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  1. Does it have to specifically say those words? If so I'll stop posting letters until that point. Will keep copies though.
  2. No reply to the tesco letter yet but have received this. Horizon Stourbridge.pdf
  3. Decent point, but yeah my wife spoke to them. The show was in the Crown Centre which also houses Tesco. The Tesco carpark is actually for the whole Crown Centre, including the Town Hall. It's not strictly a "customer car park" but Tesco run it.
  4. I am the keeper. It's ok to admit that I assumed? They know that from the DVLA.
  5. In another thread, and in person about Tesco Stourbridge and the Town Hall, I've heard of others who have had similar charges waived due to being legitimate customers. I've drafted the below to be sent to tesco's manager, but will only do so with your blessing as you all know this far more than me. Have been intentionally vague with details, and everything mentioned is provable correct. Would this hurt? To the Manager, RE: Parking Charge Notice, Vehicle Reg XXXXXX I'm in receipt of a parking charge notice from a company called Horizon Parking for the date of 25th February for my car XXXXXX for overstaying in your car park. On this date we did some shopping in your store, and attended a show at the Town Hall. The show started late, and it took some time for us to leave the car park due to long queues to the exit, which I assume is the reason they believe we parked for longer than we did. The show was not cheap, and neither was my shopping, so the driver and I would rather not make it even more expensive by having to pay a charge for parking when the overstay was not our fault. As both of us are loyal Tesco customers, shopping in your store regularly, I’d hope that you could contact Horizon Parking and ask them to drop this?
  6. Tried to be as non-committal as possible. Thoughts? Don't want to mention anything that they could possibly prove false. To the Manager, RE: Parking Charge Notice, Vehicle Reg XXXXXX As a passenger in vehicle XXXXXX, I was dropped at your store on 3rd March 2022 to do some shopping, but have since been issued with a Parking Charge Notice for parking in your carpark. As a regular and loyal ASDA customer I’m shocked to have received this charge for buying my weekly groceries. Could you possibly speak to Horizon Parking and ask them to drop this? I’ve never been charged before for using an Asda carpark. Yours faithfully,
  7. To be fair, I've read the link now and it refers to speaking to the manager of the store not writing a letter, I'd need to make a special trip for this. Writing a letter would be ill-advised no? You'd need to admit somewhere to being the driver of the vehicle if you're telling them you were a genuine customer? Or do you just use creative writing to never confirm the driver bit?
  8. Have not done the above yet, but will have a read now (my notifications don't work very well here). Have also received the attached letter from Debt Recovery Plus. 2022_06_07 Stafford 2.pdf
  9. I've now received a letter from Debt Recovery Plus 2022_06_07 Stourbridge.pdf
  10. Hi, Got another pesky invoice. I assume guidance is to ignore as with the other one (bad week for me apparently). If you'd like any other info, please let me know. 1 Date of the infringement 03/03/2022 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 11/03/2022 3 Date received 13/03/2022 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? No I don't believe it does 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Yes, entrance and exit of the carpark. 6 Have you appealed? No - done nothing yet. Have you had a response? n/a 7 Who is the parking company? Horizon Parking 8. Where exactly Asda Stafford For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. IAS - POPLA 2022_04_07 14_40 Office Lens.pdf
  11. Have received a reminder. Don't expect this changes anything, but wanted to share 2022_04_07 14_34 Office Lens.pdf
  12. From: http://cmis.dudley.gov.uk/CMIS5/Document.ashx?czJKcaeAi5tUFL1DTL2UE4zNRBcoShgo=7zih7CQU7VGloVKuoG0k7dA4JINFBxCscbD8kLa19%2FDCzUhRDrvf8w%3D%3D&mCTIbCubSFfXsDGW9IXnlg%3D%3D=hFflUdN3100%3D&kCx1AnS9%2FpWZQ40DXFvdEw%3D%3D=hFflUdN3100%3D&uJovDxwdjMPoYv%2BAJvYtyA%3D%3D=ctNJFf55vVA%3D&FgPlIEJYlotS%2BYGoBi5olA%3D%3D=NHdURQburHA%3D&d9Qjj0ag1Pd993jsyOJqFvmyB7X0CSQK=ctNJFf55vVA%3D&WGewmoAfeNR9xqBux0r1Q8Za60lavYmz=ctNJFf55vVA%3D&WGewmoAfeNQ16B2MHuCpMRKZMwaG1PaO=ctNJFf55vVA%3D The development here, includes the Town Hall where the show was.
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