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  1. Hi Scania, They may, but it might be to your advantage if they do if they're pulling the wool over your eyes re the VAT. Which is why they are doing exactly what they claim not to be doing: litigating by post. I notice it says on the agreement that the trailer never becomes your property and must not be sold. I wonder if someone at Lombard has dropped a huge one in the first place by OK'ing the sale. I would send a Data Subject Access Request to Lombard to try and get to the bottom of this. Failing all else, if it was me I'd just keep steadfastly paying until the amount I believed I was liable for was paid, but not the VAT. I doubt they'd risk litigating purely on the VAT element. Elsa x
  2. No problem I detest these leeches who harrass grieving families!
  3. Hello Rosa, So sorry to hear of your bereavements, and I feel Link are well out of order in contacting you asking for the Death Certificate without even giving you details of the debt or proof of any right to demand information from relatives. As shadow points out above, they can get a copy directly if required...why should you pay for it? My gut reaction is to write back stating something on the lines of: Dear Sirs, I am concerned that you have seen fit to write to me 2 years after my mother's death, demanding personal documents and information without providing details or proof of what interest you have in my late mother's affairs. As far as I am aware any creditors at the time of her death were supplied with Death Certificates and I have no knowledge that she had any involvement with your company. In any event, there was no significant "estate" as such to administer. As I'm sure you are aware, Death Certificates are available directly from the Register Office upon payment of the Statutory Fee. yours faithfully Elsa x
  4. Reading the transcript, it's also good that the judge also reinforced the fact that failing to enclose an OFT info sheet with the DN is NOT de minimis. More about it on CAGs Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/236931403038408/
  5. It was only happening on CAG, Dx..stopped after a day. Related to the google adserver methinks. My PC is totally clean. I'm very keen (obsessive LOL) on security and indeed any sensitive transactions I do are done in a "safe zone" provided by my AV (Avast) which is completely isolated with its' own browser. I highly recommended it for online banking, Paypal logon etc. Sounds like a similar system to the Sandboxie..
  6. Depends exactly how the letter was worded and whether it was signed too. If it was stating that the account is in dispute it's hardly an acknowledgement. Elsa x
  7. Hi, This is a standard generic phishing letter. TBH I think it would be best to wait and do nothing until/unless they write again and identify the debt they're chasing. How would you know it was SB if they haven't said what debt it is? Elsa x
  8. Me? I'm fine thanks BB. Glad you're stabilised at least, you can only look forward now and, with time and healing, you never know things may get better. xxx
  9. Up & down, here and there, Vint! Glad to see you back..your pithy wit has been missed!! BB- how's it going..are you any better?
  10. :lol: Well it's supposed to be a week for every year of your age... Oh..OK then as long as you promise to be good!!!
  11. Good luck old2072, looks like you're getting excellent help here Elsa x
  12. Hi afw, Just to pick up on your first post...you say the DN is invalid? Can you expand on that Obviously if that's the case then they cannot currently enforce, and would be another reason for a set aside. kind regards, Elsa x
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