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  1. thank you so much for your help its really appreciated. In the end I managed to borrow the money to get the CCJ removed.. .its a heavy debt but hopefully its the right decision thanks again
  2. Yes, I can do that I phoned up Lowells and the Court . But they both said that the 1 month is immovable How do I start requesting the particulars? Is that part of the N244 process? I don't know what kind of debt it was exactly - is it up to Lowells to demonstrate exactly what they are trying to claim?
  3. Yes it did, I think (erroneously as I now know) , that it was just another in a series of threatening letters that they have been sending over the years. I now know the significance of the letter
  4. Doing it now Is there anything to lose by calling Lowells? It is possible to raise the money over the next weeks - but difficult by 3rd March It could also affect job roles as often I work in finance
  5. I think the account was opened in about 1995 - but I dont have any detail of that -- I just know it was when I was a student then Yes there is a letter of claim - it appears to conform to the stipulations in that link for PAP
  6. OK looks like chances are diminishing Lloyds were relatively helpful, although all the information appears to be spread out across different systems. It would be really hard to tell what the exact sums owed are I guess, as it appear that they put charges in error in 2009, then refunded them in 2019 - and therefore difficult for me to assess what I legitimately owed as it depends on the nature and validity of the orgiginal charges - which in the end is up to Lloyds Is there any value in ringing Lowell ?
  7. thank you Is there any case to be made regarding being absent while claims and court occured and thus not being able to respond or to represent? Additionally there is a confusion about the amount owed - Lloyds apparently had made an error some time around 2009 and ten years later refunded some mony into my account (well credited the Lowell account) in Jan 2019 - I am trying to track from Lloyds, what was going on here, bu they will take 5 days to get back to me
  8. No it wasnt a CCA request I went into a local branch of halifax to examine an old account. I think I have found out what happened. So around the time of the default in 2008 / 2009 - I made an agreement with Credit Security (who were employed by Lloyds) to pay off a pound a month. The account at Halifax was preloaded with around £40 . And it has been paying this in up til Nov 2015
  9. I spoke to Lloyds they sent the account to a recovery team in 2008 (and thus I am told the account was defaulted) and closed the account in 2009 They received a payment of £1 in Nov 2015 from Credit Security into the debt account. I was told that credit security had been employed by Lloyds to collect the money.
  10. Is the POC the particulars of claim as above (sorry for asking basic questions) - if so , then is the account the reference number as above ?
  11. Thank you what reference number do I use please whne talking to Lloyds? Also should Lowells have provided the copy of any kind of credit agreement that I would have entered into with Lloyds in the first place?
  12. Issue Date 03 Jan 2020 1, The Defendant entered into an agreement for a Lloyds (Current Account) account under reference xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (“The Agreement”) 2, The Defendant failed to maintain the required payments and the service was terminated 3, The Agreement was later assigned to the Claimant on 24/11/2016 by Lloyds Bank PLC and notice given to the Defendant 4, Despite repeated requests for payment, the sum of £8,022.51 remains due and outstanding And the claimant claims a, The said sum of £8,022.51 b, Costs
  13. Thank you . I am sorry about the confusion . Because the debt was from so long ago, I had no idea of the account type. Im still going through old records from my attic
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