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  1. Already had the PPI back with the refund from Welcome to honour our original agreement, it put us back to the position as if we were never sold the PPI. Not surprising really, don't think they would want to bring up the fake signatures in the court, might expose them a bit too much!
  2. OK, it's FINISHED!! Husband called IND and asked if they were still going to pursue this in court, IND very snottily stated that they would need proof of the letter we received from Welcome. .off I sent it, no reply for a good month and then ta daaaaa! from IND yesterday saying that they are dis-continuing and have informed the court accordingly. STUFF WELCOME, STUFF IND! We WIN, ha! :)
  3. Harveys are AWFUL, never again. Same problem, bought a sofa which said it was foam and fibre filled, took MONTHS to be delivered and aftera week it looked like it was ancient. Took nearly a year of complaining to get a replacement (they denied it should have had foam, photos of display model with the label on it proved them wrong) eventually recieved a new one with foam, but only in the seat cusions, the back cusions look awful after only a few months..have given up complaining as they are useless, chalked it up to experience and now take every opportunity to tell everybody how terrible they are!
  4. LOL, the thing is, we still have a court date for this year, yes they are still taking us to court lol!
  5. BAAAAAHHHHHaaaahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just had a letter from Welcome with a cheque for over £600 enclosed, no idea what for, rang them...apparently there was a letter sent saying that we have overpaid our loan with them and this is the amount THEY owe US! Needless to say, we have requested a new copy of the letter...thankyou very much! :)
  6. They really are taking the mik, husband said thatb he could hear all the other Welcome cases going on around him, there were LOADS! He even heard another person who's docs had been lost in the post like ours were so its obviously something that happens a lot.
  7. Im so angry that the judge allowed it, he even pointed out that he got his copy of the docs in plenty of time! They didnt post their docs to us until a week after the deadline!
  8. So, now we have to provide IND with a copy of our paperwork (again) because they claim that it has got lost in their internal mail. When Welcomes representative looked at our paperwork she even said there wasnt really much argument against it so why bother asking for an adjournment? SO peeved right now, I was hoping this would be over by now.
  9. Right, Paul is in court NOW with these effers, they are claiming they didnt get our docs which is cr*p as they were sent recorded delivery and signed for, they even sent back a letter saying tjanks for the compalint!! now their rep is saying she will get it struck out because Paul wont let her keep his docs!
  10. ok, well its not headed as anything in particular, just really a written account of whats happened and pointing out the flaws in their paperwork with copies of all the things mentioned. Hope they accept it!
  11. the last defence was based on the fact that Welcome had not provided any documents, they eventually did so we have put in a new defence. Didnt really know what else to do
  12. Quick bit of help needed! I am about to send everything to Welcome and the court, all the documents we intend to rely on and the defence, do I send a SIGNED copy of the defence to Welcome? I ask because I have included copies of husbands signature (official documents he has signed over the years including a tenancy agreement signed 2 months before the finance agreement was made) to show the difference between it and the signature on their agreement, so it would be very hard for them to 'lift' any signatures now seeing as the exact same copy is going to the court, he has already signed it but I can quickly print out another copy if anybody thinks it shouldnt be signed. Thanks!
  13. I have just had the same thing yesterday, spent ages writing a defence (they want to take husband to court for a HP loan from 2006) including screenshots of how they have reported on his credit file for years that he is 6 payments missed instead of default, the day after I took the screenshots it all dissapeared off the credit file! Wondered if it was just his file because they knew we might bring it up in court but it would seem that lots of people are having the same thing happen..interesting!
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