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  1. Thanks for your reply DX but just to clarify I am not talking about blocking access through the road as clearly emergency services, delivery drivers etc need to get down there but meant using bollards to replace the traffic cones which are placed outside our homes adjacent with what would be the pavement if there was one. would the above still apply please?
  2. Hi all I have a question regarding parking so this may not be the correct sub forum, please feel free to re-locate... In short we have lived on an unadopted road for years now renting a property so there are no parking restrictions such as permits or yellow lines. As all others have lived in the same road also for a number of years there is an informal understanding with regards to parking and most including us use traffic cones outside our houses to secure our spots and respect each other’s spaces until recently where we are experiencing persons not living in the street moving the cones to park so to avoid buying permits for the roads they actually live in. Now I understand there is no right in law to park outside your home however have been looking into fitting collapsible bollards and as expected the council raised no objection when I contacted them as the road is not maintained by them and referred my enquiry to the Highways Agency who also advised they were not interested. So thought great can do this without a fuss until I started to wonder regarding personal liability if for example someone tripped / fell over them and thought I’d get some advice from the knowledgeable persons on here of whether this would be a concern and if so can it be mitigated for example reflective ones, security light for night time as there is no street lighting etc. Any thoughts about this would be greatly appreciated Kjun
  3. Thanks king I’ll pass on this advice to my son and can do this when they return to the UK next week
  4. Thanks king I thought as much but wasn’t sure. By delay details in writing would that be from the airline or an external agency such as the CAA?
  5. Hi all need a little advice on behalf of my son & partner who experienced a delay on a flight to Lanzarote on Monday just gone. Flight was from Gatwick and supposed to take off at 9.50am (or around then) but eventually took off at around 4.25pm so a delay of approximately 6.5 hours. The delay was caused by an issue with planes engine and then the wait for a replacement aircraft. Is this something which would be covered under the flight compensation scheme and if so is this something the tour operator, in this instance TUI, would volunteer to passengers or are you required to write / email them a claim upon return? Table I found online suggests the figure would be €400 per passenger would this be right if the above scenario qualifies? Thanks in advance
  6. According to page 6 of the current metering charges scheme you have to opt in (see page 6). https://www.southernwater.co.uk/Media/Default/PDFs/Metering-Charges-Guide-18-19.pdf
  7. Ok sounds like you had a meter fitted at some point during the time frame of the charges. Did you request the change over tariff as you would normally have to do this? This is because a decent percentage of people moving to a meter find they’re paying less than before so don’t need / want this tariff.
  8. In respect of the change over tariff you mention these relate to measured charges (i.e. from a water meter) but if you are being billed from 01.04.12 to 31.03.13 this would be an unmeasured charge based either on the Rateable Value of the property or assessed based on the number of bedrooms.
  9. On 31 March 2017 the commercial water supply market was opened up to allow businesses to choose their water company rather than be automatically supplied by whoever operates in that area. Any premise with a commercial element like in this instance is classified as a business regardless of the supply being shared and all occupiers of the business and flat will share a joint and several liability to the charges. The water company will likely not change the charge basis to for example an assessed charge as these only apply to households rather than a business. Options as I see it, get the name(s) of the business owners and have them added to the bill so they then will enjoy joint and several liability also. Secondly and likely unrealistic is the landlord pays for the internal supply to be split so each property get its own bills based on their usage however this of course costs the landlord hence it hardly ever happens. Lastly get an agreement with the other occupiers about contributions to the bills which again may be easier said than done. I suppose an action against the business directly may be possible to recover their portion using the same legislation the water companies use and which deems occupiers liable but how you’d work out their exact liability would be impossible so half and half perhaps.. This would be the Water Industry Act 1991 (s) 144 a and b.
  10. Relevant link for OP regarding liability for water service charges https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1991/56/section/144
  11. Water service charges are not covered by any of the acts you mention in the letter you sent and are raised pursuant to the Water Industy Act 1991. No contract is required as the above Act deems the occupier(s) of a property liable for payment of water and /or sewerage charges (s.144 a & b)
  12. Just to add my two pence worth Welsh Water cannot hold you liable for any charges after you have vacated a property as the legislation does not support this position. The Water Industry Act (s.144 a and b) states only an occupier can be held liable and since you can evidence residence elsewhere and opened a new account for your new property any claim will fail. I would quote them the legislation above, provide your evidence if you have not already done so and invite them to amend their billing records.
  13. Thank you for your response and to be honest there is nothing in there that I would disagree with. My understanding is that they have things such as paid holiday, pensions, I doubt minimum / guaranteed hours, SSP payments but no company sick pay scheme however this would of course be discretionary anyway so I don't see this as a problem. They are going to need to take professional advice going forward in my opinion as the status quo cannot continue for all the reasons you have given but the remedial actions required to be at the very least compliant with the basics of employment law are beyond what I can advise them. One last question I have which is purely out of personal curiosity is without contracts are these people workers or employees? Reason for asking is that when I was looking at the CAB link it calls zero hour contracted persons workers. The actual situation itself seems to have resolved itself for the time being with the employee concerned texting one of the directors to advise they were quitting and not coming back but whether there are further implications to come is anyone's guess. I guess I had this much easier with an HR department to advise me in my previous job and would not fancy having to sort all this lot out....
  14. Thank you for that I'll take a look. I suppose the danger is that if they start handing out contracts now it will undoubtedly lead to people wondering why when they never had one before but I pretty much think that's unavoidable as they need to be done and I would imagine an employment lawyer is the best place to get these done or perhaps advice from ACAS as for example if someone starting five years ago I don't know if you put that as a start date or from present day. I am sure there are lots of other considerations too and at very least a disciplinary procedure which everyone has access to. One thing I haven't noticed an answer to is the fact there appears to be no obligation on the part of a company to offer work hours to those on a zero hour contract, is this in fact correct and is there a time limit as to how long that could go on for?
  15. LOL Yeah I suppose there is no tax fiddle going on as tbh that would not have surprised me either... I used to manage a call centre and we had an HR department to assist with this sort of thing as well as disciplinary procedures and policies so this is somewhat beyond me as they literally have nothing. I mean how do you suspend / discipline someone with no contract as rightly pointed out by sangie and everything I know and learnt was from having a proper process in place and the support of an HR Partner. I have pointed them in the direction of specialist help with a view to at least getting the basics in place but am looking for ideas of immediate remedial action that can be taken such as actually issuing contracts that might mitigate future issues but am not sure these can't be retrospective with regards to start dates etc.
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