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  1. IDR had been spamming for the past year, all emails, no post as live in Oz (never lived in UK). Totally ignored everything and looks like they’ve given up…I know many treads don’t seem to have a follow up so I just said I’d post to let people know. Ignore, ignore, ignore
  2. Given that the claim against your wife is ridiculous/non-enforceable, could you use that to get the whole thing thrown out and they'd have to apply again (and pay fees)?
  3. Possibly! They will give up eventually. How long have they been emailing you for? I'm getting emails for almost 5 months
  4. Hi Dubai 5.0, I've read all the threads on this as I'm in the same boat myself, however, I'm not a UK resident/citizen and have never lived in the UK (currently in Oz) so they can't really do anything. They have however, bankrupted a good few people that do live in the UK. Search the bank names below and you'll see a few dozen but given the amount of people that left the UAE with debt, this is a tiny minority. https://www.thegazette.co.uk/insolvency If you have no assets, you have no worries as the court costs are expensive, especially if the chance of recovery are low. Just bear that in mind down the road if you were to buy a house in your name, you might be worth coming after. If your debt was low, I'd just try to settle it with the UAE bank (they will usually knock off all the added interest). If your debt is large, however, like mine, best to ignore them and wait out the 10/15 years statute of limitations.
  5. Of course don’t reply! They send me the same shite...they could never touch your partners assets as the debt is not his! Just keep ignoring and soon it will be statute barred (10 years credit cards, 15 years loan). After that they can ask for payment but can’t actually pursue it in court. Don’t put your name on the house until 15 years has passed
  6. ok thanks will do! If there any link for threads from non UK nationals/non UK residents dealing with these DCAs? Not that I care but they could hardly file a CCJ given I have never had a UK address?
  7. Hi, Been reading this forum lately as received emails from IDRWW representing a UAE bank (First Abu Dhabi Bank). Lost job in UAE last year and fled as had considerable debts (>400k AED) and didn't want to go to jail. Thing is I do not have the cash to pay, I own no assets or property and I am currently living in Australia. Got caught up in the Dubai lifestyle and fully intended on repaying before I lost my job. I was out of work for nearly a year and my new job leaves very little disposable income due to the high cost of living in Australia. I have never lived in the UK, worked in the UK and I'm not a UK national. I'm an EU national. Can IDRWW/CWD do anything considering I live in Australia? Would a UK bankruptcy clear these debts? Thanks,
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