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  1. Yes I have already registered with the moneyclaim website I am reading this stuff on this sticky on CAG of steps about how to bring a small claim in the county court. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/337754-small-claims-actions-in-the-county-court-faq-work-in-progress/
  2. I mean the need to wait 30 days after sending the Letter of Claim in order for them to respond (Is necessary & sufficient for Preaction Protocol)
  3. OK I am reading through the county court guide on the CAG sticky – https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/337754-small-claims-actions-in-the-county-court-faq-work-in-progress/ My questions: The sticky has a warning that “Please note that this topic has not had any new posts for the last 2653 days.” – is this still ok to use? Am I reserving my right to increase the sum if they do not action the removal of the CCJ with haste? (in any case £200 is quite low for the amount of cock-up they have created) Will sending the "Letter of Claim" tha
  4. thanks - can I sent the letter of claim through email ? Also because I am a nervous sort, I am worried that if i send this letter ,then they will drag their heels on actually rectify the CCJ issue
  5. thanks. Im looking at the govt small claims website. So the process is to write to Lowells first (with your letter of claim) ? Or run through the Govt online claims system and submit the claim letter as part of that process ?
  6. That is excellent ! the letter of claim. In addition I have recordings of all calls . Is the SAR generic - ? eg they must send me everything thing on file about me ? Or do i need to specifiy the piece of information required I
  7. Sorry by way of explanation the first was my credit score in Jan (before incident) and the second it my credit score now. Its particularly galling because of the lengths I had to go to borrow the 8K off friends family etc to resolve that CCJ on time
  8. OK thanks - so I need to send the Subject Access Request - in order that they provide the information formally that the CCJ was satisfied within the 30 days?
  9. Is this the only black mark on your credit file? - So I had a good credit score before this (68% (good) ) which I have copy off. But becuase credit lines have been cut off I have now 2 months In other words would you be able to say, hand on heart, that were it not for this judgement, you would not suffer these difficulties In answer to your question - Yes I would like to pressure them to rectify the situation as soon as possible - . Even once they have informed the courts, there will still be a delay
  10. I have copies of my previous credit file - which show the previous positive ratings the problem now is the credit file is spiralling - so because i cant use credit to help with my financial management I have showing and outstanding payment on a water bill
  11. So I understand that Lowell received payment before the end of 30 days. - Yes Lowell failed to inform the court - They informed the court that debt/judgement has been satisfied - but not specifically within the 30 day period the court will withdraw the judgement from the register if they receive the information from Lowell. - Yes they need this Lowell is not providing the required information even though they have been asked several times. - Yes How long since you've been asking Lowell? Last time was May When was the judgement registered? - 4th Feb What impact has this had
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