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  1. Sorry synopsis did not show. My dad retired 9 years ago and invested his long earnt money with barclays. They promised him the world but charged him £5k to start and then £500 per year. They told him he could not lose. He took it out last week and got £44,000 back. Any help from anyone as to who he can complain.
  2. Has anyone given their life savings to Barclays and lost so much? If so, how can he complain for getting bad advice?
  3. This company needs to be banned. My husband made the mistake of borrowing from them and he is still paying back the sum after 6 years. They are a complete nightmare to deal with and the rates are terrible. Suggest you borrow from the bank, someone reputable, and pay it off that way.
  4. It is getting me down too. I may try the local branch manager to see if she can help. If BANKFODDER is out there does he/she have any suggestions on getting our money any faster or who to contact about it?
  5. I cannot believe SC&M. I had a letter dated 2 July offering me full and final settlement of my claim for the whole amount plus fees and interest. I was over the moon. Sent the copy letter back signed by recorded. Recived by them 10 July. NO MONEY HAS BEEN DEPOSITED. I have written two letters and phoned every day. They tell me that the postal strike is holding things up - what postal strike. They tell me that it is probably sitting in a pile to be worked on! They keep telling me they are surprised it has not been deposited. I am more stressed waiting for it than I was getting the Court bundle together - what can I do next I would appreciate some help as I have given up and am fed up with ringing SC&M.
  6. Suggest you contact the Consumer Credit Counsel - they are brilliant if you have debts and will take control of it all for you (we have a debt management plan set up with them). Keep going with Lloyds you may get a settlement letter before the court date. Good luck
  7. Did you get a letter from scm before or after your account was credited. I sent my acceptance letter back on 10th july and am still waiting.
  8. I accepted the sum offered as it is more than expected. Sent back on 10th July - have phoned and SC&M say 2-3 weeks. Keep thinking this is a joke because it did not go to court and they won't pay. How long have most people waited for funds?
  9. Yes it is part of the transfer of proceedings and is ordering that the allocation questionnaire be dispensed with. Do I just wait and if so for what next? Shall I send a letter asking them to settle before a court date is allocated?
  10. tightbum

    claim stayed?

    Suggest you send nudge letter and see what happens - in the meantime get preparing your case. I got a similar notice but it is 14 days for either party to set aside, stay or vary the order!
  11. My order received today says that any affected party can apply to have the order set aside, varied or stayed - what do i need to do? Thanks:rolleyes:
  12. My order recieved today says "any party affected by this order may under Rule 3.3 (5) appy to have it set aside, varied or stayed blah blah within 14 days. Should I apply for one of these or send an order to sop the defendant putting one in?
  13. If they enter a defence somewhere in the threads - can't remember where - there is a letter or two asking for a settlement before Court to prove that you are doing everything you can to settle instead of getting to court - keep copies for your evidence. Next stage will be AQ's - go to that section in the threads loads of useful advice. Seems that some courts are asking for a stay and not asking for AQ's so that parties can reach settlement.
  14. tina9776 I am also at the same stage as you and its also Northampton County Court. Lloyds have until 11th June to file but I think I'll wait until the end of the week. Perhaps we can link up and assist each other in getting evidence together. The threads - Got a Court Date and info on AQ's is really useful. Old T&C's can be found in Got a Court Date - there is a link to a website with T&C's going back years. Great to know that someone else is dealing with Northampton
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