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  1. Thank you for your reply and advice I really appreciate it. I was looking at the dates and I took it back the second time (after many phone calls and emails) on the 30th day. Does that make a difference? I didn't realise it had been repaired until I went to collect it from the shop. It doesn't sound any different with a new fan in also! Thanks again.
  2. Hi I'm looking for a bit of advice if possible. I bought a laptop from curry's specifically to record music on, but within a budget and was advised to buy the HP pavilion 15 which was on offer. It was very noisy in the store but I bought it on their recommendation. After getting it home and switching it on, I found it very noisy, the fan and hard drive was quite loud. the next day I posted on their facebook and they advised I take it back to the store, which I did the following day. The guy on the knowhow desk wasn't very helpful, kept me waiting and letting a queue build up while he packed a box and then told me there is no way they would exchange it, and pointed out their policy on the wall!! told me they could send it off for testing, but it sounded fine to him. (it was in a noisy store again!). The thing is, i'd locked myself out too somehow and had to take it home, wait to get my old laptop back and figure out how to reset the password. It was easter and I was away for a week also. feeling fed up it sat in a cupboard for a little while. when I finally tried it again decided it was still noisy I contacted the technical team who agreed it sounded noisy over the phone and to take it back to store. This time, I took it to a different store and the guy sent it off and it came back with a replaced fan as it was faulty. My issue is that I wanted to exchange it - which actually was within my rights, but I was sent away being told they wouldn't do that and there was nothing wrong with it. They did repair, but I'm still not happy that they sold me a faulty computer!! Is there anything I can do? It was a couple of days over the 28 days when I took it back again. Thanks for any advice. Cat
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