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  1. Hello, Here is a problem about rubbish dumped in communal area of a block of flats. My nephew is renting a flat for a fixed monthly amount through a letting agency. The building has one garden flat and 3 flats upstairs. Nephew received a letter from his letting agency, concerning the overflowing rubbish in the communal area.This communal area is unsecured and is accessible from the street as the main building entrance is never locked. The letting agency wrote that they will charge all tenants 3 pounds per bin bag dumped in the communal area, if they are not disposed of appropriately, meaning if they are not put in the blue and brown bins available for the flats. There are four flats and 3 sets of bins. 1 blue and 1 brown bins for flat 1 and 2 kept in the communal area. 1 blue and 1 brown bins for flat 3 kept in the communal area. 1 blue and 1 brown bins for flat 4, for my nephew. His bins are kept in his locked private garden.He regularly recycles his own rubbish himself at the local recycling areas, including his garden wastes. His bin are effectively empty due to his proactive approach to recycling his own rubbish independently. He can't see anything in his tenancy agreement which ends in July 2016, that states that he is financially responsible for the rubbish bags dumped in the communal area Can the letting agency legally charge my nephew 3 pounds per bin bag even though none of his rubbish is left in the communal area? How should he respond to the letting agency letter? Can the letting agency deduct the money from his deposit money? p.s. I have seen the amount of bin bags left on the floor in the communal area on a regular basis and I can roughly approximate about 15 bags including boxes, rugs, buckets and all sorts of rubbish were left in the communal area. so the amount that the letting agent wants to charge each flat can be really high by the end of each month. No one can be sure that it is even the rubbish left by the tenants as the access to the communal area is not secured.
  2. LBC the property programme , every Thursday at 9pm. They give advice on tenancy, Landlord, ownership and property issues.
  3. Why would people pay a yearly fee to TV licensing to watch the same old movies and same awful TV programmes??
  4. Hello, since the Big Switch, I have decided not to renew my TVL which is a big national rip-off. I am collecting all the TVL threatening letters that I receive on a regular basis . They phoned my house and I told them that I did not need a TV licence, because I did not watch live TV, and I put the phone down. This was my first and last response to them.
  5. Hello all, 2 good news to update my Vodafone issue: 1. Vodafone finally found my £300 payment for my last unfair bill, and paid it into my ex-vodafone account. 2. I was told : ''action has now been taken to remove all the adverse information previously recorded against your credit files with Experian, Equifax and Callcredit credit reference agencies'' I will double- check the second news in due course. A big thank you to Lee for his effort at chasing his own colleagues at Vodafone. And I hope that I never ever see Vodafone logo or letters or anything from this company again. A big thank you to silverfox1901, Locutus and all the people who cared to advise me in this website too. Matter closed.
  6. * Unfair bill settled before my deadline [#8486825]
  7. Hi Lee, This is the code I received last night: Re: code WRT135 - CAB Unfair bill settled before my deadline [#8486825]
  8. Thank you Locutus and thank you Lee for commenting on my case. Lee, I sent a brief e-mail with the quote. I' ve been e-mailing Vodafone customer service the all week and am suffering from mental exhaustion right now. This is the summary of the latest Vodafone emails. 21/02/12, one of the many Vodafone reps requested the scanned copy in PDF format for the payment made of £300.00 via my local bank on 03/02/2012 in order to investigate the details further. I emailed her one back that clearly displayed the bank's name, sorting code and stamp, including the amount of £300. 22/02/12 , another Vodafone rep responded to my email: ''Thank you for writing back to Vodafone customer services with regards to the payment. I would request you to get back to us with the PDF format of bank statement so that we can investigate the matter. I trust the above information helps.'' I think that this situation is turning into a Pass the Parcel Game, with different Vodafone reps response asking for different evidence to waste more time. Whoever received my £300 should just put it back in the right place. I just don 't know what' s going on with Vodafone but something is not quite right. I certainly do not have the intention of sending a copy of my very very private bank statement to a faceless rep, via the internet. This should not stop Vodafone investigating where my payment is .
  9. I was the victim of a phone theft back in September 2011. Unfortunately, the thieves used my phone as I tried to contact Vodafone in the middle of nowhere. To cut a long story short, my phone was not insured and I ended up having to pay a huge bill, including disconnection fees after several attempts to get a response from Vodafone Customers Services. Threats of debt collectors and report to the credit reference agencies followed. I ended up settling a bill that I considered unfair to the full way before Vodafone deadline which was , as Vodafone advisor told me , on the 13th February 2012. I settled the bill in full but I still received today 18/02/2012 a letter from Fredpay, for the sum that I already paid for. I looked at my account with fredpay and it states that I owe £300 for the bill and an additional £ 45 collection charge. I already paid £ 300 to Vodafone at my local bank. I even phoned Vodaphone number to confirm it on 8/02/2012. Vodafone advisor confirmed that he will log the information in my account. Somebody somewhere in Vodafone, is just not passing on or reading the messages before referring my account to the the Debt Collection Services. What will happen next? I believe that Vodafone has my money in full . I did message fredpay , via their website and am waiting to hear from them. I ll keep you updated. I m glad I m not a Vodafone client no more and I am formally complaining about the ill treatment i got from this company
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