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  1. we have had horrible service from tmobile. my phone broke and i was due an upgrade in 3 weeks but they wanted me to send the handset away for repair ( repair centre are shocking ) with a 28 turnaround on it. i said why not upgrade me early to save messing around as by time i got it back it would be time to do so anyway. got told no way the earliest i could upgrade would be in 3 weeks. First girl put phone down when i asked for manager, second bloke steve in upgrades dept was useless. he told me to sell my phone and buy out of the contract. ?? we have 2 lines and the other isnt due to finish un
  2. argos repair agents d and g henry stating they will not repair my netbook under warranty as i have dropped it. BUT I HAVE NOT. i just want a repair or replacement for an item that has quite literally fallen apart throughout the time i hav had it. (January 10 !) hinges fallen off wires exposed all one side come apart. they tellin me now I HAVE to pay independent engineer to get a separate report. I am so angry as this was a present and its not my fault the item is faulty. but they are making me out to be a liar basically. they say i have dropped it when i know for a fact that i have never done
  3. do u have email address that u send ur complaint too? i need to try that ! faulty laptop bits fallin off and fell apart down one side, charger stopped workin after a few months blabla.. its nearly a year old but i reported the faults a few months ago. they send it for repair but said i had to pay because it had been dropped so they wudnt cover the repair. ahhhhhh so mad.. never been dropped. but still refusin to help me unless i PAY another company to chek the it... ! so mad , it was a present as well !
  4. shop direct are losers...! we defaulted through money problems and all they keep doing is sending letters adding charges ringing.. blabla. i am sending them the letter requesting copy of ORIGINAL agreement in order to see whether or not the debt is enforceble cos if it aint they can lick my toe ! x
  5. they charge £12 per letter and per call and even though a payment plan was NOT agrreed but did it to shut them up... ( they promised a freeze on ALL charges and interest) we are still getting the lot ! so they havent had a penny ...! not on my nelly will we be bullied....! grrrrnesss
  6. anybody know what address i send the cca request to?? and we found out they are charging £12 every time they ring.. rang 4 times yday.... cheeky blighters..... ? help? ta ..
  7. i had a quick look... theres sooo much... am gunna do that wot u suggested... tie em in nots if i can ,lol ! and i WILL get all charges back . they won beat us .. lol !
  8. my partner signed up online for very additions and littlwoods just before xmas 09. (desparate times) so no idea if recoverable or not? can u guide me to that cca request template thing please? ta
  9. Please can someone help me with this..... the cheeky arrogant idiots have now added MORE CHARGES AFTER they sed they wouldnt add any more. and what is worse they hav charged £12 PER harrassing phone call that they made to ME? ?>???? so this is how they make their money !!! TOTALY UNFAIR and UNJUST charges..... ! PLEASE HELP ! dont no where to start other than a very strong letter in response to the unresolved complaint and a demand for the charges bak !! how dare they RING wen they have no need to and then charge us for the grief.... ! ahhhhh !!!
  10. hi. we have 3 accounts very/additions/littlewoods. none of them are particularly high balances. we were doin ok at paying the minumum each month. occasionally we couldnt make a payment on due date so incurred £12 charges which i did manage to claw back after complaining that they are unjust and not fair. we both work but work dried up for my partner ( a plasterer) so we have been struggling with the whole payin of bills situation. we missed the payment dates then got a letter from arrrears collectection dept telling we had UNTIL THE 14th of august to make the arrears payment t
  11. i WANT to pay for tv license but tv license WONT LET me pay them... they refuse.. say i HAVE to pay DCA...?? wtf? ! AA r just tits and thats just bottom line.. i want to deal with THEM ... they wont let me.....! idiots all the way !! they think cos DCA is on case thatt im gunna crumble.... ! hmph... we will c ...! Arrogant Arseholes ..! x
  12. oooo idiots... dont pay it.. i wudnt .... kick up a rite stink ! they are so annoyin ... and if u so much as squek down the fone they terminate cos ur shoutin..... ahah .. !
  13. oh i know ... its just not that easy sumtimes...... they r all bullys and i am sik ov it .....x current DCA arses in my earhole r CENTRAL DEBT RECOVERY AND iQOR......... ?? and tv license..... ? any ideas'?
  14. hi. i may be wrong here but is it just me who thinks that companys and DCA's are starting to REALISE that there is a REVOLT on DEBT COLLECTION? we fell behind with car insurance. partner took a call from the AA or so he thouught.. DEBT is MINE not his. BUT cos they said it was the AA and the AA are authorised by ME to talk to him then he went along with what they asked bla bla... usual DPA bunf.... he agreed to make a payment then another at another time..... he told me all this when i got in i said , i have had NO letters from the AA regarding these MISSING payments ... only RE
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