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  1. Sorry Mr H I Missed your post You are absolutely right about the court system - and I know what you mean about them complaining about the amount of paperwork as I have a friend who had a court case a few years ago on a totally different subject but he submitted a defence with notes, pictures, contracts, documents etc that was approx 2 inches thick and the court staff moaned and moaned about it.
  2. Hi Claire Apologies - all old PM's now cleared out. room now for the message
  3. Hi Joe Welcome to the party. IS this the gathering of the geordies then
  4. Hi L4U I just wrote the court a letter - No N245 and I appreciate that this is the right way to do this but I would have thought they would have just had the deceny to at least acknowledge my letter and guide me in the right direction. With your second point - 1st crud have no original agreement or at least if they have got one they have done everything they can to not disclose it which means that either they have one and its totally non compliant or they just dont have one. I cant see how they are hoping to get an enforcement on a pre april 2007 agreement if they dont have the signed
  5. Hi Claire Very small world indeed. I will send you a PM
  6. That may be so but any creditor can only have what any person is able to pay them. we are not paul daniels here and cannot pull money out of thin air!!
  7. Hi shadow Clear disregard for the facts - you hit the nail on the head there. I wouldnt have a problem with the disclosure of my finances if it had any relevancer at all to what they are going to receive from me but it doesnt as it is not us who are paying the costs order. That money is coming from a third party and so they have no need to see my financial statement. I have told them this in plain English.
  8. Morning Loser4u I wrote to the court and requested that they accept £50 a month which to this point in time I have had absolutely no response from the court at all - not even an acknowledgement that they have the letter. They do have it because I have called them to confirm but they cant give me an answer why they havent even sent a reply. Disgustimng. That £50 was offered before a relative of ours very kindly came to our assistance and offered to help us with the whole of the costs order. We were then able to pay £500 to 1st Credit which took the balance under £750 which meant th
  9. Well lets not go there then eh! And we suddenly have an audience - welcome guests - I trust its all very sunny today in Surrey
  10. Well Donkey I can't possibly comment on this on a public forum but any suggestions you have will be considered very seriosuly. feel free to PM me if its easier.
  11. You are flabbergasted Andy - how do you think I feel? It's ridiculous it really is - I have stated categorically that I will make 6 payments on the 28th of each month and do they respond reasonably to this and say thanks very much, we look forward to receiving your payments? Absolutely not. Talk about hypocritical - they refuse adamantly to respond to several CPR requests and even now at this stage are trying tro wriggle out of giving disclosure and yet they want to play heavy with me when I have politely declined their offer for me to submit my I&EW statement and have given them a c
  12. ]I also thought it might be helpful to show the combination of both my defence and their response. There are so many things in their response that are just basically wrong, factually incorrect and also there are many statements which are just totally incorrect assumptions. It is unbelievable really that even at this stage they are still trying to get out of giving full disclosure. I have made many comments in my own records, however I will not add any comments to this post as I don't want any prying eyes to see just how totally incorrect their response actually is. My defence
  13. And also their response to my defence statement IN THE CHELMSFORD COUNTY COURT BETWEEN CLAIM NO. xxxxxxxxx 1st CREDIT (FINANCE) LIMITED Claimant and XXXX XXXX Defendant REPLY TO THE DEFENCE 1. Save where otherwise indicated or admitted, the Claimant requires the Defendant to prove the facts and matters set out in the Defence. 2. As to paragraph 2 of the Defence: 2.1. The Claimant notes, and refutes, the suggestion that the Particulars of Claim do not comply with the relevant Civil Procedure Rules. 2.2. The Claimant denies that the facts and matters
  14. The other update is that I have received their AQ & response to my defence. I will post up the text of their AQ and also I have combined their response with my defence too and will post that as a separate post. 1st CREDIT ALLOCATION QUESTIONNAIRE & PROPOSED FAST TRACK DIRECTIONS 1. ALLOCATION QUESTIONNAIRE Have you sent a copy of this completed form to the other party Yes I Confirm I have explained to my client need to try to settle etc Yes A. SETTLEMENT For All 1. Given that the rules require you to try to settle the claim beforethe hear
  15. Well this all gets very interesting I sent the letter mentioned in the last post and I have just received a response - Its amazing that this company seem to feel it is perfectly acceptable to refuse to answer several CPR requests yet as soon as I decline to give them information they asked for they get very heavy. Double standards at work here I think. Here is my letter and their response. Legal Department xxxxxx 1st Credit (Finance) Ltd xxxxxxx The Omnibus Building xxxxxxxx Lesbourne Road xxxxxxxx Reigate S
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