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  1. Thanks for the reply. It's not actually council TAX debt, it's something benefit related at a guess, and what concerns me is that the landlord is apparently still suggesting to the authority that he's an occupant of the house. The electoral roll says different, but it's clear that the authority are not looking at this, as the mail and the visits still keep coming. As such, can a bailiff enforcing this debt enter with a view to seizing property? It would be a massive pain to have to produce proof of who owns what, even though almost nothing in the house is the landlord's.
  2. Hi all... I have a slightly unusual situation brewing, about which I'd like some advice. I've been one of three tenant's in an old friends house for the last three years. Landlord is absentee, living in another country, and I've seen him face to face for a week in the time I've been renting his property. It's a pretty informal arrangement, I pay him the rent in cash into his bank, and keep both the receipts for these and my own records. There's been no formal tenancy agreement, though he's rightly realised he ought to provide one recently and I'm pushing him to get on with it.
  3. Thanks for that. I push for dealing direct, but Anglian Water refer to DCA's without awaiting response from the creditor. So, am I right in saying bar is from last payment (12/2005 in this case), not from date of last correspondence with Anglian or DCA RE debt? Not sure when last correspondence mentioning balance at Address 2 was without searching paper files, but is unlikely to be more recent than 6 years. As for the recent payments, these were made to a DCA which contacted me RE the newer debt at Address 1. Anglian Water have then sent information confirming that these payment
  4. Hi there... No, the newer debt at Address 1 is not outside the 6 year cutoff, hence my acceptance of liability for it and payments etc. To clarify, the company are attempting to consolidate into one account a much older debt which I do not intend to pay with a legitimate newer debt which I am prepared to pay.
  5. Hi there... I'm hoping somebody can help me out on how to proceed with the following case. Two agencies have recently contacted me with outstanding balances with Anglian Water at an old address (call it Address 1). Accepting liability for this amount at Address 1, I made several payments to the first company and was then contacted by the second for a different amount at the same address. This prompted me to hold all further action and payments with both companies, and query the debt with the provider, as I've held only one account at the address. Both companies
  6. Been a while since I updated this thread, which reflects the studious stonewalling I've received from Capital One on this matter. Having let this claim fall by the wayside by not initiating legal action, I'd simply taken to hitting Capital One with another Letter Before Action every time they sold this debt to another collector, who would immediately have cause to put their enforcement action on hold. Years of silence from Capital One followed...Until, straight after the recent bank charges ruling, they finally condescended to begin correspondence with me directly on the matter, to t
  7. For Robert Harpers benefit, some of the sites I accessed are to be found below ; Legal Guidance for Business Sellers http://www.oft.gov.uk/shared_oft/business_leaflets/general/oft698.pdf Distance Selling Regulations - BERR All I can say is, I thought that the seller is liable for both sets of postage if I chose to change my mind and I was doing them a favour not getting heavy about my return postage - Quoth Ebay's guidance for businesses on the matter ; "Under the Distance Selling Regulations, buyers have a period of 7 working days after the date of delivery within
  8. Thanks for this everyone, I think this one will have to go unchallenged. The faults with the item are too unsubstantial for me to start getting heavy about it, and if Buy It Now on Ebay is a grey area too then we're talking serious holes in the argument. However, Ebay claim that Buy It Now is definitely covered - "The Distance Selling Regulations apply to items purchased via Buy It Now listings and Second Chance Offers on eBay.co.uk. However, they don't apply to auction format listings on eBay.co.uk,". I should've approached this as a defective item etc, and I didn't because I
  9. Pardon me I should've mentioned this was a Buy It Now transaction from a business trader.
  10. Hi all... Been a while since I've posted here. I hope your all as helpful as I've found it in the past. I recently bought an item on Ebay for £79.99 plus £12.66 postage + insurance. Item was arguably not as described, and certainly would've been unacceptable to me if I were buying it from a shop, but being a kind soul I decided to 'change my mind' and request a refund under the terms of the distance selling regulations cooling off period (in this case, the period allowed for this would've been three months as the seller hasn't specified anything returns policy wise that I could
  11. Hi.... Thanks for those, I'm a bit lax in replying presently. I often use the OFT debt collection guidelines etc to tell these vile little attack dog companies to sod off, but I have one particular case in which one of them has clearly and provably committed a number of minor breachs. I've pointed this out to them, and they've promptly sold my debt on to another agency. Since I'm feeling particularly zealous at present, I want to try and push this to the next stage and actually have the transgression investigated. I'll start by asking the OFT and Trading Standards then...
  12. Just wondering if anybody is able to advise me how and to whom I report unfairly harrassive debt collection practices, from a number of companies and over a number of debts?
  13. Just setting up a thread for future use, as I'm about to post my Data Protection Act Request to this lot.
  14. I love it....Once again we have studious silence from the Capital One debt collectors... And indeed from Capital One...I'm a day from the deadline set out in my LBA and not a peep in response so far. Is there any perceived link between the level / speed of responses to threats etc, and the amount of money owed to the individual?
  15. Well done kriso...Good luck with any others you have pending. Is the behaviour of these institutions completely random when dealing with these claims? Or is the level of response people get dependent upon how much money your owed? I'm now about a day off the deadline set out in my Letter Before Action for reclaim of a grand or so, and Capital One are still studiously ignoring me....
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