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  1. Hi So in your opinion how long can this matter continue, or is it open ended? No need for quick reply, only asking so this stays open until the next time. T
  2. Hi Back once again Letter by post from Lowell, see attached redacted pdf. I think they expect me to panic. Regards T 27072020_post_received_Lowell redacted.pdf
  3. Thanks dx When I checked MCOL the other day nothing had changed since last year, unfortunately MCOL is down today will just have to keep checking Once again many thanks stay safe T
  4. Thank you dx for opening thread, something I mistakenly thought was over. After all this time paperwork from Lowell re lifting the "stay" Please note paperwork was emailed to an account where it sat in the spam box, the only paperwork delivered by post is the last 2 items "accounts" Lowell_merged_25062020.pdf
  5. oh-------- I thought something would have been posted on MCOL ok I promise I will read DCA letters BUT ask here for advice before replying T
  6. so ignore dca paperwork only read/study court paperwork and keep checking MCOL Thursday is payday will make sure donation is made to CAG funds in respect of all the help given to me once again thanks dx T
  7. Yes you are correct just before SB'd by about a week if I recall so the way forward is to sit and wait to see if N244 is issued BUT more importantly to await a court letter saying that the stay is lifted Am I correct in my assumption? otherwise just ignore any further communications re this matter?
  8. Hi dx I have pulled the following together to save you trawling docs and or my posts and yes it is well and truly stayed,I think,BUT this is Lowells after all 1.checked MCOL claim history last item shown “Your defence was received on 13/08/2019 at 12:05:48” 2.Paperwork received from Lowell dated ??-11-2019 received 22-11-2019 Merged doc-Page 1 of 39 - 2nd para - line 3 - “You were given the opportunity to request documentation in support of our Client’s Claim, however there is no record of you making any such request for documents.” NOTE: On or about 21st
  9. Hi all thought they might have forgotten about me, but no. 22-11-2019 received large envelope of docs I asked for what seems like ages ago will have to make several postings because of file size Post 1
  10. hi dx paragraph 1 totally correct paragraph 2 will put in safe and forget until needed wish I had not posted sar now
  11. Hi dx to save looking back copy pasted Post 37: "Hi Although I have not posted I have not been idle. I have sent Lowell Sol CPR 31.14 re each of the companies on claim form. 22-24/07/2019 I have sent Lowell Port CCA s78 re each of the companies on claim form. 22-24/07/2019 I have sent companies ( original creditors ) listed on claim form a SAR. 29/07/2019" Regarding the above post I have received nothing at all from lowell sols and/or lowell portfolio the only documentation I have received is from Studio Cards in response to SAR
  12. hi dx paperwork posted is direct from studio cards according to post code on envelope not lowells no paperwork from lowell since their n180
  13. Hi all been away for awhile getting my head together and awaiting developments now back so on with the show received paperwork while away but only from Studio Cards (see attached) - credit agreement and sar N180 not received from Low MCOL still shows the same as on date my defence was received so no change there so I presume now a waiting game to see if more paperwork appears re j.d williams? Credit Agreement Merged.pdf Subject Access Request Merged.pdf
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