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  1. About the 'required' standards, most people are not able to meet them. I honestly believe that my PIP objectives have been set so that I would fail. The real reason for all this that I've been too outspoken. I'm simply not the right cultural fit. But you're right, it's not the right job for me.
  2. Thank you for your reply. May I just please clarify what the error rate means in this case. 30% not rlight first time doesn't mean that there would be 30% errors within a single document. It means that 30% of the documents worked wouldn't be spotless. There could be just one instance of straight quotes instead of curly quotes. Most documents we worked on are quite lengthy. I've been mostly marked down for very minor errors such as the example I gave. Not everyone's work is being checkle. Majority of documents that are not checked contain simil
  3. 've been working for a well-known law firm for over four years. My role is within business services so I'm not a legal professional. Things were running fairly smoothly until some management changes about two years ago. The department head was demoted and now works in a different department in a less senior role. It was clear from the very start that the new manager would take a much tougher approach. A couple of people were sacked, either by failing their probation or just called in to a meeting if they had passed their probation but had less than two years of service. My problems st
  4. There are no recent cases as these store to credit card cases never reach the court. First Credit could issue a claim, hoping that you don't defend. Once the defence goes in, they are likely to discontinue. Ms Mayhew recently beat another creditor (MKDP) in court so mentioning her name works magic!
  5. I know someone who is in the same boat ie his alleged M&S store to credit card debt (over £10k) was sold First Credit. Apparently, they sent a couple of letters so he told them about his dispute - which has been going on for a few years now - and made a CCJ request. He hasn't heard from First Credit since March this year. The last letter simply stated that they were still waiting for information from their client. He also mentioned the Santander vs Mayhew case in his letters. That seemed to have put First Credit off!
  6. I can only assume that DWP would average out the settlement over the claim period. Universal Credit, however, seems to work on a monthly basis but my guess is they would still take the monthly average, resulting a massive overpayment. I think it might be worth getting off benefits a few weeks before the settlement. Take some temp work or something. Then again, how would DWP react to that is anyone's guess.
  7. I had my first UC meeting today. So is it any different from starting your JSA claim? Yes and no. Yes in a sense that IDS has decided that anyone daring to claim it should be treated like a criminal. Not so different as you are still dealing with your local job centre which should really be re branded as 'The Social'. My claim consisted of about a dozen printed pages. I had to sign every single page separately and also write down my national insurance number on each page. Then I was asked to wait for my 'work coach' to arrive. The coach arrived but she seemed to be still wa
  8. I just looked at how they do this in Finland. Like in other Nordic countries, taxes are higher and benefits more generous than here. The Finnish equivalent of JSA is around 705 euros per month. Like here, housing benefit is separate, but not necessarily any more generous. Council tax is collected via PAYE system and not linked to the property you live in, hence irrelevant. In Finland, you are allowed to earn 300 per month (or 279 euros per a four week period) before you lose anything, then you lose 50c per euro. Sounds like the UK benefits aren't that generous after all! I
  9. I have been unfortunate enough having to sign on due to lack of work in my industry (niche IT-related). Most work I have been offered recently tends to be ad hoc, short-term temp bookings. I have taken most of these bookings because I'm keen to keep my skills up to date. Also, sometimes short-term bookings may lead to something longer-term, though not quite as often as in the past. Unfortunately, the JobcentrePlus (or the Social as it's still sometimes referred to) seems to be doing everything to discourage this. They now have those Universal Credit posters, saying "making work pay".
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