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  1. Hello It was a Estate Agent - family run shop on the high street. On 22nd Jan 18 they each paid £250 and the other £250 (each) was paid on the 26th Jan. The 1st of Feb the two pulled out. thanks
  2. thank you for your reply ....I will get the answers from my son and let you know.
  3. Hello My son and three other uni students put £500 each deposit on a house. It was for Sept this year. Since then two of the others pulled out finding somewhere cheaper. It is a bit of a long shot but does anyone know if there is any chance of getting any of the deposit back? It is a lot of money £2000 for nothing but they have been told that there isn't anything that can be done. I just wondered if that is true? thanks
  4. ok I will report to local MP thanks. I have looked on the website for the SAR but there is lots of different ones any idea which one I need to complete please?
  5. ok thank you will do
  6. Will do anything did you mean dx?
  7. Hello In Nov 17 I received a letter from DWP saying that I own them around £550. I can not remember having this debt with them. I called them and was told it was from a loan 16 years ago. I wrote a letter asking them to send some proof and if I did owe the money why did they not ask sooner. I honestly do not think I owe the money. I have claimed tax credits since then and they have known my address ect. In the meantime they wrote me another letter saying that they will start taking 11% of my wages with a copy of the letter they sent my employer.
  8. Hello I wasn't sure if I should start a new thread.. .. but needing some advice again if anyone can help. I have received a letter from Moorcroft stating that they are sending a local representative to call on 11/01.18 The purpose of the visit is to establish contact with our head office. The visit does not involve recovery of monies or possessions. Should I just ignore this letter and the door when they visit?
  9. Thanks !!! Trying to understand the site as well as the whole Debt collection stuff .... thanks again for always giving me advice!
  10. two pages of my thread has disappeared, anyone know why? I come back again as I contacted BC and they said Link defaulted the account when they brought it in 2016 BC never did. The guy said they usually would default once a DMP plan is started but they didn't in my case. They recommended I speak to Link which I have sent them the photo shot what they asked for of my credit record with this showing. Should I contact them again or is it likely to be a waste of time?
  11. BC said they did not default the account but usually would of when a DMP is started. Plink defaulted the account in 2016. is it possible to get Plink to get it removed do you think?
  12. it is the "registered" part that I can't prove only that the account did default.
  13. ok I will send it to them ....the are just being difficult as they have added this in July.
  14. Noddle as I queried it with them. I have checked an old report and there isn't a default on there for the BC. It is just showing the debt on the report but it shouldn't be now though should it? Also that I am 147% over my credit limit but I don't have any money borrowed on credit card or overdraft. How can I solve it ?
  15. I have been told that Barclaycard didn't register a default on my report, So Plink will not remove it. The statements from BC show that I was being charged a default fee in 2009 before going onto a DMP. Are they able to do this? Put in on the report when they brought it in 2017 seems well unfair if I have now got that on there until 2023.
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