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  1. Hi there I contacted pduk on 24th March regarding a complaint for the number of rollovers I had been allowed on my account also additional lending when it should have been obvious to them that I was in financial difficulties I have a couple of acknowledgements from them the latest saying they are still investigating my complaint and stating a date by middle of May when I should hopefully hear from them I stated that if the matter is not resolved satisfactorily I will refer to FOS Is there a set timescale from my original point of complaint that they should be responding with a fina
  2. I work in an office of approx 25 people and today there were 8 people off - 1 long term sick 1 suspended 4 on leave another sick and myself who phoned in sick today with a stomach bug A colleague of mine informs me that all the ones off sick are being sent letters and will be investigated - the others would have a sickness record a lot worse than mine and this is only my second instance of sickness in 15 months Would this be deemed as excessive? I feel I am only being made an example of because so many were off today ( if I was the only one off nothing would be done I believe ) There
  3. Any advice as to how to deal with them now you know the nature of the loan? Thanks for all your advice so far
  4. By looking on this site I expect one month loans to be relatively easy couple of emails setting up 6 mth plan 1st month I can do up front but don't know how to approach the lending stream one
  5. Would one months interest apply in that case Already paid back nearly £100 on the initial amount borrowed
  6. U can clear at any time so not tied to complete 6 mths so is a payday loan IMO - just allows that facility to squeeze more money from you
  7. In effect I borrow £350 and end up paying over 6 months - diff amounts each month and at the end of 6 months its cleared Last month was £100 this month near £200 then it gradually decreases until 6 months is up Might be their way of avoiding legislation May 2013 75.00 Jun 2013 125.00 jul 2013 110.00 Aug 2013 95.00 Sep 2013 80.00 Oct 2013 65.00 This is example of a £240 loan
  8. As its a 6 month loan would that mean I am liable for 6 months interest at 3000% plus?
  9. Would a recorded phone call suffice as it is difficult for me to get into the branch? Renegade am I only liable for loan plus one mths interest with lending stream?
  10. Thanks for your prompt reply Should I contact them in advance of defaulting? Should I ask my bank to devoke the cpas ( can this be done over phone ) ? Does the one month plus interest apply to lending stream as their loans are over 5/6 months?
  11. Have 2 payday loans that I intend defaulting on at the end of this month in order to get a repayment plan set up One is £180 with one month loans ( rolled over once ) And one is with lending stream £350 ( one payment already made ) Have salary secured already but what is the best process in dealing with these companies in order to get a payment plan set up , avoid charges and avoid phone calls to work / mobile Thanks
  12. Hi there advice needed Fallen into the trap again and have 3 pdls with lending stream one month loan and wage day advance I have got my salary moved to another account so should be ok in that respect and I will pay the wda one in full out of my salary My problem one seems to be lending stream - I have 2 loans 1 x £115 and 1 x £250 and have already made the first payment Does the loan amount plus one months interest apply to them ? What's the best advice on getting set up on a repayment plan without incurring massive extra charges? Any other advice appreciated also
  13. It's the same with betting sites They let you deposit and gamble away and only when you try and withdraw do they query your age
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