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  1. I will have in 7 days time and having been here for a long time the call was also recorded
  2. While I accept your point when it’s included within the policy document that payment will be made for loss under prescribed conditions which have been met then I don’t agree it is unreasonable to expect them to fulfil their obligations. Having contacted the bank they are unsurprisingly of the opinion that my first point of call is my travel insurance and FCA guidance is that the insurance company can pay out then take it up with the bank should they wish. I am not well versed in Spanish consumer law so can’t say either way whether this is lawful or not however this is not really for me to figure out having paid for insurance covering certain circumstances which subsequently occurred.
  3. Well yes it would be easier to attempt a S.75 claim with the bank first however it just doesn’t seem right that the bank should be liable as I thought this is what travel insurance is for. Perhaps I’ll ask them to do a chargeback at the same time for the insurance premium as it doesn’t appear to be fit for purpose nor are they providing the service paid for.....
  4. Hello all I am in need of a second opinion of what I believe to be a brush off by my travel insurance company regarding a claim for accommodation that I booked in Lanzarote that I was unable to utilise in June. I submitted a claim with a copy of the email from the hotel advising the accommodation was non refundable, a copy of my credit card statement showing what I paid, the original booking email showing payment which also states it’s non refundable and a copy of the emails from EasyJet cancelling the flights. I have received a response from the insurance company representatives Travel Claim Services Ltd on behalf of ASDA Travel (underwriters are MAPFRE) referring me back to the credit card company to make a Section 75 claim. Now I thought this is what travel insurance is for and they are just fobbing me off back to the credit card company as my policy documents clearly state they will pay for any accommodation I cannot recover in the event of advice from the Foreign Office issuing advice not to travel following an epidemic which is pretty much exactly what has happened.... Would this be regarded as a simple breach of contract by not doing what they say they will in the event of the prescribed conditions which have been met and agreed to by the parties or am I over simplifying and would this be considered sufficient as a cause of action should I look to recover my claim using MCOL? Cheers in advance Kjun
  5. Hi thanks for the reply. To clarify yes we flew back the next day as planned so the Sunday rather than the Saturday. The email received was in summary sorry your flight is cancelled due to the storms over Europe, this is out of our control. Now it did say you could arrange free accommodation overnight by clicking on the flight tracker link within the email however this only took you to the flight status page and there was no option to request accommodation so I simply booked an extra night where we already were, maybe this was a mistake? I supplied an invoice from the hotel with my room number, name, date, duration, number of guests, cost and it had the hotel details including name, address and what I think is probably a VAT (their equivalent) number as well as the credit card receipt which I used to pay which also had the hotel name, my name, date and amount which was €95. The package was fully booked through the EasyJet website so not separate bookings and was paid through their website. It’s just a bit annoying as I know it’s not a great deal of money but I did have to pay it and it’s not like a booked some 5 star hotel while I also didn’t claim for meals or transfers which I understood from other passengers they did not arrange and people had to use taxis (we just kept our hire car for an extra day) I think the most frustrating part is that they simply have not bothered to address this despite repeated emails advising I had provided the required evidence. For further clarity it was rejected the first time as I only sent the card holder receipt which is not enough so my fault there however I then submitted the hotel receipt as well and the rejection reasons were as below from their email but it did have these on it. ”Please send us the itemized receipt for the hotel which should include; -Hotel Name, -Number of rooms, -Check in & Check out date, -Passengers Name & -Price”
  6. Hi guys I am after a little advice about an issue I am having with EasyJet and wanted to check I have not missed something before taking the next step. The story begins in February when our return flight from Lanzarote was cancelled due to storm dennis and re-scheduled for the following day. Became aware of this when checking the flight status in the morning prior to checking out and also via an email from EasyJet confirming this. Was able to book an extra night in the hotel we were already staying at which was the one booked via EasyJet as part of a package holiday and as planned flew back the next day. Tried to claim back the €95 via the EasyJet website and this is when the problems started as I firstly submitted the invoice from the hotel and the credit card receipt only to receive a response stating that this was not sufficient as it did not have the hotel name, date, room or passenger name which it did. 3 further emails including one to complaints and all I have received is a copy and paste today of what to do if your flight is cancelled. now considering the next step of a formal letter before claim although in the grand scheme of things this is not the ideal time but if I am due this money back I only have this option or an ADR which I don’t have much confidence in. But before I do this I wanted to check a few things 1. Most importantly am I actually entitled to claim this since I booked it myself and did not allow them to source accommodation for me. 2. Does the liability lie with the actual airline to pay any expenses as I just want to establish the legal entity is correct as this was a package holiday booked through the EasyJet website but before EasyJet Holidays was set up and at that point payment went via a company with a different name based in Spain I think. Thanks Kjun
  7. Thanks for your reply DX but just to clarify I am not talking about blocking access through the road as clearly emergency services, delivery drivers etc need to get down there but meant using bollards to replace the traffic cones which are placed outside our homes adjacent with what would be the pavement if there was one. would the above still apply please?
  8. Hi all I have a question regarding parking so this may not be the correct sub forum, please feel free to re-locate... In short we have lived on an unadopted road for years now renting a property so there are no parking restrictions such as permits or yellow lines. As all others have lived in the same road also for a number of years there is an informal understanding with regards to parking and most including us use traffic cones outside our houses to secure our spots and respect each other’s spaces until recently where we are experiencing persons not living in the street moving the cones to park so to avoid buying permits for the roads they actually live in. Now I understand there is no right in law to park outside your home however have been looking into fitting collapsible bollards and as expected the council raised no objection when I contacted them as the road is not maintained by them and referred my enquiry to the Highways Agency who also advised they were not interested. So thought great can do this without a fuss until I started to wonder regarding personal liability if for example someone tripped / fell over them and thought I’d get some advice from the knowledgeable persons on here of whether this would be a concern and if so can it be mitigated for example reflective ones, security light for night time as there is no street lighting etc. Any thoughts about this would be greatly appreciated Kjun
  9. Thanks king I’ll pass on this advice to my son and can do this when they return to the UK next week
  10. Thanks king I thought as much but wasn’t sure. By delay details in writing would that be from the airline or an external agency such as the CAA?
  11. Hi all need a little advice on behalf of my son & partner who experienced a delay on a flight to Lanzarote on Monday just gone. Flight was from Gatwick and supposed to take off at 9.50am (or around then) but eventually took off at around 4.25pm so a delay of approximately 6.5 hours. The delay was caused by an issue with planes engine and then the wait for a replacement aircraft. Is this something which would be covered under the flight compensation scheme and if so is this something the tour operator, in this instance TUI, would volunteer to passengers or are you required to write / email them a claim upon return? Table I found online suggests the figure would be €400 per passenger would this be right if the above scenario qualifies? Thanks in advance
  12. According to page 6 of the current metering charges scheme you have to opt in (see page 6). https://www.southernwater.co.uk/Media/Default/PDFs/Metering-Charges-Guide-18-19.pdf
  13. Ok sounds like you had a meter fitted at some point during the time frame of the charges. Did you request the change over tariff as you would normally have to do this? This is because a decent percentage of people moving to a meter find they’re paying less than before so don’t need / want this tariff.
  14. In respect of the change over tariff you mention these relate to measured charges (i.e. from a water meter) but if you are being billed from 01.04.12 to 31.03.13 this would be an unmeasured charge based either on the Rateable Value of the property or assessed based on the number of bedrooms.
  15. On 31 March 2017 the commercial water supply market was opened up to allow businesses to choose their water company rather than be automatically supplied by whoever operates in that area. Any premise with a commercial element like in this instance is classified as a business regardless of the supply being shared and all occupiers of the business and flat will share a joint and several liability to the charges. The water company will likely not change the charge basis to for example an assessed charge as these only apply to households rather than a business. Options as I see it, get the name(s) of the business owners and have them added to the bill so they then will enjoy joint and several liability also. Secondly and likely unrealistic is the landlord pays for the internal supply to be split so each property get its own bills based on their usage however this of course costs the landlord hence it hardly ever happens. Lastly get an agreement with the other occupiers about contributions to the bills which again may be easier said than done. I suppose an action against the business directly may be possible to recover their portion using the same legislation the water companies use and which deems occupiers liable but how you’d work out their exact liability would be impossible so half and half perhaps.. This would be the Water Industry Act 1991 (s) 144 a and b.
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