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  1. Hi what a mess. sorry to bother you but just out of curiosity and to further my education on employment law how did you get on with your complaint ?. I understand if you do not want to elaborate. regards baldone
  2. thank you for the reply dacouc. I have this information from the ombudsmans literature . I should have mentioned this sorry. I have told the ombudsman what has happened and their response has been as expected. they will look into it Having researched other peoples experience in dealing with them I do not hold too much hope in them following their guidelines. I contacted the police and they have said it is a civil matter not criminal. My question should have been, is what has happened a criminal offence to sell something that belongs to me until I agree a settlement figure and what
  3. hi. could anyone please advise on this matter. I had an accident (my fault).In July 2012. Had an offer in August 2012 which I refused and sent proof of valuations to insurers. Heard nothing from insurers despite emails and phone calls from myself so decided to contact ombudsman. On their advice I sent another email after 8 weeks to insurer, heard nothing. The ombudsman started investigating and got another offer from insurers, again I refused this in march 2013 due to them ignoring information I gave them. The ombudsman is still looking into this case. I have just found out my
  4. as far as I am aware I am. to pay through Santander you have to put litigation number/name and address and email address to open account dlc have asked for this information to check.by email I sent this by email in reply in august 2012 and have heard nothing since to say they have not received payments until the notification of charging order.
  5. hi the dca is dlc the solicitors are aplins. the ccj was in april 2012 to be paid forthwith. I contacted dlc and started payments of £x per month to prevent charging order being made. had an email from them in oct 2012 stating no payments been made. sent them email stating they have been made and gave them ref numbers to prove. I continued with payments and heard nothing else from dlc to say they had not received them until charging order date came the original date of cca was 24/01/2008 regards baldone
  6. hi thank you both for the replies. it is the dca that is chasing the debt. the statement I have sent the court as part of my pack is . the amount owed is £x and not £x as the creditors have made a sworn statement too all payments made are supplied from the creditors payment portal ie Santander regards baldone
  7. hi I am after a bit of advice about a charging order I am due in court on 16/12/2013 the claimants solicitors have made a sworn statement of truth about the amount owed which is £2000 more than the actual amount owed payments have been made by myself since the ccj . the claiments have not taken this into account as they say they have not received them. I have sent them emails with ref numbers which they supplied to which I have made payments through their own portal ie Santander. this was 12 months ago and they have now decicided to go to court for the amount on the ccj plus intere
  8. hi whatamess just 2 things to look at before small claims (1) direct.gov employment &deductions from wages (2) regarding rules for selfemployed. I had a pub on lease and inherited a self employed keyboard player ( transfer of undertakings) who was working 4 nights a week, after being let down on numerous occasions we cut his days to 2 days and set someone else on for the other 2 and to cover us when he didn't turn up. he quit and claimed constructive dismissal he won a provisional tribunal to take us to court where he won his case as we told him start and finnish times and da
  9. hi Andy thankyou for the reply, I will speak to them on monday
  10. hi Andy thank you for the reply. after what I have paid is taken off the original debt I am left with a balance of around £5000. from your experience if I asked for a settlement figure to pay off the debt what would you say is a fair amount I should accept. at a push I could probably pay the full amount before court date in weekly instalments. also would the fact they have made a false sworn statement to court about the amount owed give me any bargaining power(just a thought) regards baldone
  11. hi I am no expert in employment law but to give you a few examples of what I have come across as both employer and employee (1) if training is required it is up to the contractor to provide suitably skilled operatives to do the job required as specified in the contract.ie if your husband was not qualified he should not have been set on to do the job and any training nessecary to complete the task is the responsibility of the contract owner (2)there is case law about a bp agency worker who was dismissed and replaced by another and won his case in a tribunal for unfair dissmisal because bp
  12. hi Andy thankyou for the reply I am bit thick with it what does pm me a link to thread mean, and how do I do it. the information I am after is can they get the order with all the descrepencies in the amount owed never mind what I have paid to be taken off. if I pay an amount to take it below £1000 owed before the court date what will happen?. regards baldone
  13. hi I had a debt from an mbna credit card 2008, early in 2012 dlc contacted me about this debt for £7289. to cut a long story short I never replied and their solicitors" aplins" took me to court and obtained an order to pay forthwith an amount of £7609 including costs (I was away from home when the court forms arrived and when the judgement was made). I contacted dlc and was told if I did not arrange full payment or pay by instalments they would put a charging order on my house. I agreed to pay £1500 per anum in £150 monthly instalments(due to the fact I am a
  14. hi could anyone tell me where to post a new thread regarding an interim charge order being made on a county court judgement please.
  15. Hi I am new to this site, could someone direct me as to where I can post a new thread regarding ccj,s and interim charging orders. thank you http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?409508-ccj-s-and-interim-charge-orders
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