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  1. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Here are the Licensing details for this company from the SIA website: License number: 0230001191680604 License Holder: GARETH EVANS License Function: Vehicle Immobilisation Capacity: Frontline License Expires: 03/03/2009 License Status: Active License issued: 03/03/2008 Gareth Evans has also held three other licenses which have run their duration.
  3. Quite honestly I doubt they would too, although it would depend on how both parties dealt with the police. They COULD, if they wanted to, but knowing the paperwork that would generate I doubt they would want to unless he became abusive to them, in which case they could quite easily use that as a harsher reason than public order. Doubt the CPS would touch it with the preverbial barge pole though. The MOST likely outcome would be they would tell him to remove the clamp or check more effectively next time, and that would mean bad mojo between the old bill and the clamping firm, which he co
  4. Personally I would write to them along the lines of the following: * They hold your car, you no longer want it because it's unviable to repair. * You contend you owe them nothing, they contend you owe them a release fee * You therefore agree, without admission or prejudice, that they may keep the car in lieu of any payment they believe they are owed * You state quite firmly that due to your generous offer which you have made in the spirit of compromise you now consider the matter closed and will not respond to any further correspondence. A court looking at this would HAVE t
  5. I would think that such an event would, legally, be regarded as carjacking. My reasoning for this is: 1) A bailiff or even a court official has NO legal entitlement to require a vehicle on a public highway yield for them. Only a police officer, and under certain circumstances a DVLA road marshal has that legal power. 2) Any attempt to commandeer a vehicle in the way you have described by a person NOT described under (1) above is regarded as seizing the vehicle illegally. A vehicle is an item of personal property, not a residence; right of entry applies to a residence only.
  6. Reign in the language, asterisked out or not. Treat others how you want to be treated yourself. The first thing you have to do is to get proof from them of what they say the debt is. Give them notice that they are to provide proof that there was actually a debt, which you will study and decide whether or not to challenge. Give them 30 days to comply with that instruction. One of two things will happen. Either they will provide what they say is evidence of a debt, in which case you will have grounds to challenge that if you believe there was never any such outstanding debt, or the
  7. I fail to see why. You mentioned two points in your original posting. 1) If you pay a cheque in, the next day it can be drawn on (with certain accounts) - an explanation has been provided for the context of this. 2) You can overdraw by £50 at any time - again, this is only certain accounts, and again it's a "buffer zone" the bank provides, which yes it does charge for because it's only supposed to be a kind of "crisis loan" If you can post a proper reason why this thread's questions have not been satisfactorily answered, or why the answers can't be found in the small print
  8. Precisely. The bank is absolving itself of the responsibility. If you choose to draw against an uncleared cheque, then it's your risk. If the cheque subsequently bounces, you will incur charges. This is very likely to be in the small print, someplace. It might be a little confusing to keep track of, if you have a lot of cheque activity, but it's not a con.
  9. Firstly, can I ask you NOT to post entirely in capital letters. In internet forums, that's regarded as shouting, and also regarded as somewhat rude. Many times, people who do that are regarded as "trolls", i.e. users who post rubbish just to be seen, or underage teens who don't yet know where the caps lock key is and are too "leet" to find it. Wouldn't want anyone putting you into either category, would we? Okay, to address your comments. Plain and simply, it's a grey area, which would most likely be addressed in the small print regarding your account. Get out a magnifying glass and
  10. Can I just say, with reference to the original posting, which talked about software to copy DVDs, a little point about that. Region 0 DVDs - that is, ones authored by home PCs, have no Content Scrambling System (CSS) and can be copied by virtually anything; Nero Burning Rom is a classic example. Now, professionally authored DVDs, which are region limited, protect their content with CSS to prevent Piracy. Nero will tell you with an onscreen dialogue box "Sorry this is copyright protected - I ain't copying it" that it's found CSS and will terminate at that point. Other, less well w
  11. The first thing to do is clear your cache. It might be that a "cookie" (a piece of information that should only be temporarily installed on your computer) relating to the login is incorrect. For internet explorer users, go to the TOOLS menu, select INTERNET OPTIONS, and press the two buttons in the middle of the dialogue box that say "delete cookies" and "delete files". If you use Mozilla Firefox, go to the TOOLS menu, select OPTIONS, select PRIVACY and under the private data heading select CLEAR NOW. This should resolve the problem.
  12. Not that I'm aware of, but I could be wrong. Although the time is past and you now stand little chance of getting a refund, you could at the time have threatened to call the police, and to demand that the till be "cashed up" to see if it was £10 over (which would prove you had given £20 and been given correct change for £10) however, doing so wouldn't have endeared you to the police or to the club, and would most likely have earned you a ban from the premises. It's also likely the police wouldn't have given it priority and you'd have waited several hours for an officer to attend. Nothin
  13. Personally I would cc a letter both to your bank and to Tiscali, instructing your bank not to make further payments to Tiscali since they have not fulfilled the original contract. They cannot hold you to a contract they don't deliver on, and if they haven't successfully delivered an upgraded service they have breached their own contract. The key here is to be proactive; address the main copy of the letter to your bank, and the carbon copy to Tiscali. If they protest about it, then you can get heavier by warning them that you had already told them they hadn't provided, and also if they claim
  14. Let's try another definition here: steal • verb (past stole; past part. stolen) 1 take (something) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it. 2 give or take surreptitiously or without permission: I stole a look at my watch. 3 move somewhere quietly or surreptitiously. 4 (in various sports) gain (a point, advantage, etc.) unexpectedly or by exploiting the temporary distraction of an opponent. • noun 1 informal a bargain. 2 chiefly N. Amer. an act of stealing. Now, here we have the problem. The government haven't stolen the vehicle, they are h
  15. Each time you "top up" your prepayment card with credit, the server that issues the credit can store extra information on your card, including the instruction to change the charge per unit. However, the information about current charge per unit can be obtained by cycling through the options using the two buttons on the meter. I think it would be worth while making a note of these values, and if Powergen change them dramatically you can query the reason for the change with them. On occasion I've had a situation where they raise the unit cost to defer a debt on the property, and they don't al
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