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  1. Thanks. I do live in England but do not own any property. I have not heard from the banks for a while so will go back to them to see what they can offer.
  2. Thanks DX. Yes, it definitely is scary to read that Interpol is used as a debt collection agency by the UAE. I have asked other law firms about what my options were in order to check with Interpol for Red notices issued but they are charging exorbitant fees. I have not been in contact with the banks as I did not want to get harassed by them due to an inability to pay. Also considered going down the bankruptcy route but not sure if that can be applied to UAE debt.
  3. I have an outstanding UAE bank loan and credit card debts and am not in a position to settle these. I have been sent chasers by IDR via email and post. What are my options? Does anyone have any experience of using the well known debt negotiating agency that is often in the news and seem to specialize in UAE debt matters? Also, how can I check if I can travel abroad as I am told that the UAE banks are notorious for using Interpol to classify debt as fraud and having them issue Red Notices. Thanks.
  4. Hello, I have outstanding debt in UAE and have had IRDWW sending fishing emails. Should I respond ? Also, has anyone used the services of the well known debt negotiators to manage this? Thanks.
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