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  1. Thanks for this, this is the question that I need to confirm before they take it any further. Obviously I don’t want to take this further and gain the extra cost and not get any further.
  2. Well it’s like I have been found guilty as I’ve being made to pay the money back and issued with a CCJ. Could I potentially appeal this case at this stage and get it over turned? Thanks, ginni
  3. Evening guys, I’ve been speaking to my accountant today about things and mentioned all this to him. He can’t believe that I have been found guilty for this etc etc. He seems to think that he has a solicitor that could appeal this case and potentially get my CCJ and the found guilty removed? Is appealing an option at this stage? He has obviously said that I need to get all my paper work together fast (which I have stored thanks to you guys) as the first payment is due 4th May. He also said that it would cost me max around £2k which I don’t mind paying it all this could be over turned, it’s just can this case now be appealed and over turned if I hired the correct solicitor etc? TIA. Ginni
  4. Ok maybe I could go back to revisit the payment as my bills have now had a letter saying our energy bills have doubled since putting this notice in, plus CT has gone up so really I need to re asses this and just pay it. Yes the CCJ has already registered on my file which I still find bizarre as I thought I were in court to see if I actually owed the money as nobody were 100% sure I had actually entered an agreement. Its not as if I knew I entered an agreement and that I haven’t been paying it such as a loan or a CC etc etc.
  5. I just generally feel deflated from all this and I really feel what is the point in paying something that I’m already done over for now. Worst thing that can happen is bailiffs knocking on my door to what request payment to what I can just say no to. I don’t feel like I own anything that they could actually take from me. Could they take me back to court? But how do they demand the money? They can’t send me to prison can they? I feel like Im paying to defend my credit score for future I.E car finance, moving home etc but that is all now difficult after this with my CCJ so what’s worse can happen if I just dont pay the £150 or the money back pay all. After 6 years would they CCJ be removed and the debt cleared or could they chase me again after 6 years?
  6. Hi @unclebulgaria67 yea exactly I think it didn’t do me any good and they have took CLI side as I wasn’t they to defend myself properly. if I have £250 spare a month and I pay them £150 that leaves me with £25 a week I suppose I put all my essential bills on the n245 form but I feel leaving somebody with £25 a week is harsh. I suggested £50 on the form and they have come back with £150 I have a car on the drive but it’s on finance so I don’t actually own the car. Also, everything in the house potentially belongs to my wife and 3 kids. What can they actually take my TV, Clothes? It’s not worth taking
  7. Hmmm! Decisions! I thought if baliffs have the right to come in your house if they have a warrant or police present etc?
  8. I were just being honest as this is all I’ve done through the all thing. so what will happen if I don’t pay now?
  9. Hi guys, After submitting the N245 which shows I have around £250 spare each month after all my outgoings etc I suggested I could afford £30 a month. The court has responded with £150 a month which I find unacceptable as it leaves me with £100 a month to my name. I feel like I took this to court to see if I had actually entered an agreement and see I actually owed the money and now I have been slapped with a CCJ as if I have refused to pay money that I never thought I even owed. Now they have agreed in court that I owe it I’m willing to pay it back so why a CCJ for something I never knew I even owed? Now they are slapping me with a big monthly payment that is going to leave me with no money each month. What are my options here? I feel like what is the point in even paying the money as my credit file is screwed so what’s the worst can happen now if I just said I can’t afford to pay at all? I feel if the CCJ were removed then it would be worth paying back to keep a clean credit file for the future but what is the point in paying for something for the next 5-6 years when my my credit file is already screwed I might aswell not pay it at all as it can’t get any worst can it? TIA Ginni
  10. Jesus, I would of been better off just setting up a payment plan with CLI in the first place To be honest I thought I were in court to see if I actually owed the money not that I owed it and I haven’t been paying it
  11. Is there any way I can get this CCJ removed from my credit as I am actually paying this debt and it’s not as if I have refused to pay it. I were under the impression it just went to court and if I were found guilty then i paid it back which I’ve offered to do, but now to offer pay it back and ruin my credit file with a CCJ on it has just screwed me right up.
  12. So I wouldn’t get my house etc taken from me? Also, what happens if I leave the country say in 12 months? Can they chase me for it from another country?
  13. So what happens if I don’t pay the monthly payments now as my credit file is now knackered.
  14. But I’m agreeing to pay it? I thought a CCJ was if you didn’t pay it?
  15. No as I didn’t have the £9k but I obviously completed the n245 form and paid and submitted that to court before day 30?
  16. Hi guys, just checking that is it right that I have a court judgment added to my credit file? I have a very clean credit file and this is obviously screwing me over now TIA Ginni
  17. I thought exactly the same when I read that bit. I needed to be there to stand a chance and fight my corner but I suppose there is nothing I can do now. I will just fill out the N245 and take it from there Thanks Andy.
  18. The $14,725.00 (£7,795.34) that they say I owe includes a skills assessment fee of $1,010.00 which I paid for myself and I have proof off. Skill Assesment Fee.pdf
  19. The court have ordered the amount CLI have claimed for plus 3% plus court cost but the amount that CLI have claimed they have included the cost of my skills assessment along with my visa application but I paid separately for the skills assessment etc which were like £1000
  20. Hi Andy, I know, I’m gutted to be honest. Also I’ve had another look at the figures and they have included a fee of £1000 for my skills assessment which I paid for myself and I have proof of this from my bank statements and emails etc. What can I do about this? Ginni
  21. Hi guys, I have just had my outcome letter and it is ordered that I pay the total sum of £9339.94 to the claimant but next week. how the hell do I do this Obviously I don’t have this kind of money so what do I do? What’s my options etc
  22. I have spoke to the county court and they have a back log to get through so it will be at least another 3-4 weeks till I hear something through the post
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