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  1. You 100% need professional legal advice from a qualified solicitor on this matter unfortunately.
  2. You have no claim unless there was something dangerous on the stairs or they were defective in some way.
  3. They're not suing the OP. The OP has been asked to sign Court papers so the solicitors can start proceedings against the other side to recover the hire car charges on the behalf of the OP.
  4. What do you mean by "its been to court and got thrown out"?! What has? And do you mean courtesy car or was it actually a Credit Hire vehicle?
  5. How many days late was the acceptance?
  6. The settlement should be paid out regardless. The costs are a separate issue that will be dealt with in time, although this is a small claim isn't it?
  7. Ok, I have no idea what an N244 is. I'll leave you to it, good luck.
  8. You're a LiP aren't you? Where are you getting the figure of £2,000.00 from?
  9. I don't think you fully understand what the N244 is. It's merely a template form that you need to fill in a taylor specifically to your situation, so of course a Government website won't be able to tell you what to write in your particular circumstances.
  10. I think this was a bad idea. You needed to file a very specific application referring to the relevant part of the CPR as well as the three stage "Denton Test." What exactly did you write in your application?!
  11. Well technically yes you will need to make an application for Relief from Sanctions and permission to rely on your witness statement and give oral evidence at at trial. But this is SCT and you are a Litigant in Person so the Court may be more lenient with you. If you make the application the fee will be £255.00 so think carefully before you do.
  12. You don't need the form. It's accepted in writing and the claim is stayed. Just write to the Court to notify them of the Part 36 settlement and ask them to vacate any hearing that might be listed.
  13. So you were advised to resign 6 months ago and claim constructive unfair dismissal (CUD) and it's now been 11 months since you were suspended? You need to act promptly to claim CUD and there's a real risk that a tribunal would now say that you've accepted the situation and your CUD claim would fail. You need to go back to the solicitors for further professional legal advice.
  14. I think you need to show us photographs of the entrance to the road and signage.
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