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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I bought a television on Friday via the Curry's website. The order went through fine and I was offered a delivery slot and all seemed fine. The money was deducted from my bank account. On day of delivery no confirmation received. After endless automated phone calls I finally managed to speak to a real person. I was told my order had been cancelled due to purchase not being consistent with my spending activity!! I am told I will be refunded in due course but this is totally bizarre. Anyone else had any horror stories with this company? Charlie
  2. Hi I'm looking for a bit of advice if possible. I bought a laptop from curry's specifically to record music on, but within a budget and was advised to buy the HP pavilion 15 which was on offer. It was very noisy in the store but I bought it on their recommendation. After getting it home and switching it on, I found it very noisy, the fan and hard drive was quite loud. the next day I posted on their facebook and they advised I take it back to the store, which I did the following day. The guy on the knowhow desk wasn't very helpful, kept me waiting and letting a queue build up while he packed a box and then told me there is no way they would exchange it, and pointed out their policy on the wall!! told me they could send it off for testing, but it sounded fine to him. (it was in a noisy store again!). The thing is, i'd locked myself out too somehow and had to take it home, wait to get my old laptop back and figure out how to reset the password. It was easter and I was away for a week also. feeling fed up it sat in a cupboard for a little while. when I finally tried it again decided it was still noisy I contacted the technical team who agreed it sounded noisy over the phone and to take it back to store. This time, I took it to a different store and the guy sent it off and it came back with a replaced fan as it was faulty. My issue is that I wanted to exchange it - which actually was within my rights, but I was sent away being told they wouldn't do that and there was nothing wrong with it. They did repair, but I'm still not happy that they sold me a faulty computer!! Is there anything I can do? It was a couple of days over the 28 days when I took it back again. Thanks for any advice. Cat
  3. Hi, Hopefully someone can help me here! I bought a Macbook from Curry's through Creation Finance approx 24 months ago. The keyboard and trackpad stopped working and I took it to Apple who provided me with a report that it was the logic board that needed replacing and they told me to go through Curry's to get it repaired under EU Laws. I did this and Curry's said they would send it off and repair it which was great. They had it for about 3 and a half weeks and I went to collect it today and the Macbook doesn't even turn on. Ive charged it up etc and its just completely dead. I rang Curry's again and they said all they can do was book it in for another repair. Do I have any other options here? Can I claim under section 75 through my credit company? Thanks!
  4. First of all I want to say hello to everybody, im new here, and I registered because I hope someone could give me some advice. A couple of weeks ago I send a desktop pc to repair to the Curry's store located in Leyton, because my pc has a broken pci slot damaged from the graphic card slot, but it was still working, the only problem was that couldn't use a graphic card. After 14 days (the only day that they were in contact with me) they call me and say that the fault can't be repaired and that I can come back and pick it up with a refund (90£). They gave the refund and the pc, but yesterday I tried to connect my pc and it wasnt working. I went, again for the 3rd time, to the store to ask what could be done, and they told me that they didnt even send the pc to the repair centre (14 days for that!) and the pc was always in the store. Obviously they told me that nobody touched it or use it without my presence, thing I dont know because the pc was working before I send it to the store, and now it isn't. I went again today, and they told me that nothing can be done, no refund, nothing. They took a 400£ pc with a fault in the graphic card and now its not even turning on. One of the guys even told me if I wanted to buy a new pc there, it's atrocious. I have contacted the customer service and the knowhow from the company but the didn't gave me any answer. They don't want to repair it or refund me, and the pc it's just a little than a year old. I was extremely angry and went out of the store cursing, which I shouldn't but I was out of my mind. I have send mail to the page citizen advice to see if they can give me more information. Sorry fot the long thread and thanks for any help.
  5. So... Lets see where to start. Back in March I purchased a Surface Pro 3 Keyboard, Knowing that i was going to purchase a SP3 at somepoint in April. That I did. It remained in storage for a while until I purchased a SP3 and decided to use them together. When i started using it, I noticed a rather severe battery drain that would kill the battery life of my SP3 when attached. When not attached, it was fine. Lasting almost 8 hours with one use. So I returned it back to Curry's while I was home in Portsmouth for a quick holiday. They said to me that they would take it away and that I would need to talk direct to Microsoft about getting a replacement. I was told the existing one was going to be recycled / destroyed. So going along with this (Microsoft did this before a long time ago), I left it for a little while then on the 14th May, I contacted Microsoft to be told that I had been informed incorrectly and that I would need to get it back from Currys. I was also told it would fall under standard warranty and that it would need to returned direct to them for exchange. I wasnt impressed as it was clear that Currys had lied to me and by this point I Realised I was £109 down and also without a working keyboard. This is when I finally decided to email into CEO Sebastian James after getting nowhere with trying to track down my keyboard (Apparently Microsoft hadnt received the original back) Yesterday, I got a less than impressive response after fighting it out over the weekend. Well.... Lets say I was fuming after receiving this. So I kicked off on Twitter today. And Oh BOY! It got a result. I finally managed to persuade them to look into it again today and they eventually folded. They gave me a voucher for £109 that was used in store to buy a brand new Type Cover 3. Needs to say, it shouldnt get this far in the first place, but Im glad its finally resolved. Ive just picked it up and works a treat! For reference, if anyone does have any issues; You can contact; And also on twitter.
  6. Me and my wife as regular customers of Curry's Pc World went to this store with the intention of buying the ipad air for our daughter as a birthday present. We arrived around noon the store was really quiet at the time, we went to the ipad section and asked for help, one lady approached us few minutes after and we start our enquiries about product, she was very helpful and explained to us the prices and we were happy to purchase the ipad air. She also asked us if we would be interested in customers care plan as we immediately responded NO, she insisted that if something goes wrong with the product or if in the future any damage happen it will be covered by the plan for only £5.50 monthly, again we said NO we already have two tablets and we have our own insurance so we saw no point of getting this deal. Although she mention to us that was not her department and asked us to wait few minutes as she was getting the sector responsible to finalize the sale. We waited few minutes and she came back saying that she could not find anyone so she will finalize the transaction herself. As an O2 customer I received a promotion code to use on your stores when spending more that £200 in-store I would get £25.00 discount, I asked if I could use the promotion but the lady was very confused and told us that she would ask this to one of her colleagues. We went to the till and she started to look for a colleague to help her as it seemed no one was interested to help. Finally one colleague came by and she asked for help regarding the promotional code and the gentleman explained it was possible to use, and again the gentleman also asked us if we were interested on the care plan, again we said NO, the gentleman insisted and told us: "don't say no yet give it a month, you can try for FREE and then if you decided to cancel you can do it just with the simple phone call". After such persistence from both sellers and thinking I had nothing to lose as it was free for the first month I said ok. The lady proceed the bill and I paid for it this included the promotional discount of £25.00. As soon as the lady give me my receipt I noticed that I have been charged for an extra £5.50 which I immediately questioned about it to the lady. She also looked confused and could not explain to me why I had been charged for the care plan as her colleague had said that the first month would be for free. She called him back and I asked him why I had been charged for £5.50 on the care plan? He said because I had used the O2 promotional code the first month would not be for free and I would have to pay for it. I explained to the gentleman that I was not interested to pay for any care plan and the only reason that I have had accepted was because of the fact he told me the first month would be for free. At this point the gentleman said I must misunderstood him he never said the first month would be for free but even his colleague did not support him in this affirmation. At this point he was giving the impression that I was lying. I asked if it would be possible to have a refund of the £5.50 care plan, the gentleman said he would have to make a refund of everything and re-charge me for the price of the ipad and I would have to get another promotional code as this one was no longer valid, or I would have to pay the full amount of the ipad price without the £25.00 discount from my promotional code. At this point I felt deceived and I believe this is a really unfair customer service. As I could not get another code I decided to request my full refund and I was told that I would get my money back in 3 working days. The staff involved seemed to have very little knowledge of customer service and no team work at all as all of them tried to escape from the situation instead of trying to help. After all of this we came out of the store with less money on my bank account, lost my promotional code as well as empty handed with no ipad for my daughter. This whole situation ruined our special day, specially my daughter who could no get her birthday present on time. really frustrating experience.
  7. Hi all, a previous credit agreement i took out a few years ago for a cooker through curry's which was financed through HFC, i was mis old the PPI on the loan because i do remember the conversation and was told that the product was an added benefit that i wouldn't have to pay for, and as i was a full time student at the time i was only able to make the bare repayments on the product itself, so am i right in thinking that as i was a student i wouldn't have even been able to claim on the PPI thus compounding that it was mis sold? The problem is the Loan was cleared around 3 years ago and i have no record of the account number, i just know which branch of curry's i took it out with, that it was with HFC and which addresses it was registered to, i want to pursue this PPI claim without the reclaim companies but i am looking for step by step advice if someone could help i would really appreciate it, i think my first step is a information access request or something like that, is this right? Tenat87
  8. Hi, my name is Ben, and I am looking for some help with a consumer issue; I have been having a great deal of problems with Currys, [as I see a few others have]. I wont bore you with the ins and outs, but it transpires- When Currys list their Zanussi fridge freezers, they stipulate that many have a fridge capacity of 11.9cu feet and a freezer capacity of around 4cu ft. Now when I saw this, it had the capacity and price that I wanted so I bought one of these on line- when it eventually arrived [over a month later]; the fridge had only 8cu feet of capacity- you can imagine my annoyance. Transpires they list; Fridge Gross Capacity 11.9cu ft. Freezes Gross Capacity 3.88cu ft. And then way below this, two pages [clicks]later infact- There is another listing for Fridge Storage Capacity 8cu feet Freezer Storage Capacity 3.25cu feet Note differential of nearly 4cu ft in the two fridge capacities given- half of what is actually there!. Please tell me I am not going mad; this seems totally crazy, obtuse and confusing- There is no explanation as to the distinction between gross capacity and storage capacity and why there is such a discrepancy in the volumes only in the fridge and not in the freezer; some of their Zanussi fridge freezers have fridge gross capacities of 8.02 cu ft and a storage capacity of 7.98cu ft- a differential of 0.04cu ft- something that is much more comprehensible!! WHat the 11.9cu feet relates to, I have no idea. Please do go and have a look, - ww.currys.co.uk -its mind oggling. I feel grossly miss sold- Currys keep ignoring me and trying to fob me off - I have asked them to give me a fridge freezer with 11.9cu feet in the fridge, as this is what I bought as far as I am concerned. [As an addendum, they took my old fridge away and left me with a item which is damaged, but of course I am using it, which will be another can of worms I believe] Any thoughts, help anyone- Regards ben
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