bankruptcy was back in 2006 Feb. I spoke to Lowell about this card debt a few months back and he told me he couldn't see the bankruptcy. Said they would look into it and then today I find this.
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