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  1. I disagree, I think it's totally relevant about what IS a fine, and what is a "speculative invoice" - I feel you are dancing semantically on the head of a pin. Who cares what it's called by posters here? The end result is they've had a notice which wants to fine/tax/take their money for some perceived infringement! Surely?
  2. Just out of interest, when I used to smoke, I got caught by some no-mark plastic plod failed Mall security guard type walking down the high street like he was Clint Eastwood in "Hang 'em High!" He tried to issue me with a "fine" (his words) for littering. I just walked off and said, "go call the real police if you're that bothered". He tried to grab my arm, and luckily being 6ft 2 and in possession of a very "Paddington Bear hard stare" when needed, I simply advised him to step away! Was this technically a "fine" or was it too a "speculative invoice" if I'd allowed him to serve me? Baring in mind he's not a court or magistrate?
  3. Gawd! 2hrs cut to nil? Gutted! Programme editors are a law unto themselves - *I used to work as a Production Manager and have seen how the editing process works. However, this obsession on CAG with removing any mention of "FINE" in regards to traffic or parking violations is kind of a bit sad imho. From Wikipedia: "One typical example of a fine is money paid for violations of traffic or parking violations (UK)" So when posters use it here it's merely a short hand for saying I got a parking ticket. The "frothing at the mouth" of some people here is verging on the comedic! Everyone knows what the poster means by "fine" - and in many senses from their point of view it IS indeed a fine - they are being charged a financial penalty for a perceived breaking of rules, just as in a football match a player gets a fine for bad behaviour. No biggy, I just find it quite amusing here!
  4. @Emmzzi - my comment wasn't aimed at you personally, I'm new to the site and have no idea what your job is. However, I'm afraid I stand by comment based on years of my, and colleagues, interactions with HR. Have a quick general google and see if I'm mistaken in my presumption! Perhaps you are one of the few good 'uns! In which case, more power to ya!
  5. I had exactly the same issue last year. What happened with me is only an anecdote, so it might legally be different with another employer. First of all, ask to see a copy of your staff handbook - see if there's any specific info relating to illness absence. Other posters are totally correct - I had to "self-certify for the 1st THREE days", and only after that would my GP issue a fit note. And I was only paid SSP (Statutory Sick Pay) in the payslips which followed from the 4th day when my GP's fit note kicked in, until the allotted end of fit note. At which point, my company said I must have a "return to work" meeting - even though I was only off for 9 working days in total. I think that's probably a standard across the board employment law thing, due to them having a duty-of-care. In all my sorrowful years working for many different companies, I've never met ANYONE who has anything good to say about HR who doesn't work in HR. Remember - despite their title, they are NOT there to help you or be your ally, their sole preserve is to cover the arses of higher management and protect the business' interests. Period. Anyone who tells you different is setting you up for a big disappointment! In regards to attending an official grievance meeting - it's always been my understanding you ARE allowed to attend with a Union Rep, or a nominated colleague, who must not speak but simply listen and provide emotional support. However, I've only been to around 4 in my career (always as colleague, I might add!!) So I'm willing to be corrected on the letter of the law on this if I'm mistaken. Best wishes for a speedy recovery - your health is more important than an uncaring machine who will expect absolute unquestioning loyalty, yet drop you like dog poo as soon as they don't need you anymore. One way traffic, I'm afraid!
  6. No, however he will have the full might of ITV's lawyers and legal team checking and doing due diligence on anything he is about to spout out to millions of people!!!
  7. Apologies, I phrased that badly. I meant "qualified" in the legal sense. Quite correctly this site points out that random people on t'internet can post whatever opinions they like; but seek professional/regulated advice if the issue is THAT important. I've always liked Martin Lewis from his early days, lot of integrity. I'm surprised establishment hasn't offered him "Sir" yet. All advice on CAG is clearly well-meaning and well-intentioned, so apologies for any confusion. Keep up the good work, guys.
  8. I see a lot of posts here from Facebook/CAG/similar social media forum style sites, well meaning but unqualified. Martin Lewis covered the whole parking fine situation tonight, so if it helps - here's a link from an authority. Hope it helps - The Martin Lewis Money Show Live - ITVX WWW.ITV.COM Martin's back to help you with your money in this BAFTA-nominated show
  9. It's all very depressing. If you take the long view of thousands of years of history, there's clearly a pattern of nations/empires rising and falling. Once it was the Egyptians, Once the Greeks, Romans, Chinese, "The West", etc. Clearly we are in decline in the natural ebb and flow of things. I doubt there's anything we can do about it. We were massive colonialists and ruled the seas. Now all those people want to come back here. And their own economies in the East are slowly rising again. Our time is done. I'm not happy about that, but you can't argue with history, like King Canut couldn't shout at the tide. Even on a planetary scale - ice ages come; global heat ages come. For us to even think we have a hand in that is like fleas arguing how they impact the dog.
  10. Agreed. I think we're seeing a "fire sale" here - Tories know there's nothing they can do to win next election, so are basically just trying to send as much money to the private sector on the promise of future "directorships" after the election. However, I'm equally cheesed off with Labour, and Starmer in particular who seem to be running a "Tory-lite" campaign based around the mantra - "hey you guys, vote for us because.... because.... erm.... because at least we're not THEM!" The whole situation is very depressing. Because we have a First Passed the Post system, a vote for any other party is simply wasted. Might make me feel better in the booth when I place my X, but is still an essentially wasted vote, (especially in the safe seat where I live). FPTP - "passed" or "past"? - My spelling, like the govt. has gone right down the gurgler these days!
  11. FWIW, I agree with most of the posters here, mate. You are in a very, very strong position here. I wouldn't waste that advantage by going on some moral crusade against the "war on drugs". If I may be candid, I think your pearl-clutching is a misdirection anyway, designed to give you the moral high-ground in your own mind for any future actions you decide to take. Think how much property in London is owned by Russian Oligarchs or Saudi Non-Doms. Don't tell me if one of them offered you a free apartment to stay in on Park Lane you'd refuse? Their crimes are FAR more egregious than dealing a bit of skunk!
  12. Just want to add my two penneth, as I'm bored at work today, so thought I'd comment. (Background: I'm apolitical - I think both Labour & Tories are both two cheeks of the same arse! No dog in the fight with either). However, I think for many reasons there's a special place in Hell for Kemi. On a more general point, what has happened to the general quality of our politicians these days? Like Obama said back in the day on first meeting David "The Lord" Cameron - "Jeez this guy's a lightweight!" Maybe it's due to "Spitting Image" in the 80's, but even as a kid, I could name most of the cabinet - like them or loathe them, at least they had a sense of gravitas and statesmanship. I couldn't name half the cabinet now - and those I see seem self-serving "Animal Farm" biggest pig at the trough, all out to feather their nests and with integrity of double-glazing salesmen. Oily, slippery, base. Badenoch is a case in point - how unministerial to conduct "Twitter spats" and basically act like a petulant child saying I'll come for you, Hourton, you lying sack o' ^^^^! She honestly comes across as someone who should be running a nail salon somewhere in Ipswich rather than a heavyweight minister who should rise above such language/responses. I truly feel these days the quote by Ripley in Aliens applies to the UK now - "Take off and nuke the site from orbit... it's the only way to be sure!" (And before anyone takes me to task on Badenoch saying I'm racist or misogynistic, no - I equally despise Wez Streeting for Labour - and he's a fat white middle-class Piers Morgan just like me! Edited to add - ha! I love the autocorrect you got going there with the Piers Morgan. Chapeau!
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