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  1. hi ,thanks for the info, suprisingly my partner got a letter from them yesterday and they have offered him £364 back, so hes taking it.
  2. hi, my partner put a ppi claim into barclays credit card 10 weeks he is only due about £300 but if he gets it then it will write off what he owes on his credit card, however he got a letter from them a month ago saying they would make a decission by the 28th of this month (2weeks later than it should be) now im reading that all ppi claims are on hold, surely to god my partners should still be sorted out as he was due a answer 2 weeks ago? can someone please advise, he has had no letter saying its on hold or no final letter
  3. hi does any one know the address for barclays head office as my partner is doing a ppi claim but we dont have the address.
  4. no i just waited the 8 weeks, was really suprised to get the full amount back so quick, just got letter today confirming everything so have to sign it and return it
  5. hiya, yes they paid me the full amount so i am over the moon, just waiting for the letter to arrive now
  6. hey all, just to let ev1 no, i put my ppi claim in with welcome 8 weeks ago and i rang them today to be told the letter is in the post and i am being offered £2560 so i am over the moon, £1950 to clear my loan and the rest to be transfered into my bank account via bacs. whoop whoop, im so happy my days with welcome have finally come to an end and i can honestly say i am now DEBT FREE!!!! x
  7. great,is there any letters or here i can use?
  8. great, is there a letter on here and a spread sheet on here that i can use?
  9. great, is there a letter on here and a spread sheet on here that i can use?
  10. great, is there a letter on here and a spread sheet on here that i can use?
  11. great so i basically go through my statments and add all the charges etc up, is there any letters and spreadsheets on here that i can use? Rachel
  12. principal - ??? - PPI portion of your monthly payment (is this what i paid every month for the ppi - wich is £68.00) rate of interest - is it 8% - correct number of rests each year - ?? - compound monthly (what does compound monthly mean) start date - is that the date i first took the ppi out? -NO - date the PPI charge was levied each month [so you have to do it for each month that you actually PAID them] (what does ppi charge levied mean) i am sorry but i dont understand what any of that means?
  13. i have sent the questionaire back to them, they havent sent me no breakdown of anything
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