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  1. The letter states this. Whilst it will be a claim for what my insurers have paid out, legally the claim has to be in my name? as i was the owner of the vehicle. why cant Axa just take the other insurance company/other party to court. A van hit my van on a single track, the other party was going too fast and couldnt stop in time, my insurance company said right away 50/50, lose your NCB and insurance goes up.
  2. i can claim for my excess and loss of earnings as i was self employed and cost for hire of van, solicitors have asked for uninsured losses, if losses are not included in claim i cant recover them at later date the letter states.
  3. My former insurance company Axa, is taking the other party to court to reclaim their outlay This will be in My name because legally the claim has to be in my name? Axa said it was 50/50 claim, so Axa paid me out. Can this be done in my name without my permission? Axa said it was 50/50 why are Axa going after the other driver? i thought Axa would pay me, the other party paid by their insurance company?
  4. Spoken to insurance company, and wont pay for roof, its wear and tear and not storm damage. also wont payout for the internal damage as I have a ccj from 2015 and didn't declare it. I pointed out that my insurance was auto renewal, but was told I should of checked it. any advice would be great thanks.
  5. Policy is with interga insurance solutions. auto renew by hasting direct. roof is about 8 years old, it came off during storm dennis, the week before was storm caira and no problems. when I spoke to the assessor he agreed with me, as the roof is exposed to the conditions, new felt roof, also told me to get quotes, emailed quotes to the company that is handling it. spoke to the insurance company and wear and tear. ccj is for 2015 not paid but again it was auto renewed by hastings.
  6. Just spoke to my insurance company. flat roof came off in storm, assessor has said that its due to wear and tear? not that if came off in the storm, I had no leaks before the storm. 2nd point, I have a ccj from 2015, how would that affect my claim? any advice would be great.
  7. Hi guys. I have had a letter from county court Northampton. Lowell bought my debt in 2013 from Orange, so are taking me to court. all letters from Lowell went into bin, the part im worried about is notice served pursuant to the law of property act 1925. so does this mean Lowell can take a charge out on my house? there is no original contract with claim form and I have 14 days. 2nd is this a proper court document? signed by Ian Marsden lowells solicitor and not by the court? Cheers.
  8. Yes I can accidental insurance, I am waiting a reply from L&G.
  9. Someone to find the fault, replace/repair the floor, nothing wrong with window coming in from outside, must be a crack or something.
  10. There was heavy rain last night and again today, did not find it until I got home from work, puddle of water on floor.
  11. Hello all. I phoned the insurance company about storm damage, water coming in above the window, down the side of wall, the insurance company have said that because the windows upvc are 10 years old, and only 27mm of rain fell I cant claim and its in the T&C's I have read the T&C's and cant find anything which said my windows have to be under 10 years old or the amount of rain fallen will effect your claim? I have emailed them saying im not happy. is there anything else I should do?
  12. T-mobile have said someone stole the mask, so no signal that was on the 11th, i have broadband at home and use htc1. will look at signal boost thanks.
  13. Ive had the contract for 16 months, but a week ago, no signal, this covered over a mile or 2 sq. so it would be a local mast, but how long does it take to repair? i live in a place with only txt messages and sometimes phone calls, depends where you stand, was use to it, but no signal for week!! come on T-Mobile sort it out, and yes you do read this site.
  14. Hi guys. I have a contract with T-mobile, but have not had a signal for a week, Ive asked them to cancel the contract under the supply of goods act, but have been told no, must pay £192 to leave. we need more time, and mobile phones should not be used in one place. any advice would be great. cheers.
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