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  1. thank you for your help. at the moment the letting agent is trying to get the landlord to release the bond and release us from the rest of the contract if we agree not to sue him for the time we were left without heat and hot water so fingers crossed.
  2. hi right so the letting agent know im going on monday, they are saying i will still have to pay up till the end of march. they are saying even though enviromental health have got involved i should stay in the house or get taken to court. no hotwater or heating and the landlord is still not replying to the letting agents calls, emails or letters. the week the enviromental health lady gave him to sort the water out at least is up and its still not fixed. now legally i would have said he has already broken the tennancy agreement by not getting these repairs done in a reasonable timescale but i am a little worried about my bond, its protected but the letting agent said they will put a claim against the bond for remainder of the rent till march, she was very rude on the phone and said i can't just move out ect. any advise please?
  3. hi i have informed the letting agent im leaving on the 16th..... they just say im still liable for the rent till the end of march. my requests for the repairs are documented in writting by the letting agent since the 5th novemeber. the boiler has not worked since the 5th november and is still not working.
  4. enviromental health lady came out today!!!! she is serving him with a notice to get the work done in a week.... does anyone know what happens if he doesnt comply?
  5. well finnally environmental health are coming to inspect on the 4th feb. due to how long this has been going on and seeing no light at the end of the tunnel i have signed up for another house and with a different agent and we are due to move on the 16th feb. now obviously this is going to leave a shortfall in rent of about 4 weeks and i will pay up if i have to but in my opinion the landlord broke the contract first by not doing any repairs . will he have to take me to court to claim the money from my bond? will i get a chance to defend ?
  6. you could try getting enviromental health involved , ring your local council and they should send someone round to look at the problem and if they think its bad they will order your landlord to get the work done
  7. i thought they had to come out too but the lady on the phone said they would write to him first! i would like to repair the boiler but i dont have that sort of money so really i dont know what to do.
  8. yeah iv contacted them twice, they have not come out but they say they are going to write to him to get him to do the work. at the moment i have to boil the kettle to have a wash!!! im thinking he may have broken the tenancy agrement by not carrying the repairs out in a reasonable amount of time? the letting agent just keep saying i signed a legally binding contract for 6 months but i must have more rights than this? help anyone
  9. thank you, i have looked at some more threads and spoken to the estate agent again who think once enviromental health get involved i should be able to end contract early as the landlord still has not gotten back to them yet. im feeling slightly better as i know there are other suitable properties so just waiting now .
  10. hi, i signed a 6 month tenancy agreement at the begining of september but since moving in with my children the radiators all leak, windows are not fitted properly and let gusts of wind in, damp everywhere , the plaster is crumbling off the walls due to damp, gas fire in dining room is not working and the list goes on. i have contacted the letting agent almost every day but the landlord just doesnt reply. today a radator fell off the wall!!!! so water had to be turned off and the letting agent wont send anyone round untill the landlord says its ok to do so and they said if i pay for a plumber the landlord wont have to pay me back. i asked about getting out of my contract early as the landlord prob wont do any of these repairs and i can not afford to but they said no way can i get out of my agreement! iv been told by the neighbours that every tenant who has lived here has done a moonlight because he wont repair anything. iv contatced enviromental health and they are going to come out within 5 days to have a look but any advise from the forum would be great.
  11. i know a lot of people who got turned down for one of these grants but on appeal got the money they needed. i would say appeal as you have nothing to loose. have you tried a crisis loan? budget loan?
  12. im not sure but i think if you were not made aware of these charges before you signed they may be unenforcable... someone with better knowledge will be along soon
  13. hi yes it does thanks, but as iv said we have made arrangements in the past and i tried to lighten the load by her making much smaller repayments and she just brushes it off and says she will pay me friday in full. The idea of getting her to put it in writting is something i could try but again i don't think she will do it, look at what happened with the recipet . but its worth a try. Im not some heavy handed debt collector hasseling her all the time, im always polite and i would just like my money back . i don't know what you mean by saying discuss a definite arrangement with her because we do make arrangements , and she is always very definite that she will give it me back but then doesn't
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