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Found 25 results

  1. I've read on the Benefits Handbook that both ET awards and settlements for unfair dismissal are counted as 'earnings' rather than capital. Can anyone clarify what this means in practical terms if you are in receipt of JSA? Earnings refer to a specific period of time when you were being paid, however, this would be a lump sum, hopefully substantial, but paid all in one go, how would the DWP consider these 'earnings'? I always thought it would be regarded as capital and there would be deductions according to the amount, or no benefits paid if over £16k, at least not until balance went down
  2. I had worked at a bar - let's nickname it "Tribe Bar" - as the head doorman for over ten years when in August 2010 a new owner came in - I'll nickname them "City Leisure". There was one director, though his company secretary (who had previously co-directed various companies with him) later came onboard. All the staff were kept on bar me. Because I worked via a management company, City Leisure assumed I wasn't entitled to any rights, so got someone cheaper in. The first Tribunal was to decide who my employer was at the time of my dismissal. City Leisure didn't show up - but only to buy t
  3. Hi there, this is my first thread. I have read a lot of the information posted and found it to be very helpful. Hoping someone may be able to clarify this question for me. I have a CMD tele/conference call scheduled with Respondent who is my former employer and the ET Judge. The Tribunal date is only weeks away. This came about after Respondent decided they wished to change already disclosed documents and witness statements. The date for disclosure was over a month ago and the date for the witness statements to be exchanged had also passed. We were at the stage of agreeing bundles. Now Respond
  4. Hello, Sorry if this is the wrong place, but I'm new here and it's taken me 2 days to find out how to do this. I have spent a while going through the treads on this website which relate to the ET. I wondered if there was anyone who could give me some pointers on what I should be doing in order to represent my son at his ET at the beginning of October. Brief summary of case: ⦁ November 2011 son sent in a written qualifying protected disclosure about absence due to ill health, the state of his working environment, and the treatment he had been receiving from his new ap
  5. Hi, I have my case accepted by the Employment Tribunal and I need to set out in writing “what remedy the tribunal is being asked to award”. I am claiming unfair dismissal and outstanding payment. Last week the respondent received the claim and decided to pay my wages… they already paid half of the money and promised to pay me the other half in 2 weeks… PS: I don’t believe them, as they have sent 2 cheques to me and they stopped the payment on both. I would like some advise on what I am requesting as a “remedy” (I have 5 questions): - [1] Outstanding wages (only the half missing, right?
  6. Help!!!!! ]I am a disabled single parentm I was made redundant following a restructuring which happened while I was off sick, I put in claims for disability discrimination, sex and race discrimination and Unfair dismissal. I recently attended a CMD (I am self representing) and the judge said that part of the issues I asked the tribunal to deal with were out of time and that I could use it as background information or by a certain date inform the respondent if I still intended to pursue the claims that were deemed out of time. I Informed the respondent that I wished to pursue these claim
  7. I have been involved in a Constructive Dismissal case at a Scottish Employment Tribunal for almost a year. I have already expressed elsewhere how frustrating it is for an employee to make a successful claim and how it is no surprise that fewer than 5% of claims are successful, briefly: They get to present their case after hearing yours and there is no way of contradicting anything they say. Witnesses who still work there are reluctant to testify against the employer. They outnumber you grossly and if they get their story straight they appear more credible. Giving evide
  8. Hi, I worked for a company for nearly five years, I used to love it. Then the last few months, the company started to struggle and the boss was hardly around. Out of the blue I got handed a long list of 'evidence' constituting in the whole to gross misconduct. Earlier we had been given a contract to sign which had changed and I hadn't signed it and written a letter stating I wasn't happy to. I think it was this that angered the boss who then knocked my hours down and spent the time I wasn't in trawling my computer and printed off so called evidence. Silly things like joke emails and bante
  9. Between Sept and Nov 2011, I sent written grievance letters to my previous employer. I submitted my Case to Employment Tribunal on 23 Nov 2011, they resisted the case, so the hearing was done on 30 march 2012. They were absent, and I was awarded £2000. After 42 days, they still didn't pay up, only when I threaten to use the baliffs, now they say they are dissloved and have no liabilities to me. Searching on the web, gave me this, the dissolution started on 30 Nov 2011, as the only director resigned. It came effective on 1 may 2012. Only 10 days ago, their representative informed me
  10. I submitted my Case to Employment Tribunal on 23 Nov 2011, they resisted the case, so the hearing was done on 30 march 2012. They were absent, and I was awarded £2000. After 42 days, they still didn't pay up, only when I threaten to use the baliffs, now they say they are dissloved and have no liabilities to me. Searching on the web, gave me this, the dissolution started on 30 Nov 2011, as the only director resigned. It came effective on 1 may 2012. Only 10 days ago, the representative informed me about the dissolution, no dates or explanation were given. Nor me or the ET was informed abo
  11. I had a return to work interview (after more than a week off waiting for OH assessment that advised I was perfectly fir to work, as the hospital had stated on discharging me), immediately followed by a 'management restructuring meeting' where I was invited to resign or take redundancy. I asked at the start of the meeting when I realised where it was leading whether I would be supplied with minutes; the response was that it was not a formal meeting, so no minutes would be taken/available. I followed up the meeting with an email with my notes of the meeting. A reply came back with employers
  12. Any help would be appreciated please. I have brought an ET against my husband’s employer, for owed holiday pay, severance pay and unfair dismissal. The case is strong with lots of evidence in our favour. Employer is a LTD Company. We attempted pre-claim conciliation with ACAS but the employers were not interested. We then submitted a claim in the region of 6k when all mitigating losses were accounted for, but still offered to them a settlement through ACAS amounting to £1200 for just the holiday pay and severance, which again they declined and informed ACAS that they are now
  13. Hi everyone, I have been having alot of problems at work for around a year and a half and in March I was verbally abused by my work collegue whom also pushed me. I put a grievance in following which was upheld, yet I have still been kept off of work for a month so far until the situation is sorted, yet the other individual is still at work. I have been treated differently and even the manager has been treating me badly she doesnt even talk to me anymore as she is very good friends with the other individual and it is a small company. I have told my manager previously about other situations
  14. Hi I’m someone who is simply tired of the whole system and the different information I am getting from all different sources. My story is explained below I used to work for a company let’s call it company A. On 2/06/2011 i gave in my resignation as I found another employment, my notice period was 4 weeks so i was hoping to finish on 30/06/2011. on 13/06/2011 company went into administration, company was operational under administration On 22/06/2011 all the business of Company A which was in administration was acquired by company B. (The name of business was
  15. Hi everyone, I hope someone can offer me advice regarding below. I started my new job on the 1st of June 2010 and was subject to a six month probationary period. Being a car driver was a ‘desirable’ element of the Person specifications - and not ‘essential’. Nor was it asked on my application form (have copies of both documents). It was raised during interview in which I stated a pay rise would help facilitate driving lessons but nothing more than that really. August 24th I have supervision. Asked about driving, spoke about options – ‘TARGET’ date of 1st March. (have copy of
  16. Hi there, I need to submit a schedule of loss to the respondent by 17/06/11. Can I include injury to feelings? Thank you kindly!
  17. Hi all, I'm preparing an ET1 for my wife who's been unfairly dismissed. I've read a fair bit of stuff on the web, but not sure how much info to put on the form. There's a lot of things happened and I don't want it to end up as a long "witness statement". I've started with a basic timeline of events and think I now need to put down the reasons I believe the investigation was flawed/biased, etc. I'm worried that I might miss something vital out and be prevented from using it later. Bottom line is how much detail should I put in? Many thanks for any advice. Nick
  18. I'm going through a tribunal at the moment for disability discrimination and harassment. I am off work due to various health problems. I have this morning found out that my employer's solicitor claims to have video evidence but has so far failed to disclose it. My solicitor has applied for a disclosure order. I know for a fact there is no video evidence from my workplace and in any case, if there was it would support my claim. I feel this evidence has to have been obtained covertly of me at home or shopping as these are the only places I go with the exception of the doctors and the hospi
  19. Hi everyone, Just some advice please. Some of you will know of my Employment Tribunal Case, but i have a question which needs an answer. If the claim is settled and agreed between the Claimant and Respondent at the Tribunal which then goes in front of the Employment Judge who oversee's what has been agreed and a date of 28 days is given by the Responent in which to pay the compensation or award. In my case the Judge directed that payment must be made no later than 28 days but if the claimant does not receive the payment i am to go straight back to court and report that no payment has been
  20. I am taking a company to court in two weeks time to an emploment tribunal. It turns out that all the paper work has been submitted under the companies trading name. The boss has been responding to all the paperwork and filled in court documents also using the trade name. Now his solicitor has pulled the name as being incorrect can they get the case thrown out???
  21. Hi there, I am trying to help my daughter with an issue and hope that I have come to the right place on the Forum to get some advice! I'll try to keep this short. Feb 2010 - Daughter succesful at Interview with Large Bank She then completed their "Screening Process" and was given a start date. April 2010 - Daughter starts at Large Bank. Training Course for 6 Weeks. May 2010 - Having completed Training and (in the words of her line manager) exceeding all targets, she is called into a Meeting and told she lied on her Application form re her Exam Results and therefore she's g
  22. I have an employment hearing for next month the respondant has already had it postponed once and i have now received a letter from their solicitor saying that the company name I have issued proceedings against them in is only a trading name of a mother company and that I was aware (which I wasnt but should have been) of this. They now want me to agree that the name is wrong and have it changed, all their correspondance has the name I have known but when I looked on my tax returns I was being paid by the other name. Can they get the case thrown out on a name technicallity?? What sort of problem
  23. Sorry this is a long and complicated one!!!! I started a new job less than 3 months ago; the recruitment process took 5 months from start to finish and applied for the position through an agency as I d not think the employer was taking applications direct. The job I originally applied for was a more senior position and although I was joining a new industry the level of responsibility within that role was more in line with what I had been doing other the past 2 years. There was a lot of waiting around in the recruitment process, hence it taking 5 months and I literally had t
  24. Hi, I've been given an employment tribunal hearing date. I got sacked in July and have been trying to have an appeal through work. We had one hearing that was aborted after a few minutes due to circumstances that called the managing director away. That was in Aug. The whole thing has caused me to lose sleep and weight on top of lost earnings and a damaged reputation. I am on trade union rep number three because one got seconded then my employer made a complaint against the second, all of which has delayed things further. I am due to start a temp job soon and will have limited availa
  25. I wonder if anyone had any thoughts on the following: When employed, I raised some serious matters with my employers in regard to contraventions of data protection, regulatory breaches and potential fraud. Over many months, they ignored theses issues and ....then called me to a disciplinary meeting. I was not suspended at this point and continued to work - despite the fact that they alleged 9 counts of potential gross misconduct. I immediately raised a grievance and at the same time took my complaints to the regulators - they are still investigating the issues. The Grievance was lodg
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