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  1. Okay. I'll prepare and attend the hearing with a winning attitude. I will also stop displaying weakness lol. Thank you.
  2. Just a quick update on my claim.. I have final remote hearing on 19th January. Lowell made a counter offer of £150 in August which I ignored. I hoped actually they would not continue to pursue. I am now wondering if it is wise to contact them and see if they will still accept as it's an amount I'm willing to pay. I'm not confident in the hearing, mainly because I have no experience and honestly I find the whole thing concerning. I won't allow them to win by default however. Are there any final thoughts on this?
  3. I made the offer and they replied relaying their witness statement which frustrated me. I replied with what I intended to include in a supplemental statement. Bad idea, I know now. But has this information now become official? Do I need to submit what I wrote in the email to the court?
  4. That is a good point, they're increasingly offering lower settlements. I can't afford it but I could probably borrow it. They do a good job of discouraging people. If I send an email they turn it into admission of guilt. Up until this point I had avoided contacting them which is very good advice. I thought it was already clear I applied to Provident.
  5. I think I ruined my case. Can Lowell use what I have said in an email as evidence? I emailed them an offer of £100 and they made counter offer £325. In the email I set out my supplemental statement and I said I made a local application to Provident. Is this admittance of an agreement? They responded with: We refer to the above matter in which we act for the Claimant. With regards to reconstituted letters, the originals were sent to you, our witness evidence shows the number of documents sent and illustrate you failure to respond. Your supplementary points a
  6. I only want to add further so it's a supplemental statement. Lowell don't want £369.84 they want £200 in fees also. The judge pointed out it was higher than they would be awarded or something. I think I will send a lower offer and point out the maximum I would be able to pay each month if they won the case.
  7. I did not realise there was a fee? The judge did not say there was a fee. If I don't send anything will I still be charged?
  8. The judge said I'd need to make an application so I asked if I could do it now and she gave me a date. Lowell also requested the same thing, the guy said just in case. Is it worth at this point submitting a really low offer to Lowell? I'm not sure what else I have to add. I can SAR Vanquis.
  9. I've had my hearing this morning. The judge transferred it to a telephone final hearing. Lowell made a settlement offer of £300 which I refused. I applied for application to submit further evidence or statement information which has to be sent before August 28th. Lowell stated the incorrect date on the default notice is a typo. I asked them to produce documentation regarding the Fresh Start initiative which they made note of. The judge only had my witness statement and evidence. With the extra information I'm allowed to submit do I
  10. I've heard from the court and they have ordered the small claims hearing be converted to a dispute resolution hearing by telephone. Is this more like mediation? Will I learn if I lost the case during this type of hearing or can this go on for longer?
  11. Thank you both so much. I've compiled everything and ready to ship out. I amended the default notice date at point 9 as it was 2017 but other than that, it reads perfectly well. I couldn't have possibly put this together myself but glad to see I made a few correct points. I now feel a fighting chance and will be more confident at the hearing. I will update soon
  12. I'm aware there are some grammatical and reference errors but the post expired before I could fix. I'd really like to know if I've made valid points or not. Thanks.
  13. Is this any better? I've resigned myself to losing. Admittedly, I don't quite know what I'm doing. I just hope I get a remote hearing, that should save me some embarrassment. 1) The Claimants pleaded case is that the Defendant entered into an agreement with Provident subsequently assigned to Vanquis Bank Limited under account reference xxx. 2) It is admitted I have had financial dealings with Provident in the past. However, have no recollection of the alleged reference number the claimant refers to. 3) In February 2019 I made a formal written reque
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