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  1. Hi I have done as far as request the SAR as per post 29 but I have not told them this yet. I was waiting to see if someone had response to my question that I posted after your earlier post with a few more questions - sorry to be a pain
  2. Thank you Honeybee I am in such a catch 22 there has been advice on here which has be invaluable but I’m unsure of the last few question. Thank you for responding.
  3. Thank you so much for your help DX. Just to be more of a pain can I ask some other questions. I am off CTC now completely as son left education. When I phoned to nag them about making sure they had changed claim, I did say about partner and that I had told them but that I would deal with compliance team this was a week and half ago. This was when she confirmed that they had not had a letter regarding it. So going by what I read on their compliance manual will they use that info to prosecute or fingers crossed fine me? Also compliance manual said that in some i
  4. And I want it over with asap so it’s not dragged out as everyday I’m waiting for a letter or someone knocking inviting me to interview under caution. Is there anyway I can call and get this sorted without them trying to prosecute me. Please help as I can’t just wait for the SAR.
  5. Yes I understand that but I still have to supply bank statements for the requested 3 months and bills and everything else which he’s on some? So I prove them right when I provide the stuff. On another note they have stopped the payments this week although child benefit still hasn’t stopped.
  6. I understand what you are saying but I don’t see the relevance of the SAR if All am saying yes he lives with me but I told you 18 months ago. They have said they don’t have the letter and even so I am still saying he lives with me not sure what good it will do other than prove they don’t have the letter? I am still so scared.
  7. Thank you for your amazing response. Whilst I appreciate that I now need to do a SAR I do still need to address the questions in my first post and need to respond by 13th any advice would be so so appreciated.
  8. Sorry to sound spoon fed how do I approach this please i want to get it out of the way and know where I stand. And will it take months as I’m on happy pills and not good. Sorry to ask have you read my huge long long post so you know how bad my case is thank you thank you so so much for responding. I want my life back I have lost so much weight in a week and half through this. My own fault I know.
  9. Thank you for your response - do you have any advice on how to address something that I know I should have checked last year. They only want 3 months but I know my circumstances changed before and I told them. They said it didn’t arrive and I have no proof of postage and I signed the year before declarations by all accounts wrong I take that on board. I haven’t opened the post I just checked the bank!! My own fault 100% and I own that. Surely if I just say yes to the details they want that sounds suspect and they will ask more??
  10. Can I ask and I don’t mean to sound rude - what is your experience and how do you know? . I have spent 6 years studying and I was so excited to get my job everything tells me to be honest to get the best result of no custodial . I thought and have been trained to believe that it all can be used and brought as evident although I say I am still in training . I’m probably looking too deep or so my partner says but I’m thinking POCA (lose my home) and thinking they will think I have lied . I’m frightened to do the SAR incase they think I’m trying to be defensive . And I’m
  11. SAR takes 40’ days going to do it now. But I still need to respond by 13 July
  12. Sorry to be a pain. ..one minute I’m calm and want to ring the next I can’t breath I’m shaking and scared... Ok so won’t the SAR look like I’m guilty and pee them off? They say they didn’t receive the letter? And I didn’t check the letters I just looked at the money had gone down. Won’t they ask for dates when he moved in? Won’t they think because of my past it was intentional even though it was 25 years ago? Sorry I’m just really scared . Thank you for answering. I’m thinking of ringing normal (non compliance line) to check they have cancelled the c
  13. The rules of evidence don’t say that’s the case....that’s why I’m worried?? Any information you give from your initial claim can be used ito build a case for evidence surely in the respect that is how they prove you have fraudulently declared. What about SAR? And any advice how I declare.. .dont just day yes to the period they are asking about or disclose the letter that I sent saying from the new year? As the new year shows it went into the previous year and the declaration which incidentally I don’t know how I did it. I also don’t know how to make the declaratio
  14. Post 14? I’m unsure what you mean do you mean the post about can’t use the evidence?
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