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  1. Thankyou! The IS would know anyway as I dont go to court until Wednesday. I shall go and order myself a new fridge! No more bottles in the sink to keep cool!
  2. I have an appointment to attend court on Wednesday of next week to finally go bankrupt after having debts totaling £21,000. I have received a letter today from the DWP that my PIP application has been granted at the enhanced rate of the daily living component (A bit of good news at least) and they are backdating my claim and paying £3700 into my account tomorrow. With the money I am going to clear my rent arrears (to safeguard my house) and council tax (the last remaining BIG player in my debts). Will the insolvency service take the rest to pay off my creditors with it being a large amount? or will they leave it as it is a benefit payment? I am asking because I would REALLY like to finally own my own fridge/freezer (having cold milk would be a blessing) and purchase some new clothes (lived out of charity shops for 4 years) and having the cupboards full would be nice. I am not going to squander the money but I am frightened that they are going to take it all.
  3. CMI is 512.96 Paying £950. Missed about 6 payments now. STOP PRESS. Just talked to Aviva and they have said the CAN help with equity release and somone is coming out tomorrow to see her. Its somthing she has been thinking of doing for ages now. Lets just hope Mortgages PLC will give them time to complete.
  4. My mother is in arrears with Mortgages 1 Ltd and has fallen behind with the repayment proposal due to my father being off work ill. (Broken ankle and complications). HL Interactive have written saying "YOU ARE AT RISK OF EVICTION. We have now been instructed to enforce the Order for Possession. This means that an eviction date will be scheduled and you may have to vacate the property. ACT NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE Please contact us on ********* as soon as possible. We will try to work with you to find a solution to your mortgage arrears and avoid the possibility of you losing your home." The end of term for the mortgage is 4th May 2015. Closing arrears balance £13,409.59 Current oustanding mortgage (including arrears) £22984.54 She can only afford to pay £950 per month. How can we stop this eviction? Were looking at equity release to pay off the mortgage but this will take time. (more than the 9 days remaining before eviction) Failure of equity release, are there any other re-mortgage options? Thankyou in advance. J.
  5. Hi guys, I am here for some advise and help before I go completely insane... I have a number of CCJ's which are being enforced by AOE orders and also child support to pay out each month, however someone mentioned on the bus today about I should have protected earnings. Doing searches for the past hour and I cant find any solid answer to my question of what is my protected earnings rate, because to be fair, I think I am being deducted FAR too much money. To outline, my payslip reads as follows... (I get paid 4 weekly) (yearly salary £11631.89) Income:- Basic pay £892.31 Deductions:- Tax £32.80 N.I £29.05 Pension £58.00 Unison £7.44 Court order £54.08 Admin fee £1.00 Court order £35.92 Admin fee £1.00 Court order £41.00 Admin fee £1.00 Child Supp £225.30 Admin fee £1.00 NET PAY £404.72 That's a total of £360.30 paid out AFTER tax, NI, pension and Unison... £404.72 doesnt leave me enough to live on (Rent £360) so basically I have 44.72 or £11 a week to live on. What is my protected earnings and are they taking too much from me? Thanks in advance guys and girls. Jason M.
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