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  1. Thanks for your replies (I think) lol. The house was repossessed in Nov 2007 and resold in June 2009 through the estate agent. Capstone rang me on my land line last saturday and asked how I intended to pay the 55k? I said I had never received the letter (as it had next doors address on the front). He asked me for my address and I said "you tell me"! Then he said he'd write to me again with a welcome pack (gee thanks). So far, not had anything. Claire x
  2. Evening all, I received a letter today from Capstone saying my debt is being passed on to a debt collection agency and I should await their letter. My mortgage shortfall is a whopping 55K!! In Nov 2007 our house was repossessed. It had recently been remortgaged at 75k with a valuation of 93k. It sold in June 2009 for 50k. Where the hell has the 55k come from?? What do I do now? I rent a house, have no savings, a baby on the way in 4 weeks, a 10 year old car, living on the breadline as it is? Do you think there is any way to avoid bankruptcy? I can afford about £30 a month to pay back but I'll be paying it for the next 100 years !! Any advice would be massively appreciated! Just on another note, they got my current address wrong, it was sent next door?? Claire x x
  3. UPDATE I rang the magistrates court as suggested and was told to send a covering letter and a letter from my doctor saying that I am unfit to attendcourt as I am a high risk pregnancy to them asap. The warrent will still stand as will the fines which are for "failure to provide information to the council tax"?? However, they will pass this infomation to the court and then mae a decision. I am still non the wiser what to do next. I have just had a major panic attack as the avon girl knocked at the door an I thought it was the police. I am so scared. I rang the doctors to book an appointment and I completely broke down to the receptionist. The doctor will sort out my letter but I am not sure what to put in the cover note? Do I give up and agree to pay a set amount each week? Or do I fight my grounds? I really cannt cope with all he stress at the moment. I need to put my baby first. Many thanks in advance, Claire x
  4. Yes this makes sense, when the bailiff came to the door with the fines a few months back, he said it was failure to provide information to the council in 2004 regarding my student & employment status. After being advised on this site, I filed a statutory declaration to the court a few months ago. I was not aware of the debt and they were claiming had failed to provide information on 2 occasions, both of which were in a month of each other. On these grounds the bailiffs were called off, however since then, the council put an attachement on my earnings and I am currently paying off the council tax from the property where I was a student. So do I ring the number on the letter as that seems to be a solicitors in Manchester? Or do I ring Wigan direct? Many Thanks, Claire x
  5. I had a letter posted through my door yesterday without an envelope, saying the following: DO NOT IGNORE THIS NOTICE I AM IN POSSESSION OF A NO BAIL WARRANT FOR YOUR ARREST IT IS IN YOUR OWN INTEREST TO SURRENDER AT WIGAN MAGISTRATES WARRANT OFFICE AT 10AM ANY WEEKDAY. It will be considered favourably by the court if you surrender yourself rather than being arrested by the Court Officers. IF YOU DO NOT SURRENDER YOU WILL BE ARRESTED YOU COULD BE HELD IN CELLS OVERNIGHT. YOUR CREDIT RATING COULD ALSO BE AFFECTED. THIS IS YOUR FINAL CHANCE TO AVOID ARREST COURT ENFORCEMENT OFFICE: Contact telephone number: 0161 830 4266 (scribbled at the top of the letter was my name and 405.00 - which I assume is the amount owed) My problem is that I have NO idea why or where this warrant has come from. The only clue I have is that in 2003, I rented a room when I was a student and a few years later after I had moved on, I received a council tax bill for the entire house. After going backwards and forwards with the council giving them student exemption certificates and proof of earnings etc, I eventually received a bailiff at the door claiming for 2 lots of council tax fines. I posted my problem on here and within two days you guys had solved my problems and dealt directly with the bailiffs. I am so scared to go home tonight. I am 6 months pregnant and am classed as high risk. This is the last thing I need right now. I just can't see how it has become at no bail warrant. I am desperate for some advice. I simply do no thave the £400 to pay them off. I will ring the number on the base of the letter but wanted to know where I stand. Many thanks in advance, Claire x
  6. Thank you to everyone for all your advice and concerns and especially to Lets Fight Bailiffs x x x x. Utterly greatful to everyone. x x
  7. Thank you Hallowich, and thank you lets fight bailiffs, I have sent you my e-mail address.
  8. Thank you for your advice. The bailiff doesn't appear to be certified according to the link. I have booked this week off work because I am exhausted and scared they will arrive with a locksmith.
  9. Morning everyone I received 2 letters from Marston group on the same day claiming I owed £185 and £185 with two different reference numbers. I wrote to them to ask what the debt was for, as I had just moved into my new house and this was the 1st contact I have had. Had no response. Exactly one week later, a bailiff appeared at my door and posted a removals letter. I rang the mobile number on the letter that evening and it was switched off. The very next day I received a cardboard certificate telling me I must contact the bailiff now to pay in full, what is now £585. I rang again, and it was switched off, so I sent a text message to him asking him what the debt was for and could I have some more time to sort things out. He immediately text back saying it was for an unpaid fine for failure to provide information to the council tax on two occasions for a friends address where I stayed for 6 months whilst waiting for my house to complete. I did inform the council I was staying with my friend, and I did put my name on her lease. I replied again to his message informing him that I am in the first trimester of a high risk pregnancy, and I was unable to pay it in full but did offer instalments, he obviously said no. He informed me that I had to pay it all now, or he would return with a locksmith and remove my furniture, and if that didn't cover the cost, then I would go to jail. After a tearful phone call and a lot of begging, he has given me an additional 7 days, this is Thursday the 6th of August. So.....what the hell do I do now? I have not slept at all since then, and I am petrified that everyone phone call, text or knock at the door makes me almost throw up in fear. I am so scared, and now I am scared I will lose my baby with all this mess. I thought my new house would be a break from all my awful past and it seems much worse now. I really don't know what to do. I have written a letter to the head office asking for the original letters from the council as these letters from Marston were the first I knew about these fines. I have not sent this letter yet. Please can anyone give me any advice? Claire x
  10. Thank you everyone. Wish it was this easy to get answers from Lloyds!! xx
  11. why thank you......they are going to get yet another ear bashing. xx
  12. Do you think I should start again from scratch or perhaps writ to lloyds and ask them for copies of all correspondence between us???
  13. I really don't know where I stand anymore. I have sent countless letters, (all following the guidelines advised) and Lloyds are so stubborn. All I get is the usual "no" letters. They have sent me the exact same letter with the complaints leaflet every single time! We are at court stage at the moment but to add to our increasing bad luck, Lloyds have passed on our debt to a collections company!!?? We are severly overdrawn, I have changed all direct debits to a new account (although we have a loan with lloyds that they still keep trying to take out of the account dispite being told several times to change it) hense going further overdrawn and more and more bank charges. More problems........we got robbed last week. great. we now have no original paperwork/statements etc and no pc with the history of the letters on. I cannot remember how much we are claiming for. Any suggestions as to what to do next? This has been going on for too long and it was already around £5k claim in January (not to mention the new charges that have been added on since). Claire xx
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