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  1. Hi. Tried all that Lucky7even, but no lawyer will touch a case involving an online gambling site. The online laws are too complex, hence the reason why companies such as cassava get away with these kinds of things. No one is properly policing these sites and until someone does, this shocking behaviour will only continue. It really IS like banging my head against a brick wall!
  2. They not payig me because I more than one account with them which is against thier "rules" yea mickey mouse rules! That and other things they reckon are reason enough to keep 22 grand from me. You should go back to the beginning of my story. It explains everything this company have done to me.
  3. Hi Karen, Yes I am well aware of cassava. I have done extensive homework on these people, believe me. Months upon months of countless emails/phonecalls back and forward...........pointless all of it. I take it you know these withheld 22k from me? 22k that they actively let me win I might add! Cheers, Ross.
  4. Hi all, Been a while. I was kinda hoping to see a post saying something like "Cassava Enterprise shut down, all money returned to their rightful owners" but I suppose thats wishful thinking Is anyone taken notice of these clowns at all.....................ANYONE?! O well, maybe when hell freezes over. A still livid Ross.
  5. Hi There. Can I ask what cassava done to you please?
  6. To answer the PM. Yes I am. Look doesn't matter my friend, not important. I will respect your site rules in future.
  7. Yea but why change the chaps name I mentioned? I don't understand you doing that. I do however understand why you removed the swear, even if I did blank most it out.
  8. Thank you for editing my reply consumer action group. I thought this was a site where we are free to speak our minds? Obviously not.
  9. Hi there. That's absolutely disgusting behavior, especially as your mum is registered disabled. They advertise free bingo for all, regardless of how much you deposit. The free bingo abuse rule is utter nonsense in my opinion. Cassavas terms & conditions are a load of bull. We wouldn't get this kind of shoddy behavior from one of the better known online gambling sites, ie: ladbrokes or William Hill. Mickey Mouse outfit is what cassava are. I would follow BRIGADIER2JCS advice and ask them for that "gesture" of good will payment as your mums age and disability should work in her fav
  10. Hi suziejet. From my posts you will see exactly how cassava have treated me. As for writing to the gambling commission, I unfortunately don't think you will get anywhere with them. I say this because I too was the victim of online fraud. A lot of my various accounts were accessed and money both stolen and spent on them, including cassavas costa bingo. When I put this to Gibraltar, the guy that deals with complaints (Mr X) kept trying to suggest it was I who was the fraudster, and also strongly suggested I contacted the police. I told him I had no reason to contact the police because my ba
  11. Hi. It really is shocking how these people can just steal our hard earned winnings. A gambling site is all about fun, or should be. Yet these people are causing nothing but grief! At the end of the day we play to win, if we didn't then why would we bother. We should be paid, irrespective of how much we win. Surely they HAVE to honour their agreement, surely they must! Their simply HAS to be a law against what they are doing, it's absolutely scandalous. Whats more shocking to hear from your statement MEAOWW, is the fact that the gambling commision are siding with cassava. It doesn't exactl
  12. Hi. Yes the gambling commision got in touch with me last week and told me they were still conducting checks on complaints I made against Cassava. I was advised that my case was down a long list of other matters they were currently dealing with and will contact me once they have made a decision. I am hoping to hear something soon, hopefully it's a positive response. If I were you, I would strongly recommend you write to the gambling commision in Gibralter. They seem to be taken my complaint seriously. Good luck and keep trying.
  13. Who needs an explanation, as long as we get our money eh? They can stick their explanations where the sun don't shine lol. Am def not gonna give up on this, would be a fool if I did. It should all be very simple for them, if I'd done wrong in their eyes, then return my winnings, advise me I'm no longer welcome on Cassava regulated sites, & lets all move on. But oh no, it never gonna be that easy as far as their concerned. Far easier to keep all my money THEN Barr me. If Cassavas security was so stringent then I woulda flashed up as a threat from the off. They absolutely know this. CHANCE
  14. I made a suggestion to Costa. If they feel aggrieved by what has been taken from them, then why not simply take the amount off my winnings (I owe £1,773 according to them) & I will never attempt to join another website regulated by Cassava Enterprises, problem solved, matter closed. The bottom line Migster is that they just simply do not want to part with that size a win especially to a player who has won way more than deposited. I don't buy ANY of their excuses, the "company" is a total sham!
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