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  1. This is a major tactic they use, they wait for any excuse to take your car and refuse to offer payment arrangements or any real explination what is going on. In my case they lied about the repayments before I even took the loan so I was never ever going to be able to pay them, they just had to sit back and wait. They have no procedures or customer service, from the moment you take out the loan they make everything difficult, they don't care less wether you pay or not, as far as they are concerned they own the car from the minute you sign up, so why bother trying to keep you happy?? Ple
  2. Yeah I did an HPI check and it showed car being assigned its original number plate, was not suprised to see it was after they said it was sold at auction, but I only have their word that it was sold at auction, never had any proof it was, I have asked them for proof many times. My case is on here under 'logbook loans - can anyone help???' Was closed because moderators for totally wrong reasons which upset me alot and I have not posted for a while. Nellie
  3. Hi Oz Extra thanks for your kind words of support, means alot to know there are people on my side Hugs Nellie xx
  4. Thanks alot guys Yeah I found out about numberplate situation quite early on and was a huge shock and took alot to get over. I pleaded with LBL to give it back to me, at first they said they might do then just refused. I explained what the plate meant to me personally and they just said it did not make any difference and basically told me to get lost. It would not have made any difference to them to assign the old number plate or give me time to put it on retention. Now the thing that puzzles me is they say they sold car at auction (for half its value) and they had no financial in
  5. Hi Alex, yes I can relate to Balliffs on power trips! Thanks for support, Going through courts is a slow process but I can honestly say I can't wait to get them in front of that judge
  6. Hi Barbs Yeah too right, I am over the moon they are taking an interest, this company need to be exposed for what they are Are you going to ring too? Nellie x
  7. Hi Alex So sorry to hear you lost your car that meant alot to you, I can relate to that completely, mine did too - mainly my number plate, so I know how you feel They really don't care about that they just care about money. I will write to OFT quoting the reference you gave - thanks for that We will get em I lived in Scotland for most of my life - I thought balliffs where illegal there??? Which part of Scotland are you from? I will keep eye out for your capri and tow it up to you!! Kind Regards Nellie xx
  8. Hi Barbs Its not in my contract but I don't think its normally in contracts although I could be wrong? I know they don't want you to know that info though but I am not very clued up on it as i have never had normal car finance so not sure if it should be in the contracts - in other words I am useless and don't know anything:D !! lbl did say it wouldnt apply to logbook loans contracts though kind regards Nellie
  9. Hi lbl and huge welcome to the site! Its great you have taken the time to help others here, the misery caused by this company is so sad and I am soooo happy that awareness is growing about them. As you may have read, my experience of this company has been devistating on the lives of myself and my family. When they took my car after a long battle with them I lost everything, I couldn't work as I was self employed, my business went under, my house was repossessed and I then had a baby followed by a full mental breakdown, causing heartbreak for my children and family. My loan wi
  10. Good on you Barbs! You will find Trading Standards a little slow on the uptake in my experience, this is mainly because this type of company is quite new to them and its only now that things are coming to light about this company. Great you have reported them, the more of us that do will help bring them into the spotlight where they belong. Problem with this type of company is they think the [problem] is flawless as most people who deal with them are embarressed to even have used their services (I know I am) and don't normally have the money to pursue them in court. Their agreeme
  11. Did you sign or did they say you signed a Bill of Sale?
  12. Hi Matt They can't LEGALLY take it but they will claim they own the car through the Bill of Sale agreement, take it they say you signed one of these? This is the main problem, because they claim ownership from the moment you signed up with them they don't really care how you conduct your account and will take the car at the first opertunity - this is how they make their money, I know LBL have a very busy repossession department:rolleyes: As we all know, the agreements they use are unenforcable for many reasons but they are slippery fish and bank on people not knowing their rights a
  13. Hi Nelly75 How strange we have the same sign on name and I am taking on BoS too!! I have 2 accounts with them, one I have had since I left school 15 years ago and a business account I opened 3 years ago. Thought I would tackle the business account first as I thought it would be easier being less time. Just got my copy statements and I have 92 charges of £35 since I opened it, was so shocked, didn't know it was that bad even though I have had bad money problems. Works out at over £3000 and I can't wait to get it back! I am about to move onto next stage of getting my money back
  14. I am completely stunned and appalled that anybody can support any more power being given to balliffs, the 'whistleblower' programme was a perfect example of what they are capable of without the legal power. I am sorry Blacksheep but all you are demostrating is the attitude of somebody that does not live in the real world and has not experienced how cruel life can be. I can only speak from my own experience which led to a life of debt and despair. Not to go too much into it but my partner was killed in an accident, I was 24 and 7 months pregnant with our first child, shortly followed a f
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