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  1. Thank you for the advice, and yes I will monitor this tomorrow from my own laptop, as fortunately i am working from home so can have both work and private laptop open. Husband has provided me with his account logging details so for the purpose of this thread i will use those details, but will also open an account of my own as the site seems to be a wealth of useful information. I will send acknowledgement tomorrow, and yes signing it as a statement of truth and i will be careful, although the above is extremely accurate. Do I still need to submit a SAR? Ah brilliant, we must have been on the same mind as just posted stating that. I will open my account tomorrow morning - I assume I will be able to follow this thread then ok and post ok. I have been on other forums before, (when completed our immigration papers to Aus) so I think should be ok. Many many thanks.
  2. Hi Yes i did explain as i was asked to provide Express with details of my insurance company and whether i had made a claim with them or not. Gosh this entire thing makes me feel so brainless. Thank you, sure, i have just done so. Kind regards
  3. Hello and many thanks I've taken over from my husband here and once again I am extremely appreciative of your succint summary in points. I confirm point 13 above to be accurate. I also confirm the history of the engagement with the company outline above to be ture and correct. Thank you again.
  4. I’ll find out for you BankFodder, Wife is overwhelmed and gone for a lay-down and I’ll ask her for the facts when she wakes up and will get back to you ASAP. Thanks again everyone for all your help, advice and support.
  5. Hi Please find attached the document. Thank you kindly Apologies for the three part agreement. there was a glitch in the system and unable to unload it all in one thanks all Conditional_agreement.pdf
  6. Thank you London1971, I was in a bad place with the enormity of things taking place at the time the first Express demand of repayment came,and husband did advise for me not to ignore the letter and seek assistance, i ignored it and focused on just getting through my work day- i had so much pressure at work and home with the kids so I simply couldn't cope- this is sincerely how i felt/and feeling right now- although i will fight. I am sorry to hear you have had to deal with this too, and hope your wife is in good health.
  7. Ah brilliant. Thank you. This is helpful regarding the court. And i will upload any intended correspondence on here. I will contact my insurance to open a claim- this sounds sensible and justified. Thanks again.
  8. Thank you kindly for this, hugely appreciated. Yes will call GP on Monday and I'll get the letter. I did get quite overwhelmed with everything. So very sound advice. I will prepare a strong case/letter for the court based on the advice here. Apologies- it will be uploaded shortly. Husband is scanning the document pages and i will merge it in one single pdf soon
  9. Thank you eveybody, (wife writing now) although i will open my own account soon Yes - I was on Anxiety and A/depressant (pregablin- a controlled drug). This also helps with the neuron pain in my neck as it has sedetaing effects as per my GP Just thought at the time that this was the correct course of action, with all the advets on the TV and Radio and know people who went down this route. I have not been on this site before so yes not very wise not to keep records of calls - it should be common sense when dealing with solicitors, ironic as i keep records of lawyers at work when they advise me on a matter and they charge 15 min @£ xxx straight out of my cost centre. I have only dealt with conveying solicitors who are quite clear, so assumed this is the same. Good question- i will find out and read the 40 sth page they have sent me.
  10. Hi Thanks all and replying in order of points raised Yes - correct in the amount £4,000-6000 with i think 25% (on this bracket) I had no clue- i was advised to call those claim injury firms! Haven't got evidence of phone calls unless i get my previous bills, but have evidence of the emails i have received from them following calls incl filling forms repeatedly Haven't asked for the SAR yet but will do so now on advice GP- yes visited and discussed the case in detail and information passed on to Express And yes meds for depression too, my GP knows me for a long time and knows the job i do and we discussed the accident too including my accelerated pain, i actually still suffer from that, had an ex ray later, and was told if i had been in an accident as neck shows damaged vertebra, prior to accident i had a CT scan for my neck, but the accident flared it more. Express did stress me a lot, the people that called were not trained solicitors, just admin/secretary, staff, not even paralegal. Truly not sure why i didn't proceed through my insurance, i had never had a claim before so a bit new to this world Many thanks No i wasn't proceeding through insurance, insurance only dealt with claiming the damage to the vehicle. When completing the forms i didn't claim for medical injury via them as had a case with Express
  11. Thank you again BankFodder and everyone. I'll hand to over now to my wife, who will explain the about points, Hi, i am the wife and thank you all for valuable advice above. First time on here so apologies in advance for any slippages, however i have read the forum's rule this morning they were v helpful. I was rear hit on the M25 slipp road by another female driver early in the morning going for my MOT. I reported the incident to my insurer. I was/am fully comprehensive A week later, i had a neck pain. Also suffer from spondolities of the neck and on daily medication for that. The accident accelarated things so went to my GP, who increased my meds dose (a very strong controlled drug). Contacted Express solicitors- made an injury claim shortly after my GP visit Received email from Express to sign the duly documents -electronically Fees- I vaguely remember they stating somewhere between £4-6k with Express holding whatever % 8 months went on, insuarnce informed me that the other party was not insured and they were pursuing the matter legally, so more forms to fill for the court for my insurance company Provided Express with GP details and other stuff they required- but it was so frustrating as they used to call me during working hours at work, leave a mesasge for me to call back, when calling back after work on my way home i was passed from one person to the other, going over the same information, again another call the next day, probaly to mount their 2 min call Filled out the forms again - i don't know what they did with the first lot- exaclty same forms as first time when claim was raised, inlcuding details on loss days of work, GP visits etc, Kept sending me things to sign electronically which i did I have a very demanding job and lI am responsible and lead a Programme Management Team that delivers high savings for a government organisation, so quite frankly i don't know how I ended up dealing with this Express really, so I used to find the entire situation i was in quite stressful, it was either work or Express after work on my way home. I was quite low and fed up with everything (work and them and life), so one day during my conversation with express, on my one and a half hour comute , (on hands free by the way) i told the girl on the phone to just not bother me anymore with this as i have given all the information they needed, and i wanted them to get on with it. I gave up because i found it stressful and frustrating and couldn't cope with my high pressured job. Thanks all and i didn't mean for it to be such a lengthy post
  12. Hi and apologies for that, i didn't know how to merge all pages as I only had a home printer, but wife managed to merge the pages in one document. I hope this is now more readable without having to switch pages. I have scanned the main pages only so 9 in total. Please let me know if this is what you meant. Thanks again everyone. All_main_documents_merged.pdf
  13. Morning BankFodder, Apologies you are absolutely correct, sorry I’m not very office savvy but will get onto it right away.
  14. Futhermore there is a mountain of paper-work for me to yet to go through but I do have their "low cost conditional fee agreement" and on page 14 of 17, it does set out their Hourly rates which work out an average of £300 per hour. Just trying to draw up the dots and understand the breakdown of costs that can warrent the charges in this summons? So i'm guessing this works out to be about 10 x hours of work, which seems rather exessive!
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