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  1. Hi Eric (and all). I just received another letter (please see attached). Do you think this will go further? It's gotten to a point where I would like to go to a tribunal (or whatever)and argue the case. It's ridiculous Gladstone 05-August.pdf
  2. Hi Guys, they replied to my letter. Please see the attachments - the whole thing seems to be a waste of everyones time. To refresh your minds, when this "contravention" happened, i tried every effort to pay for additonal time, but as I was in an alcohol and drugs test and i couldnt leave the room to top up the ticket. Also, their phones systems didnt work to pay over the phone. Gladstones_Reply.pdf
  3. Hello All, Update - I have received 2 Letters before Claim recently. I understand this is now a bit more serious. What do you think is my next course of action? letter Before claim1.pdf letter Before claim2.pdf
  4. Happy new year all. It has come.. Gladstone solicitors have eventually written to me. What do think my next course of action should be?
  5. I don't think I explained myself properly. I didn't send anything - I wrote it on the envelope (thinking it might deter them) then I asked this forum. Everyone said not to send, so I didn't.
  6. Hey Silverfox (and all), I've got a couple more letters since the one above.... the second one I haven't opened. I've written "Return to sender, Person does not live here" on the envelope. Do you think that would deter them? many thanks
  7. Hi All. I got a letter from DRP today. From the other threads i understand i shouldn't worry about this letter? letter - september.pdf
  8. Hello All, As promised, please see photos of signs along with a map and brief explanations and further information. Many thanks Photos of signs and area.pdf
  9. ok.... I was just checking if it was actually the reference number was the issue. It clearly was. Thanks for looking after my interests. Thats interesting to know about the lack of planning permission. I'm planning to go back to the site on friday/saturday to take photos of the signage for you kind folk. Thanks again for your help.
  10. Thank you, but didn't know the difference between council enforced tickets and private company notices at the time I'll go back to the site to take photos (as previously requested). ALSO, I received a demand letter from UKCPM today. Any advice? 2 - Formal Demand.pdf
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