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  1. Does anyone have an idea about the next steps I can take to possibly remove the entries from my Credit Record please? It would really be appreciated
  2. This is an update In summary - I spoke to Anglian Water a few months back , when phoning them up to make a payment. They said to me that because of COVID, didnt have to pay the whole thing in one go, but could use interest free instalments. I accepted this but I only then found out that it was considered an outstanding debt and have registered negatively it on my credit file for all of these months. So - I knew that I had recorded that call somewhere, and finally I found the recording. So they brought up the subject of a Payment Plan "So what we could do, don't worry too much. If you've received any letters or anything, don't worry, you can disregard those now. What we could do if we may be look at possibly some form of payment plan that would be affordable for you at the moment" . She mentioned the Payment Plan a few times . At no point does she say that this will be entered into my credit record. I specifically mentioned my concerns about my credit record and she replied "so many companies now use the whole credit reporting thing like similar to us, and it does report you as either negatively if obviously you are behind on your bills, or positively if you are up to date,…. So tricky, isn't it when you… bless you, obviously, you can't help it either. It's you know, the way of the world at the moment with COVID. Bless you. Well, if you're happy with that, I could just put you on the 20 pound monthly again, just to keep the account ticking over" I phoned them since, and it turns out they don't have a thing called a Payment Plan . Either its a Payment Scheme (no effect on Credit Record) or 'Instalment Plan' (puts an 'A' flag on credit record). They had put me on the second one. When I found out about this, I paid the full balance with my credit card. At the time of the arrangement I certainly was not informed that it affect my credit file otherwise I would not have taken that option. I'd like to get these A records removed if that is possible Many thanks
  3. I just phone up my GP to ask what to do - they gave me the link to register online But they had no clue about the Type-1 opt-out (which is a note added to the patient record to prevent data grab) The national opt-out and type-1 opt out are two separate things . So I filled out a form for type-1 (link below) and took it in to GP by hand . There was still confusion about what it was, one of the staff said i didnt need it and could just do it on line, and the other said it was a new thing (even though it dates from at least 2014). I feel for them - they have a lot of pressure with COVID etc but no information. Co-incidently, someone else came in with the opt out form at the same time as me here is a link to the explanation and what to do: https://medconfidential.org//how-to-opt-out/
  4. Thanks for posting this Honeybee I am surprised there arent more comments on this thread Regarding that pause, and extension from deadline - there isn't even clarity on this on the NHS digital site - https://digital.nhs.uk/data-and-information/data-collections-and-data-sets/data-collections/general-practice-data-for-planning-and-research it says 1sep , but that is the collection date , (ie the original collection date was due to be 1 july, with the 23rd june deadline for patients) I get various dates of 1st Sept, 25th augusts (https://www.medicaldevice-network.com/features/nhs-data-grab-gpdpr/) and 23rd August
  5. I phoned them up to clear out all charges with my credit card today (which I would have done before had I known that they would impact my credit file). The person explained how they operate, and read the file from my last call on 1st Dec, where I set up the payments She said they offer two payment plans: 1. A 'Payment Scheme' . This covers your average expected monthly usage and any more that you wish to pay. 2. An 'Instalment Plan' . This is if you cannot cover your expected monthly usage and is an offer to pay less On the notes on the system, I was entered into a 'Payment Plan' . Although this is as clear as mud to me as to which one this is, in effect it was the second one , as I was only paying £20 a month I didnt know this until today, but , Option1 Payment Scheme has null/postive effect on credit record whereas Option2 Instalment plan has negative effect on credit record She explained that 'A Flag' , or A for Arrangement is entered onto my credit record for every month that I was on that scheme. This is not as bad as default (for which she says there is none on my record) , but still I would rather these 'A' flags are not there At the time of the arrangement I certainly was not informed that it affect my credit file otherwise I would not have taken that option Regards
  6. Hi , is it appropriate to post problems that small businesses are having on here - ie with regards to the council, council tax and legal advice? Thought I had better ask before posting Regards
  7. thanks I am sure I did record, but I need to go to office to get this . Of course its always the ones where I think 'this wont be problematic', where i dont record, which turn out to be the important ones thanks for your support
  8. no , I didnt have a direct debit normally, I just paid them when the bill was due . Im also phoning them right now to put that outstanding on the credit card, so it doesnt run for any more months as a bad debt
  9. @BankFodder I only noticed when I checked my credit record. Hopefully , I have a recording, but as far as I remember , she offered and said that it was possible to pay £20 a month . At that time I was expecting to pay the full amount on my CC , which I would have done had I known that they would stick it down as unpaid debt
  10. Hi I wonder if anyone can help out I spoke to Anglian Water a few months back , when phoning them up to make a payment for £150. They said to me that because of my situation due to Covid, that I didnt have to pay the whole thing in one go, but could use interest free installments. I took them up on their offer and paying £20 a month I have only just found out, that they still consider it an outstanding debt and have registered it on my credit file for all of these months. It's infuriating - I could have put it on a credit card and had no registration of this debt! The only difference there, is that I would be paying the interest on the Credit Card Does anyone have any advice please? Regards and thanks
  11. Yes I have already registered with the moneyclaim website I am reading this stuff on this sticky on CAG of steps about how to bring a small claim in the county court. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/337754-small-claims-actions-in-the-county-court-faq-work-in-progress/
  12. I mean the need to wait 30 days after sending the Letter of Claim in order for them to respond (Is necessary & sufficient for Preaction Protocol)
  13. OK I am reading through the county court guide on the CAG sticky – https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/337754-small-claims-actions-in-the-county-court-faq-work-in-progress/ My questions: The sticky has a warning that “Please note that this topic has not had any new posts for the last 2653 days.” – is this still ok to use? Am I reserving my right to increase the sum if they do not action the removal of the CCJ with haste? (in any case £200 is quite low for the amount of cock-up they have created) Will sending the "Letter of Claim" that BF has drafted (above) plus waiting 30 days - be enough to constitute the “Pre-action Protocol” on my part? Regards
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