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  1. Please consider the following facts assuming you are using an NHS service... You can add anything you like to your claim for ESA as a reason fo rneeding it, it is ofcourse best supported with Your medical teams confirmation.. Your medical team is your NHS doctor and your consultant if you have one. Any body else who wishes to become your medical health professorial can do so by requesting the position from you but it is upto you to accept or decline and DWP or ots agents cannot force you to take there medical advice. The DWP have the right to assess you using there medical health professi
  2. Another point on the use of telephone communication devices, I successfully argued that for somebody dependent on beenfits a telephone was a luxury and could not be relied upon and so that is why I could not give a telephone number to the DWP, its a matter of prudence and forsight to see the fall they like to set up, some call it meeting targets to sanction folk just becasue.... Do yourself a favour and dispose of your phone "officially" and become famailiar with the Interpretation Act 1978 .... It supports the use of postal service when legislation requires it of a party..... Very handy
  3. Hello to anybody who is interested in this case. To let you know i won and got a full backdated payment as the tribunal found in my favour. The reason in law is because the DWP or its agents lied about receiving my written response to there request that I telephone them. There is no legal or lawful obligation to use the telephone, I kow many get conned into it so please stop and think why give a number where you can be instantly sanctioned for not answering etc... The DWP require you to communicate its true, there own leaflets say so and so feel free to do it in writing regardless of what the
  4. Hi, Ive been to appeal before I know what they are like, thanks though. I submitted my appeal successfully with the points clearly set out and have received confirmation from HMCTS that a hearing is been arranged locally Still waiting for DWP response, they are taking ages but i guess it takes time to fabricate lies to support lies lol. Its been almost a month since submitting the appeal and DWP are silent and not even paid any assessment rate yet so i'm proper skint they have till end of month then i will have to chase it up.
  5. Thats exactly it thanks i know you know! Did they do free phones lol, i never knew that but its not the cost of the phone outright its the cost of topping it up £10 a month at a min. To use a payphone would mean first finding one, then if it works and accepts actual coins which many if most dont now then standing there for how long it may take given that one has a disability that prohibits standing for long....... Must dash my mate wants his smart phone back...
  6. Thanks for you response, who do you work for because you sound like a DWP employee or supporter lol. Next youlle be telling me there's nowt wrong with my health and I should stop scrounging! I dont need a babysitter thanks not yet, but i do need the rule of law returning to this land! If you read my OP properly you would know that I was asked to communicate with the CFHADA to arrange a taxi so I wrote to them because I do not have a phone and they cant make me have a phone as you know. DWP say that CFHADA say they have no record of this letter but I have copies with proof of posting that was
  7. Pussy cats, no teeth they employ graduates to manage the accounts the amount of letters and statements they sent was getting annoying like sometimes 3 fat letter a month but haven't heard from them in a while actually but they still get paid managed to stay up to date. Last i heard they had reduced the monthly amount thanks to the lowered interest rate. Not looking forward to that sucker going up any time soon. Still here been busy chasing other peoples bailiffs away hahaha.
  8. There are clubs you can join or start a club to register all your vehicles to or find a friend for a mutual? After defaulting on the unsecured debt which it sounds likely you will anyway soon without some good fortune I would say perhaps now is the time to consider making a reduced min offer of payment to them all till your able to afford more so offer them creditors all a £1 a month deal or whatever you can afford pro rata till your fortune improves? Obv your credit rating could suffer blah blah blah thats prob what I would do in your situation once those essential family assets
  9. Sorry for the wall of txt but it do not post in the format i wrote it!
  10. Hi folks I havent been about for a while but i sure would appreciate some thought on this... apologies for the length its hard to be concise, the issue is very simple but DWP have made it complex in there own special way. DWP have stopped my ESA from the day after the WCA they claim i failed to attend back in mid summer, I asked for Mandatory reconsideration already once i had got all the details in from DWP and just received the notice last week that they have not changed the decision and they are claiming I have a history of failing to attend assessments but the decision maker did put
  11. Interesting things happening today, havent heard from Ingeus since last visit to them and today received a brown envelope from the jobcentre plus. The letter simply states I now have a work coach and he will be phoning me next week for an interview that i must attend to discuss the first steps towards moving into work, then the rest of the letter is sanction threats for not complying etc. No notice at all that i'm no longer on the Ingeus health and work pilot scheme.
  12. Superb! Thanks Mr P. Havent yet received an invite to my next Ingeus appointment and usually those invites come a day or two after the last appointment has been attended so seems something different is happening now but only the postman will be able to shed light on that so let him stay away lest i beat Ingeus over the head with a print out of your excellant FOI link! cheers Mr.P!
  13. Bit of an update, i have now attended 10 initial assessment sessions and i still refuse to sign any document Ingeus offer up except the petty cash sheet for my bus fare, they threaten me with sancitons but they cant do **** because still the law prevents them from forcing anybody to accept there help and the "attendance/consent" form is joke DO NOT SIGN. Last week the adviser changed from this disgraced ex NHS employee ive had for all the appointments till now to a person claiming to be a psychologist, im not really happy at the way she carried on but i think i pretty much owned the sessi
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