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  1. Hi Will, The PPI element can normally be claimed without going through any courts. Should just be a standard template letter to them asking for a refund of the payments. You may have left this pretty late in the day to get an outcome before your court appearance. Perhaps give Northern Rock a call and see if something can be arranged to have the PPI element off-set on the arrears. Could keep them away for a bit. They can move swiftly if motivated. In court Northern Rock will state you were sent the documents to claim on the PPI but never returned the documents and push back to y
  2. I never called anyone names. Just pointing out the obvious God complex of another. Anyhow, hope you get everything you can from your ex-employer and my bit of advice may be of help. Stewie
  3. You are right, I am so lucky!! I will count my blessing in church on Sunday. Its about protecting myself and my family, in the hight of a recession. Are you kidding me! I didnt see the solicitors offering to pay my bills or put food on the table. Its about survival and using the system to my advantage. I do think I am right, all payments made under "ex gracia" are tax free upto 35K apart from the obvious statutory payments laid down by the Goverment, I think its 1 weeks salary for every year worked. This is taxable and cannot be avoided. But leave, notice pay and exceptional payments can
  4. Hi Elpulpo, My 2cents worth, I went through the same thing about a year ago. We sat at the table for 4 hours until we had a "off the record" discussion. They were trying to pull it on under the guise of redundancy but I knew it was just a conflict of personality between me and the new CEO. He just wanted me gone. I got everything I asked for built into a Ex gracia payment. But here is the kicker, as a once off exceptional payment the company does not have to declare this and you dont pay any tax on it. Everything was thrown into it, leave , notice period and a few months extr
  5. Yup, just completed one. Fill in the form but be vauge. The devil is in the detail. Use statements such as "you were led to believe the policy was needed in order to be approved for the loan" or " the insurance is not fit for purpose" Keep it light and to the point. It took just short of the 8 weeks to be done and dusted. Not even as much as a phone call from them. Check the breakdown of refund they will send you, make sure all the numbers are 100% correct before agreeing to the "rebook" as they call it. Goodluck
  6. Welcome Finance are now basically rolling over and paying out. I just completed a claim for a friend. 8 weeks start to finish, I didnt even bother with the SAR. I just included the account numbers and they did the rest. They will send you a standard questionnaire. This is the EXACT same one on the FOS website. Word for word. To save some time just download and copy that one. I included the PPI was not fit for purpose and was not explained properly and was mis-lead to believe the loan was subject of accepting PPI. Dont go into to much detail. Not even a single call from Welcom
  7. I landed on this thread by mistake and ended up reading the whole thing. Wishface, I think you are suffering from a bit of anxity coupled with depression and isolation. Dude you need to listen to the people giving you great advice, it would appear you are not alone. Anyhow HB, furnitman, lone ranger and the rest helping...WOW what great support to a complete stranger!!! Really good to see. If Wishface doesnt take the advice, then I am certain others would appreciate your support and insights more. Now I will go back to my parking offences reading.
  8. Hi There, What stage of the claim are you at? You should have a breakdown of cost from Welcome. This will show how your re-payment is made up each month. The doc is called "Statement of price" It will include Credit/Cash Advance, Acceptance fee, broker fee, Insurance. The fastest way is to get the breakdown. Get to the part where it lists the portion for insurance. I was also confused as hell. Take this magic number and use the Bank Charges interest calaculator. Remember the amount listed on breakdown will include the APR so you basically need to calculate the standard 8
  9. Hi there, Ask them for a statement. They are not allowed to bill you for unanswered phone calls. So if you see recent charges for calls, then they are telling porkies and you can use that against them. Stew
  10. Request for repayment of charges Dear Sir/Madam, ACCOUNT NUMBER: xxxxxxx My request I am writing to ask you to refund to me charges and related interest which you have levied from my account over the last three years. I consider that the regime of charges you operate is unfair within the Regulations as they are not individually negotiated, they operate in much the same way as charges operated by other High street banks and therefore there is little alternative to myself but to agree to the charges. Furthermore the charges are contrary to the requirement of good fai
  11. Its total crud! I cant seem to find a decent letter to write to these people, I dont know what acts to quote. I did however ask for a breakdown of costs that make up for the charge. They didnt reply to that section of my complaint. What is wierd for Welcome, is the speed in getting back to me. It was just a few days and I had a reply. Are they upping the game? If anyone has a good template for this, post it up and lets give it a go. Stewie
  12. Hi All, I fired off a letter last week, 17th June to be exact. I want the charges applied to my loan for rubbish phone calls and worthless letters returned to me. Looking at my statement I have been charged approx £130 to date. Excluding "capitalisation" or what ever they call it. I want that money returned to me. I am almost certain they charge for phone calls confirming contact details etc. I dont have any arrears on the account currently. Anyhow, to the point....I got a letter back this morning already! I couldnt believe it. This cant be the Welcome Finance I know and
  13. Affraid I have not been reading enough Do we have a sticky for this? Im trying to find threads where people have got this money back. I got a call from Welcome the other day just confirming contact details, at the end of the chat he read of his script about the charges they levy on missed payments and phone calls. Suddenly I had a lightbulb moment. Why would they be reminding people of this, Welcome do nothing without a reason. So im hunting for threads regarding charges from suppliers, doesnt have to be Welcome, but would be good. Stewie
  14. Has anyone tried to re-claim the charges Welcome impose on accounts such as the £10 for a phone call and the £20 for a letter or missed direct debit? I have a few and wondered if they are allowed to charge these.....Hmmm I am kind of looking for reasons to pick more of a fight with these guys. Stewie
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