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  1. Hi, So since the above, I've started getting hounded with letters from bwlegal regarding this "Contravention". All the usual threats of court, fees etc., have come my way. Now, against advice, and due to the awful employer I previously worked for, you'll see I had to reach out to TPS previously and advise them that I was provided sole driver of the vehicle during the period they questioned. I didn't mention anything else. I'm happy to continue ignoring these letters, but aware that that's often not the best advice, and I've already gone against
  2. Nothing ever happened about this at all btw. Thanks all.
  3. This one went away by itself by the way (sorry, I'm not getting notifications of new posts any more). Some scary letters threatening they'd "advised their clients that they could take court action" then they suddenly stopped.
  4. I've not emailed them since the first email. They haven't replied any further by email. I have however received two letters (no emails), the latest is attached. TPS Final Demand.pdf
  5. Apologies for the delay, I didn't get email notification. I mentioned I had emailed in post 16. As you say, an email can be spam filtered. I'll do all by letter from now though, I was just in a rush to ensure it was accepted before I left my old company so they didn't deduct from my final pay. Should I just wait for the next email before any further action? Thus far I've just had the one...
  6. Mission accomplished thus far, they have emailed me and given me 14 days to make my appeal. Uhm... Help?
  7. Oh yes, I just needed to stop my company from paying it first thing on Monday morning once I've gone. Happy to go with your guidance from here on, and very much appreciate it.
  8. As I've said, my company would just have paid it to shut them up and then taken it out of my pay in hand. They say they don't have the supporting documentation the paperwork requires to refer to a driver (it asks for a signed copy of the hire-lease agreement and the statement of liability associated with the driver), and wouldn't listen to any argument as to the legality of the charge. My contract states fines, and any excess parking charges. And let's be honest, even if it didn't, I wouldn't have the time/inclination to take them to court to claim back £70.
  9. I've just emailed TPS and told them I was driving the vehicle, which should do just that.
  10. My company won't tell them that I was driving as they don't have on/off-hire documents... Not really sure what that means, but they're pretty adamant. I know what will happen if this isn't resolved is they'll pay it and deduct me. I'll drop TPS a line to tell them I was the driver and that I'm preparing an appeal. I have no way of getting down there to get pictures of the signage unfortunately. I wasn't there on business, but I was spending money in Halfords, they then closed for the day, and I went somewhere to eat. I genuinely had no idea that the car-park had a time limit.
  11. I'll await your research! Thanks. I visited Halfords, went in and out via the two Halfords entrances if that's of any use? Can I tell them I was driving? My company are just weird and may not want to get involved.
  12. I've been told by work to fight it or pay it. Done it in the past and fought and won. I guess I'd just have to name myself as the driver, which I'm happy to do. Unfortunately the car park is nowhere near me, but I honestly had no idea that the carpark had a time limit, so it can't have been particularly obvious.... I'll get a copy of the PCN marked up and posted shortly.
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