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  1. Hi guys Sorry for confusing the situation.. This claim is against Halifax CC.... and the stage I am at is...in the middle of the court claim... I sent my papers to the courts on 21/07 got letter back on 3/08 saying the Respondent has until the 14th Sept to replied.....received letter today 25/08 with the offer...which falls abit short of claim. is there any point contuing for full amount or settle for what I got (which will clear the card, but if I get all of claim it will clear 2 cards) michelle
  2. hi sent small claim to halifax for over/late fees plus interest on fees to sum of £517.19 halifax offered £384.00(amount of fees without any interest) 8% interest claim for £78.36 halifax offered £64.86 claim compound interest to sum of £224.79 -- Quote for halifax "halifax does not consider that I am entitled to remaining interest" allow the amount offered will clear my balance I will like to get as much as i can out of them. this is the 1st offer halifax has made they have until sept 14th to replied michelle
  3. right story so far sent small claim to cap one (which they have until 14 sept to replied) claim for late/overlimit fees plus interest on these charges = £509.56 compound interest £224.81 8% interest = £66.76 Claim dating back to april 2004 Cap one offer £388.00 for late/payment and interest on charges £83.87 for compond interest £36.00 for 8% interest sent letter asking them how they came about these figures and what dates they cover received notice of dspute from cap one to appear in court on 9th Oct Am I entitled to full amount of late/over fees w
  4. hi all I am in middle of claim with Cap one..have aked for refund of the £10.00 SAR fee...cap one said can't refund this as its a statuory fee and I received the information?? are they right on this?? also in my claim I have included £12.00 fees....but cap one are only offering me half of the 8% interest which I am entitled too...can they do this?? michelle
  5. thanks for the quick replies guys.. get this form corrected and away in the post tomorrow.... ah just a thought that biddy on the phone mustn't know to much about the company she works in!
  6. Hello Was wondering if someone could advise me......sent small claims to court against Argos..appl. came back court want to know if Argos is a Ltd or Plc company?.....rang argos..lady on phone said they were neither...known as Argos Retail...has anyone else had this problem..or what should I put on claim form.. Address I did put on was Argos Card Services Royal Aven. Widness WA88 1AL. michelle
  7. hello all Sent SAR 12/06/07 to ge money for statements on river island, received THEM today, some missing, got print-out statement for 2004 but for 05, 06 & 07 its all on a small "Desc" sheet, and on NO statement does it show any fees or interest (even where is says "do not appear to have received your payment") Rang river island spoke to Scott he said they don't keep customer history more than 2 years!! Should I send DPA - Non Compliance, (from reading alot dosen't always make any difference) or just estimate charges and interest?
  8. hi all staring to panic... halifax never replied to claim date of 20th Dec .. applied for default decree...recieved letter from court saying they received and sent one to Halifax ..this was on the 27th Dec... still no letter, no phone calls..nothing.. should I ring them now to see what is the problem? who do I ring ..what do I say..(really hating the thought of going to court) hope someone can give me a quick reply.. michelle
  9. hi leeroy congrates on your won.,,,(wish I was as lucky) I am in two minds to ring halifax...they haven't reply to my small cliam deadline of 20th dec.... I have now applied for "default decree", but am starting to worry about going to court??(if it will come to that) any advice on what I should do?? michelle:confused:
  10. still no word from halifax!! will post application for default tomorrow (21st Dec). as I am claiming form N-I, I know it takes more time when someone resides in england/wales.. does anyone know how long it actual takes???? michelle
  11. getting a little worried:confused: halifax have until 20th dec to reply to my court claim.......I have heard nothing from.. Should I ring halifax to see what is happening and tell them I will be completing my application for default???? Where or who do I ring??? michelle
  12. hello hope someone can help? Over the last few months I have been trying to cancel my account with WB via letters, as they don't have a telephone no, where you can talk to a human being!! of the last 2 parcels that came I returned one via PO and refused the second parcel to which I have receipts for both times. but WB are still sending invoices for £26.00 and If I don't repay within 7 days it will be pasted on to there solicitors. and I will be charged more admin. charges. any ideas on how to responed to them for LAST time?? michelle
  13. hi folks just a quick update, haven't heard any thing form UB yet, but am waiting on postie-man everyday. interesting to read your thread PADDYM on "confidential clause" cause if I get anything, then I'am going to start reclaiming all my families charges back for them. makes me got statement from UB today, they have since charged me another £90.00 in fees. Whats the best way I should go about getting these refunded?? * talk to my bank manger(have been getting nasty looks from her everytime I go into bank now) * send another letter??? michelle
  14. knew there was a question I was meent to ask in that last thread, sent court claim away... but since that halifax has slapped on another £58.00 in charges...can I claim these and how??? michelle
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