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  1. Spoke to the local county court and they are going to chase this up with the judge and some communication will be sent to me in a couple of weeks but I haven't missed anything and nothing has happened since the last communications in November. Cheers, Ginni.
  2. So the last thing I received was date on the 30/11/20 and it was the statement and all the exhibits attached that they had submitted to court. The last bit states that 'I am more than willing to enter into amicable conversations with the defendant to try to resolve this matter outside of court and so am happy for the court to pause proceedings for a month to allow discussions to take place if the defendant is willing to do so.' Obviously this is the last thing I have heard.
  3. No I haven't received anything. Should I just ring my local county court and ask for an update?
  4. Exhibit AJB4 is the final notice before court proceedings. So I thought this would be my default notice. Exhibit AJB5 is then the pre - action protocol
  5. Copy of Contract - Exhibit AJB1 (even though this is on A&M Australian Migration letter head paper as it's not a contract between me and Dongara Deed of Assignment - Exhibit AJB2 Notice of Assignment - Exhibit AJB3 Default Notice - Exhibit AJB4 @Andyorch I have reattached all saves going through the forum trying to dig them out again. I have compressed them all so if quality isn't as good just give me a shout. docs1.pdf
  6. Oh S**t, sorry I forgot. Really? Is it that bad? Exhibit AJB1 is signed by me and the immigration agent as it was an invoice for the visa fees for the company A&M Australian Migration. (This was the agent we used for the visa, so it's not a contract between me and Dongara Marine).The agent asked me and Dongara to sign it with who was paying him. This was signed with the statement saying that the Sponser is 100% responsible for the invoice (Sponser on the invoice is Dongara).
  7. I think so, the first part says 'STATEMENT OF ...... (the person from CLI)' that the says WILL SAY as follows: followed by everything he has exhibited. In his statement the also says if I would of contacted him (CLI) that he would of dealt with this on an amicable basis. He also states that he finds it difficult to believe that the defendant never received any correspondence prior to issuing proceedings. ( Did I need to as in my eyes I haven't done anything wrong?) Finally he states that he (CLI) is more than willing to enter into amicable conversations with
  8. Will this now get allocated a court date as CLI have exhibited evidence? Or will the court review the evidence first?
  9. Hi guys, As the judge requested CLI should submit further evidence before the 2nd December or it shall stand struck, CLI have just sent me a PARCEL with all the same evidence they have been sending me previously! The judge requested the a copy of the original contract on which the claim is based bearing the signatures or consent of the parties intending to be bound by it. AGAIN CLI had exhibited with a copy of the contract for the Migration Agents fees which we all signed stating that the Sponser is 100% responsible for the invoice (Sponser being DONGARA MARINE). This i
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