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  1. thank youn ill have a long think and get bact to you asap thanks for comeing back with that amazing respose thanks again its in me to fight
  2. okey doke least hes here thats the main thing isnt it DX can you help please with this one Thanks DW
  3. bank foder what do the abreviations mean icobs and utccr mean many thanks DW
  4. hi dx thanks for poping in im just after some advice with what to do with this debt if you could help its not listed on my cra nor as a ccj but the dca are comesing to my mums being abusive could you give me some advice please of what to write to the dca thanks and also with regards to makeing offers many thanks DW
  5. ive pm him and he replied askink could i send him a link but am not brillant on the pc and i dont know how to send links via a pm ren would you mind doing the honours please thanks DW
  6. thanks unc i agree i just want to make afffordable arrangements to pay this debt not to a dca but to thames city any ideas of where i start and what letter to write the DEA associates thanks DW
  7. so how do i go about sorting this debt then what should my actions be any idea is there a brig letter for these people or something if i asked brig to pop in and have a look see what his opinion is with regard sto this debt too. i just want to come to an affordable arrangement with thames city how do i go about this
  8. thanks for popping in ren ill use the trust site an see what the crack is with them if it is just dcas what should i do about them comeing round apart from putting the dogs in the front
  9. no court papers defonately not my mums diasbled house bound and she opens any of my mail that comes and has a good nose into my affairs and reports to the world all the info just as mums do there would be nothing getting past her trust me.
  10. i get you unc i understand what you mean it is like badit country in liverpool tho and people are that in your face to knock on windows etc im just hoping it is the dca i forgot to mention that my mum asked who they through the window were before the dogs went after them and they did say DEA debt enforcment associates there based up here or doen here in liverpool do you think i should call em ferom a phone box or something
  11. will a CCJ not show on my cra file as this is not debt is not listed on the 3 CRAs is that link the only way to find out whether i have a CCJ thanks for your input UNC its apreciated mate
  12. As im going through my non priority debts this is debt 4 of 17 not on CRA with swinton insurance for cancelling an insurance premium i had with the for car insurance now the debt is for £726.71 from 2011 to april 2012 heres what swinton say dated outstanding balance left on direct debit £1319.43 insurer refund - £740.91 as swinton were the broker cancelation charge £148.19 total oustanding £726.71 now are these charges fair ? next they passed the debt to ARC europe ltd DCA who wrote out on 17 may 2012 saying debts been passed to them and i owe £751.71 they phone atleast 6
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