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  1. Hi Followed advice and rang MCOL on 4 separate occasions each time after about 5 minutes of spiel I was informed "You are 51 in the queue" or "65" or "48". Remembering a post from dx sometime ago I did not wait. So, next tried email (3) to County Court Business Centre (CCBC) explaining that I as the defendant was trying to ascertain the state of the claim within the court system. Included case number. The only replies I have received are automated headed "Let us help you by filing your electronic Court documents correctly". So I have tried being proactive, I guess now I will have to be reactive and wait until someone contacts me. Thanks for all the help and advice.
  2. Thanks for the advice Andy, much appreciated, will do that tomorrow
  3. Hi Andy Copied from MCOL recent transactions for defendant: Claim Status A claim was issued against you on 11/07/2019 Your acknowledgment of service was submitted on 18/07/2019 at 19:29:08 Your acknowledgment of service was received on 19/07/2019 at 08:05:45 Your defence was submitted on 12/08/2019 at 15:49:25 Your defence was received on 13/08/2019 at 12:05:48 DQ sent to you on 21/04/2021 DQ filed by claimant on 21/04/2021 You filed a DQ on 13/05/2021 No further contact from any person and or body.
  4. Hi all As previous post no change (todays date) re MCOL and no contact from anybody. I suppose I am posting this to keep it open until someone does contact me! Could be a long year.
  5. Hi dx No change on MCOL "You filed a DQ on 13/05/2021" That is the latest entry by date
  6. Hi So a month after mediation phone call and no further contact from anybody. Is this usual?
  7. Hi Just finished mediation phone call and in some respects I had to enforce the point the case is not suitable for mediation due to lack of information from claimant. Person on other end of phone eventually agreed with me, but only after trying to get me to negotiate with sols. Decision re mediation referred back to court. Will now await outcome and further paperwork.
  8. Apologies dx, rushed my reading and interpretation of your post
  9. On appointment it states "If you cannot answer yes to all 3 statements, mediation is NOT suitable for your case and you should contact us: scmreferrals xxxxx" SO do I wait for mediation phone call or email scmreferrals as not suitable?
  10. Hi Received email (16-06-2021) re mediation appointment. Do you need me to post it? Going by previous threads and advice I just need to state "mediation is not suitable due to lack of documentation by claimant"? Advice as always appreciated
  11. No to counterclaim. Just going through all paperwork received in preparation for whatever is next.
  12. Quick question Should I have received at any time a copy of the Claimants defence? Or do I only receive Claimants Witness statement? Thanks
  13. Morning Andy Knowing my situation from previous PM, how do I get Court permission for someone to speak/act on my behalf? T
  14. Hi Attached (redacted)combined pdf arrived today 1. copy of claimants N180 2. change of sols (to another desk, same office no doubt) 3. any thoughts on D1 on page 3 What next, await Court paperwork/directions? Thanks again for any and all help received 11052021.pdf
  15. I thought it would be shown on MCOL site sorry to appear dumb if I read post indicated wrong.
  16. Hi spending time reading old posts in particular 23/01/2017 "leigh04" post #58. I find on checking MCOL that claimant has not paid to lift stay but it shows DQ "filed by claimant". As my post above I have posted my DQ to court to ensure it arrives on time. So where do I stand now or is it just waiting on court directions?
  17. Hi DQ (N180) posted this morning to court 1st class and to be signed for Due by 10/05 so even with Royal Mail should be there on time Question Any need to rush in posting to sols? This will also go signed for.
  18. sorry very tired not thinking about what I posted
  19. so no sig on court one and post and nothing on sols and post
  20. ok I must be either very tired stressed or just plain stupid completing N180 online from link on forum how do I sign my name for the court copy?? OR do I just type in box and that's it? plus do I post or email?
  21. damn oh well back to reading posts and taking notes
  22. correct just did a fine trawl though credit report from July 2019 amazingly one of the accounts is shown as status "satisfied" with zero balance but the claimant is still trying to claim debt!!!!
  23. so following your advice need to complete / post dq and then concentrate on statement thanks again quick question for a Saturday afternoon on reading through various posts am I right in thinking that if a company has failed to comply with a CCA request then that debt is not enforceable I am probably totally wrong but I am trying to work out witness statement and skeleton if needed
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