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Found 9 results

  1. Hi we bought a 4500 corner sofa and 2 seater in March 2017, in Jun 2017 developed spotting, long story but they sent out a furniture specialist who did a report and indicated Manufacturing defect! We confirmed to Harveys that we would like a replacement or refund and the problem was there within 6 months, they stated they will send out a repair company for cosmetic repairs - we rejected this based on the " cosmetic repairs" which may not be permanent, they can not guarantee a permanent repair and they have confirmed there is a manufacturing defect. We have written to them rejecting the Sofa and asking for a refund and also a replacement from another brand of sofa manufacturer, they have not responded, the suite has been bought under a Consumer Credit Act agreement which is interest free, please can we be advised what action we can now take under both the CCA 1974 and under the Consumer goods Act 2015. Thank you
  2. I ordered 2 x 3 seater settes and a chair from Harvey December 29th and was told delivery would be in 12 weeks. The cost was £2250. In the middle of January the shop rang me to say that they had ordered the wrong colour and the wrong material. They gave me a choice of having the suite they had ordered, cancelling with a refund of the deposit I had paid or doing a new order, we chose to do another order and after having to ask for it, shortly after, were given a reduction of £180 from the final bill which is payable just prior to delivery. We were told that the new order would be with us within 12 weeks and when in early April I had not heard anything I contacted the store who told me that the suite wouldnt be ready until mid to late May and that they would be in touch with a delivery date in due course. I still do not have a delivery date although they are still saying that it should be available in mid May. Assuming I get the suite in Mid may, the wait for this suite will have been 20 - 21 weeks from start, 16 - 17 weeks from re-order. What are my rights, I want the suite and there is no point in going else where if the suite is likely to be delivered in May but I dont feel that £180 reduction is sufficient for the wait. What would be a realistic reduction to ask for and what is the best way to go about getting it?
  3. All we would like to say is that we will NEVER be purchasing another item of any description from Harvey's again. The reason is quite simple. We ordered a sofa on the 22nd June 2014 and we are still awaiting delivery of it, 1 week short of 4mths!! We ordered an extra piece to it and were told it would take 3mths to make/deliver which we were prepared to put up with. At the time of purchase, we stated we wanted it all delivered together. Quite a simple request, or so we thought. We were initially given a delivery date of 22nd Sep, which then changed to 25th Sep, then Oct 8th, then 16th Oct. Each time we have been contacted by phone, the agent on the phone has stated that one piece is available, to which we had to point out that we want both pieces delivered together. 'No problem' we were told. We were contacted last week and informed that the extra piece we ordered was in the UK, but at a different depot. It would be shipped to the correct depot and we would have our sofa at last. Today, we have been contacted yet again, and yet again told that the one piece is available for delivery...AAAAGHHHH!!! The agent then stated that they knew the other piece was in the UK but couldn't locate where!! To make my jaw drop even further, they said the agent who called us the week prior should not have told us both pieces were available! We asked to speak to a supervisor, who duly apologised and stated they could quite clearly see it on the screen that we wanted both pieces delivered TOGETHER, not separately! She also told us it will now take a further 48hrs to get a response from the manufacturers of the extra piece (I'm assuming to find out where exactly in the UK they sent it to). We find it hard to believe in this modern era of technology that a piece of furniture, being made specifically for a customer, can go missing without any form of traceability. What is even more frustrating is how specific notes on YOUR system can be repeatedly missed/ignored regarding having both pieces delivered together. I notice that your company is a full member of the TFO (The Furniture Ombudsman)so with this in mind, we will be contacting them to advise of the above situation. We have had to endure 4mths of sitting on garden furniture whilst still awaiting delivery of our sofa. I have known houses to be built in less time. We will also be sharing our experience via social media so that other people who may be thinking about buying furniture can see what may await them! Latest update as of 19/10/2014 – No call-back after the stated ‘48hrs to get a response’ so once again called Customer Service. Ended up speaking to the ‘senior Team Leader’, guy called Prab. He told us both pieces were in the Warrington distribution warehouse but we’d have to wait another week until they were ‘in the area’…I said Harveys should be getting a local courier to deliver it asap given the time we’ve waited and the messing about. He said he would have to contact our local store where we purchased it from to try and arrange something. Prab called us back 10mins later and stated that he had spoken to our local store, guy called Steve and that the next phone call we’d receive would be off Steve in the morning. As you have probably guessed already, morning came and whent, no phone call. Went into the store at 2.30pm, asked who Steve was and turned out it was the guy we originally dealt with 4mths ago. When I told him about the conversation I’d had with ‘Prab’, Steve looked puzzled and stated that at no point during the day previous did Prab or anyone for that matter contact him about our situation, so I had to go through the whole scenario again with him. He proceeded to try and contact local couriers, one of whom was going to charge us £120 and then we’d be reimbursed by Harveys, but was getting no luck. At this point I stated I had to leave but I would expect Steve to call us with some news. Yes, you’ve guessed already…NO CALL BACK!! It gets even better….we have today waked into the store, sought out Steve and asked if he’d got any news for us. To both our shock, amazement and disgust, he said ‘’just remind me again’’….I had to remind him that I’d spent the good part of 45mins with him the day before!! It just about summed up our overall experience with Harveys! 4 months waiting for a sofa, numerous lies and false promises of ‘call backs’ etc etc…and Harveys cannot even go out of their way to pay a local courier to deliver our well overdue sofa!! They still expect us to go out of our way to accommodate them!! DISGUSTED and if not received by Tuesday, will be cancelling in total. Mr&Mrs Very Annoyed
  4. can anyone advise me on a sofa i bought from Harvey's, and problems i am having with it, when it arrived it had some damage, but was only a plastic moulding around the switch which was repaired, i have had problems since, with this plastic moulding breaking off all the time, the arms of the sofa, you can feel the frame of the sofa under the arms, them telling me it's the design and the arms need fluffed everyday to sort this out, even when doing this you can still feel the frame, you don't have to put your arm down hard before it can hurt catching on the frame, when we viewed this in the store, it never felt like this, store one being there nearly a year and still the arms are solid, no where on store sofa can you feel any frame anywhere, ours is not even 9 months old, and they are now saying as a good will gesture they will have them refilled, which i am not very happy about, as after a year old i want have much option but to just have it repaired every time, even when it was ordered, we were given a delivery date, but never came until another 4 months after that date, so far this is the forth time they have come out to fix it, legally where do i stand, as i don't see it fit for purpose, i am self employed, and as they cant give me a morning or afternoon appointment, other than a call the night before, i am losing a lot in wages as i have to take the whole day off just for them, yes i can expect things to go wrong every now and then, but 4 times so far in less than 9 months, is a lot in loss wages to me, and at less than 9 months old, with these problems, what does the future hold with it, i only see problems after problems with it any advice will be greatly appreciated thank you
  5. We purchased a sofa from harvey a fairmont corner sofa costing £1099, then paid £135 for 3 years accidental damage cover, and £59 for delivery! It was ordered in june and delivered on the 04th September, we both work full time, so its sat on for 2 hours a night and not for much more at weekend, and it has gone so so out of shape it looks years old. A week after delivery this started so went to the store , cushions in hand and was told that it was definatly faulty as they one they had on display wasnt like it and had been there around a year, the store manager said he would get it sorted, a week later we went back again and was told head office need to deal with it and he would email AGAIN, and we have not heard anything, i have also sent a letter recorded delivery to them, and again nothing. Whats my next step, i tried the bank as paid with visa debit to try and get a charge back, and they said unless we can prove its faulty, by an independant report they can not help. have now emailed a few to get costs, I want it replaced filled correctly or a very substantial refund as i like my home to look nice and can see us replacing this within a year as its looking so scruffy. I can see there are lots of people with harveys problems, just wondered if anyone else can help. Oh and when we brought it we were told it was made in northern england, but infact its come from Poland, so unsure if this matters. xx thanks all. xx
  6. Hi all, i was just looking for a bit of advice. We bought a corner suite from harveys about 9 months ago, we went for this particular one coz the woman selling it told us it was special cushion fillings that would always reshape after sitting down as we expressed our concern to her about non sprung seat cushions. After a lot of pushing, we decided to go for it, and she pushed the insurance so much saying "we could call them out everyday if we wanted to for anything". Anyway, first problem, my daughter was poorly and had a little accident on the sofa. I called the insurance company and told them what had happened, they told me not to clean it with anything but water and they would post me a form to complete and then arrange for someone to come out. I requested that it be emailed as post would take a while and i couldnt just leave urine on the sofa, so the guy on the end of the phone said he's spk to his "team leader" and see if he couild email and i email back. He came back and advised this would be fine and emailed me the form. So...I complete the form and go to send it back but notice there is not and email address, and the sender's email address didnt accept emails, so i phone up. I get asked where the "stain" is and told them its not a stain its urine and then get told they wont do anything as there is no stain!! When the woman sold me the insurance she assured me it covered everything inc all bodily fluids! So in the end i disinfect the cushion as best I can and wash the cover in the washing machine. Not happy! (This was about 4 weeks after delivery) Anyway, we'd noticed then that the cushions were starting to sink a bit, and even tho we'd been told this special filling would reshape and didnt need plumping, we still plumped daily and they were still starting to sink. After a couple of months, the seats had just lost their shape completely and I phoned up about it as even after plumping, they would lose shape as soon as someone sat on it. I was advised someone would come take a look. A week or so later the guy comes out and advised they needed more "filling" and he would arrange. He came out one the parts had arrived and changed all the cushions (not the covers). 4 weeks later, and they've done it again, I call up and someone comes out to look. I get a letter a couple of days later advising, its normal wear and tear and they will not do anything. Im looking for some advice, as the 1st time they advised there was a problem and replaced, and now they are saying its normal wear and tear, even tho i was told the cushions would reshape etc. we saved for a long time to get this sofa, and now im gutted as its so uncomfortable to sit on and just feel ripped off and that i was lied to to get the sale, is there anything i can do? thanks in advance kirsty
  7. I have ordered a couch 13 Jan it is now 8 April which is the 12 weeks from when it was ordered and i was told by the rep i would receive it within 12 weeks, I am now told it will be in May, I am extremely unhappy but have been advised by the store manager that they say approx yet I was told by the rep "WITHIN 12 WEEKS". All I am asking that due to the delay my order should be cancelled and I should be refunded (Which in my opinion is fair as I have waited long enough). Also I think it is extremely bad customer service not to advise me of the delay.................................... I gave a £150 cash deposit (I know should have given CC). would really apreciate some advise
  8. Hi, 1st time user and I'd like some advice please. In Harveys Furniture Store (speke) on the 13/1/13 purchased two reclining couches from the Bel-Air range that were on a weekend offer for £1132. Paid £300 more then the required deposit to make it easy on the final payment. A couple of days later the same couches were reduced by 15%. Contacted store, who told me to ring their customer service line if they say yes then they will refund the difference. Tried ringing their customer service line but gave up after 40 Min's and put it down to experience. Imagine my surprise when 12 days later the same couches were reduced by a further £240. Went to the store in person spoke to a salesperson who again told me to ring their customer service line. Finally after 30 mins spoke to an advisor who told me i should be ringing the store. Made contact with the store manager who was not very sympathetic to my predicament. Told him if wasn't going to meet me half way at least on the matter then i would cancel the order. He then told me I'd loose the full £300 deposit. Has anyone had the same thing happen? thanks
  9. We ordered a sofa from Harveys on Boxing Day. My wife has rung several times about it and the last couple of times they "suggested" we pay the balance for the sofa in advance as this would speed delivery up considerably. My wife rang again just now and was told they will not ship the sofa from England to Northern Ireland until the balance is paid. Is this proper? Surely once they have our money they can make us wait as long as they want before delivering (we had the same thing happen with MFI many, many moons ago and this has tainted our faith in furniture companies).
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